Best Golf Gloves for Rain

Look, we know it’s sometimes hard to break away from your trusty golf gloves, and sometimes it might even feel like cheating! But you have to accept the fact that the same gloves you’ve been wearing for all these years just don’t cut it when you’re on the green in the rain.

What would you prefer - to use your normal gloves and have your grip and scoring potential compromised, or to invest in a pair of wet weather gloves that will give you the edge on all the other players who are foolishly wearing their regular gloves?

We know which we’d pick, and if you’re smart and want the edge, keep reading for our favorite golf gloves to use in the rain. 

Golf gloves are an extremely important piece of gear when you’re playing your favorite sport, and wet weather styles will be very beneficial to your grip. High quality rain golf gloves will get tackier the wetter they get, meaning your grip will stay put on your club and you’ll be a lot more likely to hit your target.

A terrible score often equates to a terrible time for golfers, so investing in the best golf gloves for rain is always a wise decision.

Keep reading for our favorite wet weather gloves, along with our buyers guide and FAQs to help you in this difficult decision.

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Why it's our top pick?

We’re just about to hit the rainiest months so you’ve come to find your new golf gloves just in time.

As we’ve been researching these gloves for you, we’ve come to the conclusion that FootJoy’s RainGrip Golf Gloves will be the perfect fit for you.

Some may even go as far as to say they’ll … fit like a glove … sorry. Here’s why we’ve chosen them as our favorite design: 

  • While they’ve been designed specially for wet weather conditions, they also work excellently in warm weather by keeping your hands comfortable and sweat free. 
  • Skin tight material makes it feel like you’re not even wearing any gloves. 
  • Beginners and professionals alike rave about how great their FootJoy RainGrip gloves are.

Best Golf Gloves for Rain - Reviews

RainGrip Golf Gloves are widely considered the best pair of golf gloves on the market, and with good reason too.

These gloves get incredibly tacky when used in heavy rain, and a little tacky when used in a little rain. This is a great feature as the last thing you want is gloves that are too tacky so your gloves stick to your club - you need a happy medium.

Using these gloves feels like you’re not wearing any gear at all, which is a great sign of a high quality golf glove. The auto suede knit cover for your palm provides unmatched grip in humid conditions as well, making these gloves perfect for hot weather as well. 

The Quirky II knit material along the back of the fingers assures optimum breathability and flexibility, making these gloves quick drying and incredibly comfortable.

The closure is angled and strategically positioned for a perfect fit for any golfers hand. If this wasn’t enough, these gloves come with a removable ball marker so you can quickly mark your ball before teeing off.

This isn’t essential to wet weather golf gloves, but it sure makes for a nice touch. These gloves are sold as a pair and FootJoy ensures it caters for everyone with a nice range of sizes, including cadet sizes which are suited for players with shorter fingers and wider palms


  • Great and comfortable skin tight gloves.
  • Perfect grip in rain as well as dry conditions.
  • Included ball marker.


  • One reviewer received the wrong size.
  • Some users think the sizes run a little small.

Don’t let the incredibly affordable price fool you - these are some of the best and most used rain golf gloves out there.

For golfers who want a glove with an excellent grip in the rain (and who doesn’t), this design is a superb option which gives you full control of the club. However, these aren’t just for wet conditions as they can be used in hot, sweaty-hand weather as well.

Don’t be embarrassed, hand sweat happens to the best of us, and these gloves are designed with quality 3D mesh which provides both a quality fit and a lot of breathability to keep your hands dry and comfortable. 

The palms of these gloves are packed with suede microfibers which provides the stellar grip throughout every single one of your shots. This glove ensures a skin tight fit to prevent the fingers twisting and becoming uncomfortable.

Unlike the other gloves on our list, these gloves offer a range of different colors to choose from, as well as four different sizes. You can also choose whether you want a pair of gloves or just one for your dominant hand.


