Best Golf Bags for Travel

Golf is one of those sports that can take you around the globe to beautiful locations, where you can play all day whilst taking in the breathtaking, scenic views. 

Whether internationally or closer to home, a variety of golf courses await you and each one is completely different from the other, giving you the opportunity to travel far and wide as you enjoy playing your favorite sport. 

But whether your destination takes you through an airport to foreign territory, or is a train ride away, one thing is for certain - you’ll want to make sure that your golf clubs and equipment get there safely and in one piece!

That’s why a golf bag for travel is an essential piece of equipment for anyone that’s serious about golf. Keeping your clubs and the rest of your golfing gear protected throughout any trip will reduce the risk of any damage to them, and can help to avoid potentially expensive breakages from occurring. 

However, with so many choices available out there, and with each one claiming to do something different, just how do you know which travel bag is the best for your needs? 

To help make things a bit clearer, we’ve put together a collection of our favorites below, along with a useful buying guide that covers some key points you need to give some consideration to before settling on your final decision.

So make yourself comfortable, put your feet up and join us as we go through the best golf bags for travel, and pretty soon you’ll be travelling around the world to play on some amazing golf courses without worrying about anything happening to your golfing gear.

If you’ve got a golf trip coming up soon and need a fantastic travel bag that will get your clubs there safely, take a look at our top pick below. 

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Best Golf Bags for Travel - Reviews

Made from top of the line 1800D fabric and reinforced stress points, the Constrictor II from CaddyDaddy is the perfect choice for transporting your golf clubs and equipment safely and securely.

The heavily padded design helps to keep your club heads well protected throughout your trip, and the two oversized pockets are perfect for easily fitting your golf shoes and extra gear so that you have more room for essentials in your other luggage. 

It also features one internal and two external fully adjustable cinch straps that provide extra protection and security for your clubs, as well as lockable zippers so you can rest assured that your golfing gear is as safe as possible whilst you travel.

Inline skate wheels make transporting the case through an airport or train station a breeze, and the rubber and nylon handles ensure that carrying and wheeling it is as comfortable as possible. There’s even an included luggage tag so you can label it with your details, making it easier to identify at baggage reclaim. 

On top of all of this, this golf travel bag also comes with a 1 year full replacement warranty, so you’ll be covered in the unlikely event of something going wrong with it.


  • Constructed from super tough 1800D fabric and has reinforced stress points
  • Heavily padded to keep your golf clubs and equipment safe and secure
  • Features two oversized pockets that allow you to store even more into it
  • Internal and external cinch straps and lockable zippers offer extra protection and security for your golf gear
  • Easy to carry and transport thanks to inline skate wheels and rubber handles


  • Does not stand upright when left unattended, and needs to either be laid flat or supported by an upright surface

Offering a fantastic way to store and transport your golf clubs and other equipment when travelling, this golf travel bag from AmazonBasics is constructed using waterproof black canvas and also has reinforced stress points so it can handle longer trips without splitting or fraying.

The soft sided design makes it ideal for easily fitting your clubs inside and the compression straps will keep them secure and in place throughout the journey. The top of the bag is also heavily padded, so will keep your club heads from getting damaged during transportation.

Two extra large, zippered pockets offer you a safe place to store and transport your other equipment such as shoes, golf balls and tees, and the smooth rolling wheels and comfortable loop handles make light, easy work of carrying it. 

When you’ve reached your destination and the time has come to hit the green, the full length zipper gives you easy access to your clubs, and you’ll also be able to collapse the bag down for compact storage when it’s not in use.


  • Constructed from waterproof canvas and has reinforced stress points
  • A soft sided design makes fitting awkwardly shaped golf equipment inside quick and easy
  • The compression straps add extra security and protection to your clubs during transportation
  • Two extra large, zippered pockets give you extra storage space for other golfing equipment
  • Smooth rolling wheels and loop handles make carrying it comfortable, and it also collapses down for compact storage when not in use


  • Customers that previously purchased this golf bag noted that it was difficult to get to stand upright on its own without any additional support

Featuring padded velcro locking carry handles, and internally padded throughout, this golf travel bag from Athletico provides you with the protection you want for your clubs during transport, as well as the comfort you need for carrying them to your destination. 

Constructed from 600D tear resistant polyester, this golf bag can take anything that long and short journeys can throw at it, and the 5mm padding and internal lining will keep your clubs well protected from any accidental bumps or drops. 

