Best Golf Bags for Push Cart

Ask any golfing friend and we’re sure that they’ll tell you just how important selecting the right golf bag for your push cart is.

Sure, chucking your golf bag on your shoulder and heading off to play a game of golf might be super exciting and fun, but how long before you start to struggle to transport everything, or you find yourself misplacing items and damaging your clubs?

 This is where the genius of push carts come in and, subsequently, golf bags that fit on to them!

For starters, the perfect golf bag should be large enough to offer you a variety of pockets and compartments for storing all sorts of golfing gear and should fit easily into the cart.

More than that, the bag should also be able to stand up on its own when navigating the golf course in order to easily find and use your clubs.

The very push cart golf bags will provide all of these features while also being lightweight and easy to transport from car to cart to course and back again. 

If you’re in the market for a golf bag for your push cart, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, you’ll find a roundup of the best in show when it comes to golf bags, as well as a helpful buyer’s guide area to brush up your knowledge on everything push carts and golf bags related.

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Prepare to keep all your clubs in one place with the Founders Club Premium Cart Bag!

Offering the ultimate protection for all of your clubs, this 14 way divider system will provide each club with a protective individual rubberized slot to ensure that each club is safe and kept away from each other!

Here are some standout features: 

  • Full 12 month warranty
  • An umbrella holder, tee holder and a clip for towels
  • 9 zippered pockets and 2 mesh pockets
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Can hold up to 14 clubs

Best Golf Bags for Push Cart - Reviews

Ensuring that irons will stay protected from damage as well as keeping your beloved clubs from rattling against each other and getting scratched - you can put your confidence in this premium golf bag. 

It’s 14 compartment system is also super handy because it means that each iron, wood and putter will always have its very own dedicated spot, allowing you to quickly locate the club you need while out on the greens.

Lightweight yet durable, this cart bag comes with a large, reinforced and sturdy base with several handles that will make transporting it to and from your golf cart easy as can be.

This bag also comes with two integrated side grab handles and a bottom handle built into the cooler pocket, while a strap channel will help to secure your bag and clubs to the cart.

Pretty impressive, no?

Not only that, you’ll also enjoy additional features like an insulated cooler pocket to store a beverage, ball pockets, two pockets for rain gear and even a velour lined pocket specifically designed for valuables such as your phone.


  • Plenty of add on features like an umbrella holder, tee holders and towel clips
  • Excellent value for money

  • Different color ways to pick from

  • Professional and modern design

  • Lightweight


  • When placed at an angle in the push cart, sometimes the grips can be caused to rub together

Known for their high quality golfing gear, we simply had to include a TaylorMade cart bag.

This premium cart bag features a large 10 inch stadium top complete with full length dividers and even an integrated putter well divider to keep all of your clubs neat, divided and organised. Sound good?

It doesn’t stop there!

It boasts a comfy, padded shoulder strap to ensure you don’t experience any shoulder fatigue while transporting it to and from the cart (which means the chances of your becoming fatigued and slowing your swing speed down are lowered). 

It has seven cleverly placed pockets to ensure that all of your necessities and valuables stay safe including a fur-lined valuable pocket, a ball pocket and even a valuable pocket.

If that wasn’t enough, this fantastic bag even has a towel ring, an umbrella holder and an extra-large rain holder - so you can enjoy the game of golf come rain or shine. 

Another feature we love is that it comes with a key lock base that allows you to firmly secure your bag onto the push cart.


  • Lightweight
  • Padded shoulder strap

  • Extra large rain hood

  • Plenty of pockets


  • Some have experience stiffness when using the zippers

Next up comes the Eg EAGOLE Golf Cart Bag. The easiest way to keep all of your golfing necessities and clubs in one place, this affordable golf cart bag is most definitely worth your consideration! 

It features nine pockets, two of which are full length and able to hold 8 bottles of 12 oz cans as well as 4 thin ice packs - perfect for those sunny days with your buddies!

Easy to transport, there are 3 integrated molded grab handles to allow for easy lifting on and off the push cart, while 14 individual full length club dividers offers space for every club without fear of them getting scratched.


  • Made of nylon material which is very lightweight
  • Included rain hood

  • A strap on the back for additional comfort while transporting


  • The golf cart strap covers the top side pockets when attached

With plenty of zippered pockets to store all of your golfing essentials, 14 individual dividers and even a velcro glove holder, it should come as no surprise that the Prosimmon Tour Way Golf Bag has found its way onto our list! 

Going smaller on price and big on quality, this golf bag has everything you would expect a golf bag to offer and then some. It contains a 14 way compartment divider so you will be able to safely store all of your clubs inside this bag without fear of them getting damaged or getting jumbled up.

There are two full length side pockets which have been specially designed to be able to store all of your rain gear (such as waterproofs) as well as any extra clothing you may want to bring along with you.

 It weighs just 5.4lbs, which is considerably light for a golf bag and means that you will be able to easily transport it without needing assistance. You can even choose from three different colorways!