  • Lightweight, flexible and breathable.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric designed to keep your hands dry.
  • Incredibly grippy palm to keep your hands dry.


  • Sizes run slightly smaller than expected.
  • A few users received wrong orders.

Every Bionic glove is designed with the help of an orthopedic hand specialist, ensuring a high quality fit every time. The surface of your hand will be covered by relief pads where your hand needs it most.

This lets the pressure be distributed evenly throughout when gripping your golf club, preventing fatigue and cramping of the hand muscles. Bionic gloves also adapt to the natural shape of your fist, making your grip feel more natural and comfortable.

What’s more is all the motion zones of your hand, such as the knuckles and in between the fingers, are made of breathable lycra, preventing sweaty hands and increasing flexibility.

The AquaGrip Golf Glove is made from patented pad technology designed for a better grip in wet weather. This, along with the excellent features mentioned above, create more durability in the areas which are prone to wear and tear such as the palms of your hands and your knuckles.

This glove is made from a suede microfiber material which becomes tackier the wetter it gets, reducing your grip slipping up and down the club. Bionic offers this glove both for left and right handed golfers, in a range of size to give everyone the perfect fit.


  • Help golfers keep a steady grip in wet weather.
  • Decent price point for great quality.
  • Designed with hand specialists.


  • No size chart so it can be tricky to choose your size.
  • Thicker material than some other gloves.

These golf gloves are not only for wet weather, but also for cold weather conditions. Golf addicts won’t let even the craziest of snowstorms stop them from getting their shots in, which is why Callaway has built their golf gloves for optimal warmth so your hands don’t freeze to your golf club using a super toasty thermal fleece inner lining.

This, paired with the microfiber outer shell which repels water and provides wind protection, makes these golf gloves perfect for any weather condition imaginable. The microfiber material soaks up the rain and dries ultra quickly, meaning your grip is unlikely to falter when you step up to the tee.

These gloves also feature a digitized synthetic leather palm to help your grip stay strong in a rainstorm and Opti Fit adjustable closure which provides a secure fit without bulking up the gloves or compromising the comfort.

These gloves come as a pair so both your hands can be protected from the extreme weather and there is a decent selection of sizes to choose from.


  • Can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Thermal fleece lining.
  • Good sizing.


  • A few users found their gloves ripped the first time they put them on.
  •  Not the best grip for dry conditions.

These HJ Gloves are excellent value for money and won’t break the bank. Their WeatherTex nylon mesh provides not only great ventilation to prevent clammy hands but also the ability for the gloves to dry very quickly, so you can barely feel the rain seeping in.

Your palm will be benefited by the HexaGrip silicone as it reinforces your grip even in the wettest of weather, meaning you can shoot a round in every possible weather.

What’s more is that the reinforced finger bands stabilize your fingers and prevent them from twisting, and the DriTex wrist band is designed to keep rain out and prevent it from getting underneath the glove.

These gloves can be used in all weathers, so it’s really like getting two for the price of one. The honeycomb pattern is not only aesthetically pleasing but also helps reinforce your grip on your club in every weather.

When purchasing these gloves you’ll get a pair, so these will work perfectly for both left and right handed people. There is a great selection of sizes to choose from so everyone can enjoy these high quality golf gloves.


  • Quick drying mesh material.
  • Excellent grip in the rain.
  • Affordable price.


  • One reviewer received the wrong item.
  • Size runs a little small with fingers longer than average.

Best Golf Gloves for Rain - Buyers Guide

Materials Used

The material of your golf gloves are an important factor in choosing which design to go for, so consider the below materials and which ones are going to be most beneficial to your play.

Synthetic materials

Gloves made from synthetic materials are usually lightweight and stretchy which suits a golf glove perfectly. Synthetic materials are usually found around the knuckles as they provide the most flexibility and therefore make your grip tighter, more natural and more comfortable.

Some gloves are made only of synthetic materials, which makes them more durable as they have more give to them and don’t rip as easily.