A protective hard vinyl base also offers extra protection for your equipment, and allows you to stand the bag upright without needing to support it. It also features wrap around zippers zippers that make loading your equipment into the bag super easy, and they’re also lockable for extra protection.

The removable shoulder strap and neoprene handles offer you two different ways to carry the bag, and the included ID card also gives you the opportunity to label your luggage, making it easier to identify when you’re reclaiming it. This bag also comes with 100% money back guarantee, so you can shop confidently knowing that you’ll be covered if something goes wrong.


  • Internally padding throughout offers extra protection for your clubs and equipment
  • Constructed from 600D, tear resistant polyester that can take a beating without showing any signs of wear
  • The hard vinyl base offers extra protection and allows you to stand the bag upright without any support
  • Wrap around, lockable zippers make loading your equipment into the bag easy
  • Comes with a 100% money back guarantee


  • Although this bag offers you two ways of carrying it (by hand or over the shoulder), it doesn’t feature any wheels so cannot be dragged behind you on the floor

The ABS construction of this hard sided golf travel case from Samsonite offers you a super durable way of safely transporting your clubs and equipment, without being heavy or cumbersome to get to your destination. 

Featuring a padded, quilted interior that will give your clubs the protection they need when they are traveling, and with extra foam cushioning on top to protect the club heads, you can rest assured that your equipment is as protected as possible throughout your trip. 

Two internal compression straps also give you the opportunity to securely fix your clubs in place and prevents them from getting knocked around during the journey, and the hard plastic exterior means that there’s no chance of your bag splitting or tearing. 

Four multidirectional spinner wheels and two inline skate wheels make transporting it through a busy airport super easy, and also allows you to either pull it behind you or push it in front of you, and it also features interlocking zippers that allow for easy access and provide extra security.


  • Built from super durable ABS plastic that doesn’t risk splitting or tearing like some fabric alternatives
  • Has a padded, quilted interior and extra cushioning on top that provides extra protection for your clubs and equipment
  • Features two internal compression straps that allow you securely strap your clubs in place and prevents them from rolling around during transport
  • Interlocking zippers give you easy access to your equipment and are lockable for extra security
  • Also has four multidirectional wheels and two inline skate wheels that allow you to easily maneuver the case either in front or behind you


  • Doesn’t feature any extra external pockets for storing other golf equipment during transport

This golf travel bag from Himal Outdoors doesn’t only provide you with a safe and secure place to keep your golf clubs during transport, but also features an extra storage area that allows you to easily fit in all of your golfing essentials.

Constructed from super tough 600D heavy duty polyester, it will be able to handle anything that travelling for long distances can throw at it, and the extra internal padding ensures that no damage occurs to your clubs as they travel. There’s also an interior strap that will allow you to secure your clubs in place before zipping the bag shut.

The extra storage space is located at the bottom of the bag, and is easily accessed through  a heavy duty zip, so you can safely store your golf shoes and clothing without them taking up extra space in your other luggage. 

Easy to carry by the cushioned top carrying handle, and even easier to manoeuvre using the easy rolling wheels, this golf travel bag will take the hard work out of getting the equipment you need to play your favorite sport to your chosen destination.


  • Made from super tough 600D heavy duty polyester for fantastic travel durability
  • Includes a large extra storage space to easily transport all of your golfing essentials
  • Has extra padding to keep your club heads protected
  • Features an interior strap that keeps your clubs secured in place throughout the journey

  • Easy to carry and manoeuvre thanks to cushioned handles and easy rolling wheels


  • Some customers reported problems with the zippers on this bag occasionally becoming stuck

Best Golf Bags for Travel - Buyers Guide

We all know that golf clubs are a big investment, and not providing enough protection for them during your journey can lead to damage and even breakages, so it’s really important to make sure that they are protected when you’re travelling from course to course.

But, before you make your final decision on which one you’d like to buy, give some thought to the points below. These will help you find the perfect golf travel bag for your needs, and allow you to get to a variety of golf courses far and wide without any damage occurring to your clubs or gear.


One of the most important things to consider when you’re shopping for a golf travel bag is the material that it is made of. Regardless of how you’re travelling, luggage can be subjected to a great deal of heavy-handedness, so it’s a good idea to make sure your bag can withstand a bit of a beating.

