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Golf is one of those games where you have to travel around the course a lot, and disc golf is no exception. Whilst more lightweight, the wider discs that you use for disc golfing can’t easily be carried by your standard golfing bags. Fortunately, there are many bags designed specifically for carrying these discs, making disc golf transport a breeze.

We’ve looked at the market for these golf disc bags and picked out our favorites, which you’ll find ranked in the list below. With each entry you’ll find the pros and cons of these bags listed out, along with a small writeup going into more detail about them. 

To finish off, we have a buyers’ guide so you can see what features were considered when ranking them. This is handy for if you want to check any other bags you may be looking at against our specifications.

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Our Pick

If you need to throw some discs soon, then you’ll be glad to know that we have our top bag right here. Check it out, see if it’s for you, and if it is then you can be on your way. We chose the Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Backpack, a bag that offers a lot of disc carrying capacity for a very competitive price point. See its features below:

  • The bag has a main storage capacity of 18 discs, though with the inclusion of an upper compartment, you have the opportunity to store even more than that. That upper pocket can also be used for other things, as can the other three pockets that the bag has.

  • A bag with this high a capacity needs to make themselves as comfortable as possible, and this bag does that by having padded shoulder straps so that they don’t cut into your shoulders. The back panel is also padded to support your lower back. The bag is even designed with a lower center of gravity so that it doesn’t feel like a burden.

  • It comes in four color options, three neutral and one eye-catching, and all with some patterning and bright metallic zippers to make them pretty to look at.

Best Golf Disc Bags - Reviews

Our first product on the list is Amazon’s Choice for “disc golf bag” searches, so you know it’s a product that sees a lot of interest by fellow disc golfers, and they’ve left positive ratings and reviews that are mostly positive. This bag fought its way to the top of our list by offering a generous disc storage capacity for a very competitive price.

The storage capacity is about 18 discs in its main storage space, though there’s an upper compartment that can also be used to house more discs if that’s what you want. That upper pocket can house any other gear you need if 18 discs is enough, and there’s also three other pockets that can be used for more conventional storage like your valuables and your water bottle.

This is a hefty bag but carrying it becomes a breeze thanks to the padded shoulder straps and back panels that ease the burden on your shoulders and provide lumbar support for maximum comfort. These comfort precautions make sure that you can keep playing disc golf without aching and wearing yourself out. Another precaution they’ve taken is that they’ve engineered the bag to have a lower center of gravity so that it’s not too much of a chore to hoist around.

As for how these bags look, they can come in three neutral color options that go well with pretty much anything you’d wear to a disc golf game. If you prefer some color in your bags, however, then there is a brighter coloring option to keep you covered.

Since the large compartment stores so many discs, unless it’s filled to capacity, you’ll have the discs flopping around in there during movement. This is because there’s no individual sleeves for the discs like some smaller and higher-end bags have. This is a light criticism since the lack of sleeves only makes removing discs awkward if they have moved sideways in the bag.


  • Has a main storage capacity of 18+ discs.
  • An upper compartment and three additional pockets provide more storage space.

  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel makes this hefty bag comfortable.

  • Engineered with a low center of gravity to be less taxing to wear.

  • Four color options, three neutral and one eye-catching.


  • Disc compartment has no individual sleeves, so discs can move around during transport.

Next up is the Innova HeroPack Backpack Disc Golf Bag, one of the pricier bags on this list that shows its price point by being capable of storing 25+ discs, the highest storage capacity of any of the bags on this list. It’s not the most expensive bag here, however, and so it finds its way to the second place on our list for offering this storage capacity at a competitive price point. 

It has lots of secondary storage space too, having side pockets for gadgets and other items you may want to bring as well as drink holders so that you can keep hydrated during your games. Speaking of hydration, this bag is also treated to be water resistant, so you don’t need to worry about the items inside getting wet.

It’s a durable bag that has a reinforced top and bottom, supporting its storage capacity and maximizing its structural integrity by bolstering the bag’s construction where it counts. The bag retails in three designs that are all eye-catching without being too one-note, since they also have plaid, checkered, or camo patterning on them depending on which you go with.

The storage capacity means that these bags are larger than you usually see from these kinds of bags. This means that they’re heavier too and can be a chore to carry if you’re not prepared for it.


  • Carries 25+ discs in its main compartment.
  • Lots of secondary storage with drink holders and side pockets.

  • Water-resistant to keep your items dry.

  • The top and bottom are reinforced for maximum structural integrity.

  • Retails in three eye-catching patterned designs.


  • It’s a bigger and heavier bag than other disc bags.

At the midpoint of our list is the most expensive product we’ve put forward, the MVP Disc Sports Voyager Backpack Disc Golf Bag. The carry capacity is about 20 discs, on average, which should be more than enough for you and a friend to have some games with.

As for storage, it has a large upper putter pocket that has plenty of space for whatever else you may want to bring with your discs. There are other pockets too, including drink holder ones, but the standout is the D-ring on this bag can have more or less anything attached to it as long as you have a clip.

The price point of this bag feels more justified when you get your hands on it, being made with lightweight but thick 1000 Denier Cordura that’s guaranteed to keep most unwanted mess from damaging what’s within. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then you should also know they come in a wide range of colors that should catch even the most discerning disc golfer to another level.


  • Has an average carry capacity of 20 discs.
  • Upper putter pocket provides a large storage compartment.

  • Made with lightweight 1000D Cordura.

  • D-ring storage aid that you can hang many items off of.

  • Has a wide range of color options.


  • The most expensive bag option on this list.

The next product we chose was the Athletico Power Shot Disc Golf Backpack, a moderately priced backpack that leans towards the cheaper side of the market. It conveniently stashes 20 discs but usually a few more than that depending on the discs themselves, allowing you to carry all the discs one person would need.