  • Strap and rain cover included
  • 7 pockets in total

  • Features a lining to offer some level of water protection

  • Lightweight


  • Sometimes the strap can cover the putter pocket

If you’re on a budget or simply want a smaller golfing bag that will fit around 7 clubs (instead of the standard 14) this is the perfect option for you,

Marketed as being the ‘perfect little bag’ the Orlimar Pitch and Putt features two compartments, can be carried if you don’t feel like attaching it to your push cart thanks to a durable carry handle and is really lightweight, too!

It has a really handy accessory pocket that is big enough to fit balls, a pencil, tees and even a ball marker


  • Really lightweight (1.95lbs)
  • Two compartments to keep your clubs organised and tidy

  • Durable material


  • If you’re looking to transport more than 7 clubs, this is not the golf bag for you!

Best Golf Bags for Push Cart - Buyers Guide

Your golf bag and push cart go hand in hand, so it makes perfect sense that your pushcart should be easy and light and your golf bag easy to transport so that you can focus on the most important thing - playing golf! 

What To Consider before purchasing a golf bag for your push cart:

Ultimately (as with purchasing all types of golfing gear) your personal preference will play a big role in your decision! In order to help you along the buying process, keep reading to gain some insight into certain criterias to be mindful of for both a golf bag and push cart.

It should go without saying that you should ensure that your golf bag and push cart are compatible before purchasing! We recommend checking to see if your new golf bag comes with a clip or whether the dimensions of both will fit.

Handle And User Comfort

When it comes to your push cart, the majority of your contact will be through the handle. You will be pushing up and down hills and therefore you want to make sure that your handle is easy to maneour along a bumpy course. 

The last thing you want is a fixed handle that is going to cause you to strain your wrists. In addition to this, we also recommend looking for handles that are height adjustable and also allow you to easily control the brakes.

When it comes to your golf bag, though it is going to be strapped onto your push cart for the majority of the game, you still want to make sure that you can lift and carry it with ease both during and after the game.

For this reason, we recommend keeping an eye out for golf bags that offer padded shoulder straps and other types of handles.

Storage & Material for Both Golf Bags and Push Cart 

In order to stay safe and ensure that your cart and bag remains upright, we recommend being extra mindful to not overload your cart with too many beverages, snacks, and other commodities, or placing them directly onto the cart.

Instead, we recommend keeping everything stored inside your golf bag (some of our top picks feature beverage holders and areas to keep cool packs) so that the actual push cart can remain stable and upright, regardless of how hilly the course gets!

Your push cart is only there to serve one purpose: allow you to carry and make all of your essentials easily available! Therefore, like we touched upon above, make sure that you are storing your writing utensils, golf balls, snacks and additional clothing inside your golf bag only, especially if you plan on bringing any waterproof rain gear or shoes along with you.

After the game is over and your celebrating your win, you want to ensure that both your golf bag and your pushcart are easy to pack down and place into your car before heading home to relax!

Generally speaking, you should be able to easily dismantle and fold up your push cart so that it can fit into your car, and your golf bag should have handles or a strap in order to carry it without straining your back.

The Braking System on your Push Cart

When it comes to your push cart, you want to make sure that the brakes work, right? Especially if you are playing on a hilly course - you don’t want the issue of trying to keep your cart and golf bag in one spot when you need to be focusing on the  game.

Though you can always quite easily replace the brakes, it’ should go without saying that there are lots of ways to prolong the life of your push cart brakes. We recommend keeping an eye out for smooth, flat surfaces to park it on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on a golf bag?

Hopefully you can see from this article that you can get a great golfing bag at all different types of price points. No matter your budget, just remember all that we talked about in the buyer’s guide above (or refer back to it) to know what to keep any eye out for before making a purchase.

Will my pushcart be compatible with my golf bag?

Usually you will find that many manufacturers will ensure that their golf bags will fit a standard push cart. However, if you feel unsure, just compare the dimensions of your brand new golf bag to the dimensions of your push cart to double check if it will fit.

Does my golf bag need to have 14 dividers?

No, not necessarily (we included a golf bag that can only hold 7). It all comes down to what golf clubs you need and whether you want something a little more lightweight. Not all golfers take to the greens armed with 14 clubs, some pack a little lighter because they only  want to play with a certain amount of clubs. It entirely depends on you and how many clubs you anticipate to be playing with! 

Although, even if you only have a few clubs to choose from, you might find it worthwhile to purchase a golf bag that can accommodate up to 14 clubs so that if you grow your collection, you won’t have to worry about which to bring along with you and which to leave behind each time you play.

Does my golf bag need to have a shoulder strap?

As you are going to be attaching your golf bag to your push cart, the golf bag that you choose doesn’t necessarily need to have a shoulder strap. However, we do suggest purchasing one that has a shoulder strap so that transportation of it from your car to the cart is as streamlined and smooth as possible. The last thing you want to happen is to become fatigued trying to pull it to the cart, especially as you want to save your energy for the game.

How do I attach my bag to the push cart?

Once you get the hang of it, it will become like second nature! All you have to do is pick up your golf bag and carefully set it down into one of the two slots at the back of your push cart.

After doing so, take the attached strap and pull it around your golf bag to secure it. If your golf bag is positioned facing forward, thread the strap through the handle of your golf bag to keep it in place.

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