Most commonly, golf travel bags are constructed from high density, durable fabrics such as polyester. Fabric bags are a good choice as they tend to be more pliable than their plastic counterparts, meaning that you’ll be able to fit awkwardly shaped objects into them with more ease.

If you do decide to go for a fabric bag, make sure that it’s density rating is somewhere between 600D and 1800D, as this will dramatically reduce the chances of any tearing, fraying or general damage occurring. Some bags also feature specially patented fabrics that have anti-tear properties, so this is another good thing to look out for.

Plastic travel bags are also a good choice and are usually constructed from ABS, which is an extremely durable and hard wearing material. Unlike fabric bags, plastic is a lot less flexible and will only be able to fit a set shape inside it. However, plastic travel bags are also a lot less likely to split or tear during transport.

Extra Protection

You’ve got your material choice sorted, but whether you’ve chosen fabric or plastic, the exterior of your bag will only be able to offer a certain amount of protection for your clubs. With that in mind, take a look to see what extra protection the case you’re thinking of buying will provide you with as well.

Many golf travel bags include extra padding, which is fantastic for adding extra cushioning and security to the contents of your case. This is especially useful when it’s been incorporated to the top of the bag, as it will help to keep the club heads protected as they are transported. 

Another good thing to look for is whether the bag has adjustable straps or cinches. These will allow you to secure your clubs even further by holding them in place and preventing them from getting knocked around inside the case as it moves. 

Something else to keep an eye out for is reinforced stress points. This means that the bag will have added strength in the areas that are most prone to splitting or tearing (along the seams or carry straps for example), and will last longer even with frequent use.

Storage Space

Any golfer knows that the clubs are just one part of a multitude of equipment required to get to the top of your game, and you’ll want to be able to take as much of your gear with you as possible wherever you’re playing. 

So, aside from the main compartment where you would ordinarily store your golf clubs, you may want to look for a travel bag that offers you extra storage space as well. 

Many cases are available with large, zippered pockets that will let you securely transport items such as shoes, golf balls and tees with ease, and some travel bags even come with entire separate compartments that are designed for this purpose.

Being able to store extra equipment in your golf travel bag also means that you’ll have extra room in the rest of your luggage so you can pack more or avoid expensive overweight item fees at the check in desk. 


The idea of a golf travel bag is to get your clubs and other equipment to your chosen destination safely, however if the bag is difficult to carry through a busy airport or awkward to manoeuvre around a bustling train station, then frustration can easily set in. That’s why you should also consider how easy transporting your case is going to be. 

By far, the best option to go for is a travel bag that includes wheels. Not only will it be much easier to wheel a suitcase through a crowded space, but pulling it behind you or pushing it in front of you means that you won’t have to bear the weight of your luggage as you make your way from A to B.

Sometimes, however, wheeling isn’t going to be an option and carrying your case is going to be unavoidable. In this case, look for a travel bag that offers you multiple carrying options, such as hand straps and a removable shoulder strap. This will let you find the most comfortable carrying position for you, and reduces any risk of strain on one part of the body that could ultimately prevent you from playing golf when you get to your destination.

Another thing to consider is whether or not your chosen travel bag is able to stand upright on its own. There’s a lot of waiting around to be done when you’re travelling anywhere, whether you’re standing in a queue at the check in desk or waiting in line to buy a coffee to pass the time, so a travel bag that doesn’t require constant support or attention would be a good choice. That way you’ll be able to wait comfortably, and have your hands free to show your travel documents without your case falling over.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a travel bag for golf clubs?

Getting a travel bag for your golf clubs is always a good idea, as it will help to reduce the risk of any damage occurring to them during the trip. Between bumpy journeys and overly enthusiastic luggage handlers, your clubs could easily become damaged or even broken, so by using a travel bag you’ll be adding another level of protection to them.

How much can you fit in a golf travel bag?

This ultimately depends on the storage space your travel bag offers. However, if you’re looking to purchase one then look for a bag that has multiple extra storage compartments. That way you’ll be able to securely transport your clubs, as well as any clothes or other items you wish to take with you on your trip. 

Which is the best golf travel bag?

There are a wide variety of travel bags for golf available, however the best ones will offer your clubs the protection they need to withstand anything that travelling can throw at them. Take a look at our buyers guide above for a complete list of what to look for when purchasing a travel bag for golf.

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