Since it’s a backpack, it needs to be comfortable whilst also serving its purpose as a disc carrying bag. It does this by having padded shoulder straps that provide cushioned lumbar support whilst simultaneously allowing airflow between your back and the bag so that your back doesn’t get too clammy when wearing it.

It’s packed with other features, however, like two adjustable pockets for water bottles, a cooling pocket for items you want to keep warm, and even pockets for a pen and scorecards so you can keep track of your games. There’s even a strap that you can use to tie down large items, like portable seating.

As for the construction of these bags, they’re made with thick and durable 600 Denier polyester that’s treated to be water resistant, perfect for if it starts to rain during your games. The bottom is also rigid so that it can be stood up, so there’s no getting this bag wet or dirty by placing it horizontally. It stands on protective feet that keep even the bottom clean.


  • Conveniently stores 20+ discs.
  • Many different pocket styles to keep you organized.

  • Protective feet and rigid bottom help it stand up.

  • Padded shoulder straps make these comfortable.

  • Constructed with durable 600D water-resistant polyester.


  • Zippers on all of the bag’s pockets feel cheap and get stuck easily.

Our final bag is the wonderfully named NutSac Disc Golf Bag, a humble bag for those who aren’t looking for a lot of capacity and don’t want to overshoot it. The bag is a minimalist one, so it’s light on the trimmings and secondary storage options, but it’s also very lightweight which adds a level of comfort when wearing it.

It’s made with canvas that makes it look stylish, but in a neutral way so it can blend in with most outfits. The fact canvas is used also makes the bag more durable, but if there were to be a failure in workmanship you can rest assured in the fact that you’re protected with a lifetime guarantee.

You can probably tell this from the product listing page but it should be stated that this bag is the smallest on this list by a fair margin, hence why it finds itself at the bottom of this list.


  • A minimalist, lightweight backpack that’s comfortable.
  • Crafted with durable and stylish-looking canvas.

  • Made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.


  • The smallest bag here, with only an approximately six-disc capacity.

Best Golf Disc Bags - Buyers Guide

How to choose the right golf disc bag

Like with any bag, you need to take your own needs into account when deciding on which golf disc bag to get. We can’t do that for you, but what we can do is describe these bags and the features they have so that you can easily see which ones you need to go for.

That’s what this buyers’ guide is here to do, and below you’ll see we’ve broken the bags down into their disc capacity, secondary storage capacity, material quality, comfort level, stability, and style of the bag.

Disc Capacity

This is obviously the main feature of a golf disc bag, so we’re sure we don’t need to tell you what to look for. Just buy according to your needs and your planned games. If you’re packing a lot of discs for a lot of games involving multiple people, then you’re going to want a larger bag capable of carrying 20+ discs or an approximation of that amount. This means that if you want a smaller bag for your own solo personal use, then you want smaller bags with less disc capacity which we’ve also included in the list above.

The typical disc golf bag actually runs quite small, holding an average of eight discs. That said, there are a lot of higher-end bags that have very large disc capacities. The latter rank higher up on the list due to this heightened capacity but if you’re looking for a smaller bag then check out the lower bags on the list.

Be careful of larger bags as they can quickly get uncomfortable to wear, especially when filled to capacity.

Secondary Storage Capacity

This goes more for mid to large range golf disc bags that function more like your conventional backpacks, meaning they have many different side pockets and water bottle holders for alternative storage. 

The water bottle holders are fairly self-explanatory and are perfect if you’re expecting a long day’s golfing. The side pockets can store pretty much anything else you may want to bring, from your valuables to scorecards for the game. Larger bags can even have an upper compartment that can store anything, including even more discs to increase the bag’s disc capacity.

Material Quality

The quality of the material usually can be split into its weatherproofing properties or its general durability. It’s always a good idea to have a bag that’s waterproof, whether that’s a golf disc bag or not, it’s just good practice to cover yourself against unpleasant changes in the weather. Fortunately, most bags have some degree of waterproofing and we wouldn’t recommend a bag that hasn’t got water-resistant capabilities for some reason.

Where general durability is concerned, you want a bag that can survive outside for longer time periods. The course isn’t the same as a hiking expedition, we get that, but it doesn’t hurt to choose a bag that’s made with thick, high-quality material like polyester fabrics that can stand up to the punishment that comes with any outdoor activities.

Comfort Level

We mentioned comfort briefly when talking about the disc capacity and the general size of your golf disc bags, but we feel it should have its own section since many bags are manufactured with comfort features built into them. These are often in the larger and pricier bags since smaller bags tend to be comfortable to wear anyway.

We think that you shouldn’t compromise on comfort, especially if you’re going out of your way to get a bag with higher disc capacities. Look for bags that have padded shoulder straps and, even better, a thicker or padded back panel that supports your lower back. The straps should be broad to distribute weight across as large an area as possible.

Make sure that your back isn’t too supported by these comfort features, however, as it can make you sweat and have the opposite effect. A bag with smart comfort features will account for this with a lower center of gravity and other means by which your back will be exposed to air more often.


You’ll want your bags to be stable too, and by stability we mean they should be able to stand upright without being disturbed by most wind that’ll get thrown at it. Why should they be stable? If you have a bag that falls over a lot, your discs can very easily get damaged, resulting in a loss of time and money on your part.

Look for bags with reinforced tops and bottoms to better withstand stretching at the sides that could knock over poorly made golf disc bags. The most important feature though will be the feet at the bottom of these bags. You’ll usually find them made from plastic or rubber and these should be fine for most bags on most courses in most weather conditions.

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