They can also be more breathable and keep your hand cooler whilst playing. 


Leather has a lot of benefits for golf gloves, as the texture is perfect at mimicking the natural hands texture and therefore provides a better grip. It is also very resistant to moisture and will stay soft and comfortable for a long time.

However, leather does not stretch so you need to choose a size that fits your hand perfectly, otherwise you won’t get the best results from your glove. 

All Weather

These gloves are specifically made for people who will be golfing in wet weather conditions as they’re super resistant to water and can remain comfortable whilst wet. The fabric is breathable and the wetter the gloves get, the better the grip becomes.

The fibers on the palm of the glove create more friction and tackiness when they get wet. Usually these are made from warmer, thicker and very breathable materials to keep your hands warm in cold weather. 

Gripping Function

Getting a grip on your club is one of the most important factors to think about when choosing a pair of golf gloves for the rain.

If your wet weather gloves aren’t making your grip better, then you may as well be using your normal gloves. Imagine bragging to your peers about your new rain resistant golf gloves, only to get onto the course, step up to the tee, go to swing but your club slips out of your hand and flies in the opposite direction. 

That would be pretty embarrassing, wouldn’t it. So the gripping function is really important when choosing a good golf glove for the rain.


The perfect golf glove has to be resilient to wear and tear. We’re not suggesting that it should survive a shark attack, but it should be able to survive some friction and water.

There are a lot of products on the market that are disappointingly flimsy and fragile, so keep an eye on the materials used and the gloves construction. A good rule of thumb is that the more expensive the glove is, the higher the quality of materials used.

If you buy a one dollar glove, it’s not going to last a lifetime. However, some gloves aren’t worth their high price so make an educated decision of how durable the glove is before purchasing. 

The Fit

A glove needs to fit your hand perfectly - where do you think the saying came from? There are a few ways of checking that a golf glove fits your hand correctly, including checking your middle finger and knuckles.

Your middle finger should be able to fit snugly in the glove and the fabric shouldn’t be loose at the top. 

Then, once you’re happy your finger is fitted correctly, clench your hand into a fist and make sure the fabric of the glove pulls tightly over your knuckle.

If there’s lots of loose fabric around your hand, the glove is too big and will slip around your hand during your game, compromising your shots. On the other hand, if your hand is unable to clench into a fist, your glove is too small and will affect your game drastically. 


The thicker the glove is, the more resilient and durable it will be. However, this may affect your shots if the fabric bunches up around your palm.

The ideal golf glove should feel like a second skin - not too thin but not too thick either. Even thin gloves can be decently durable, so don’t just go for the thickest gloves by default. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you waterproof gloves?

There are a few products you can use to waterproof your gloves, depending on the material they’re made of. You’ll need a waterproofing wax made specifically for your type of gloves.

Clean your gloves thoroughly and leave them to dry naturally from indirect heat from the sun. Squeeze a dollop of wax the size of a Hershey’s Kiss on each of the gloves and massage it in, paying close attention to the seams.

Let the wax sit for five minutes and wipe any remaining wax off before letting them air dry completely.

This works better for some materials than others, such as leather will be easier to waterproof than stretchy synthetic materials.

For golf gloves we’d suggest buying a pair of wet weather golf gloves rather than spending hours researching how to waterproof them yourself. 

How do you dry a wet golf glove?

Golf gloves are fragile beings and when they’re subjected to a little rain they often throw their toys out the pram and refuse to be the same again. Many golfers throw these gloves straight in the bin once they’re wet.

However, if you’re set on performing a miracle you can either use a blowdryer, which is the faster method but may cause the glove to harden and be prone to cracking, or leave it in a hot spot that will get a lot of indirect light. 

Having said this, this is a prime example of why golf gloves designed for the rain are imperative for golfers to invest in. Gone are the days of ruined golf gloves, have your cake and eat it with a high quality wet weather glove.

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