Best Golf Training Aids

Golf training aids are not just for beginners - you will find that quite often, some of the best low handicap golfers can benefit from training aids - even Tiger Woods is known to use them!

There’s a colossal range of training aids out there, each with their different levels of effectiveness and fun factor.  We have selected 5 of the best training aids for you to look at and we have a handy little buying guide which talks you through the main types of training aids and what we’ve looked for in our Top 5.

You can forget all about worrying about how to set up those DIY fixers!

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Best Golf Training Aids - Reviews

This is the golf training aid that the professionals rave about!  In fact it was voted #1 Teaching and Training aid by PGA and LPGA Professionals.

It mimics a full size golf club in length, and sports a lightly weighted end.  You simply swing the orange whip as you would a golf club, and you’re met with instant feedback on your rhythm and balance.

What separates the Orange Whip from other swing trainers on the market is its patented counterweight system.  It is this feature that makes the instant feedback possible - you can adjust your swing directly according to exactly where your swing is going wrong.  If it feels wobbly or off balance, just keep swinging back and forth until you get it right.

With repeated use you develop your own tempo and achieve a well balanced swing for consistent shots on the golf course.

With the Orange Whip you can concentrate solely on the swing movement itself and worry about the position of the club face another day.

 With its premium quality, it should be no surprise that it comes with a 2 year warranty.

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  • Most effective golf swing training aid on the market
  • Improves muscle memory with repeated use
  • Improves flexibility
  • Improves balance
  • Improves strength
  • Fun to use


  • This particular Orange Whip is designed for men and taller women only, but there are other Orange Whips out there if you need a smaller size or lighter weight

As the name suggests this tool is for warming up to do your swing.  Its shaft is as long as your golf clubs, but it's made from flexible fiberglass, and has a 2.5 lb weight on its end.

All you have to do is swing the Gold Flex back and forth continually without stopping at impact position, to warm up to your golf swing.

It can be used as a low impact stretch for a pre-round warm up, or you can simply swing it in your backyard to get your grip and swing perfected. 

To build on your muscle memory right at home you only need to swing it 10 to 20 times a day to get a noticeable improvement in your swing tempo, strength and flexibility.  It should eliminate the problem of early release too.  Before long your perfect swing will become pure habit.

The shaft length helps to flatten the swing plane to fight slices, hooks and fades.  And the weighted end provides that natural feel of lag and helps you strengthen the abdominal muscles used in the swing.  This is because it forces the downswing to be initiated by the lower body.

It slides easily amongst your various clubs in your golf bag, and is legal to carry onto the course.

It’s available in different lengths - just pick the one that suits you best.


  • Very effective
  • Fun to use
  • Helps eliminate slices and hooks
  • Fits in your golf bag
  • Legal to have on the course
  • Builds abdominal muscle


  • Some customers have said that it's not as effective as the orange whip, which is twice the price and doesn’t sell as much

It's said that 80% of all golfers grip the club incorrectly - so there’s a good chance you’ve been getting this important element wrong.  Here’s a simple solution.

The Grip Trainer attaches to any golf club, from the driver through to the wedge, regardless of whether the club features round or ribbed grips, and ensures that you get proper hand positioning and grip every time you use it.

You can use it just for practice, building that all-important muscle memory, or you can take it for a pre-round range session.

We love how convenient it is to just slip into your golf bag.  And it’s one of the cheaper golf training aids around.  With so much of the game down just as much to grip and swing as down to hand eye coordination, you’d be foolish not to add this grip aid to your golf training arsenal.

It works great with the SKLZ Gold Flex too (see our number 2 earlier).


  • Helps improve that all-important hand positioning
  • Attaches to any golf club
  • Fits all hand sizes
  • Easy to use


  • Only designed for right handed players

You simply cannot practice your golf technique in your backyard without a net to catch your golf balls, and this particular golf net is a best seller!

When it’s fully open it measures 10 feet wide, 6.5 feet high, and has a depth of 6 feet, so it should fit quite well into your backyard.

We love how it features a bright red and white bullseye on a black background, which allows you to see where you’re going wrong, and helps you to adjust your clubface and swing accordingly if you don’t quite make the bullseye.  Customers love this feature.

It’s effective - it will catch your golf ball every single time.

It’s quick and easy to set up, and to fold away.  It also comes with a durable carry bag for convenient storage.  You could even take it with you camping.

It’s made from materials that don’t rust or deform, and it can also double up for use in other sport practice, such as a goal for soccer practice.


  • Don’t lose golf balls in your backyard
  • Not too big
  • Not too small


  • Sometimes the golf ball may bypass the front net with the bullseye before being caught by the outer net

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System includes three specifically weighted training clubs and nearly two years worth of video instruction.

This particular set includes the Green (light), Blue (medium), and Red (heavy) weighted SuperSpeed Clubs.

With commited use of this training aid, you can learn to bomb the ball off the tee, and send it that much further across the course, and really decrease your handicap!

The manufacturers found that using lighter weight clubs in specific training can help every golfer increase swing speed, improve consistency in ball striking, and reduce many common swing flaws.

The recommended training schedule is just 10 minutes at a time, spaced at 3 times in one week - little enough to fit into any busy lifestyle.

Why not check out the #1 Swing Speed Training System in Golf, used by over 600 Tour Pros worldwide.


  • Increase your club head speed by 5% in just 6 weeks
  • The 3 training clubs have 3 different weights
  • Includes extensive video tuition
  • Training only takes 10 minutes 3 times a week


  • This particular set is designed for men - there are other sets available for women or for juniors ages 9 and up

Best Golf Training Aids - Buyers Guide

Main Types of Training Equipment

Putting Mats

Putting mats are hands down the most well known type of golf training aid.  Putting is an almost inevitable part of your game, even for the most seasoned of golfers.  It’s an easy element of the game to practice at home if you have the space.  The best putting mats will allow you to recreate the conditions of the green indoors where you don’t have to be concerned about the weather.

Swing Trainers

There are innumerate golf swing trainers on the market, and they can all be of use.  But what to look for in your swing trainer purchase is how well does it match your precise need in what you need to do differently to improve your handicap score.

Swing trainers are arguably the most vital golf training aid you can get.  If you can’t get the swing right and your hitting a slice, then it’s too early to invest in a putting mat.  What a swing trainer will do is to help you create that repeatable golf swing for good solid contact with every swing.

Hitting Mats

A hitting mat is designed to imitate the ground where you take your shots.  They vary greatly in price, performance and durability.  Some mats even offer several different surfaces in one mat.  In general the more you pay for the item, the more realistic the surface - but you can get some great budget hitting mats that really last.

Hitting Nets

Hitting nets are invaluable - you can practice and hone your swing ability in the comfort of your own backyard, or in some cases your living room.  Obviously in purchasing your hitting net, size has to be your first consideration.  But it should also be high quality, durable, and easy to set up, pack and store. 

Strength Trainers

In addition to the strength needed to stabilize your body when you swing, you also need the power to deliver the club with enough energy to launch it off the tee, and into the distance.  That’s where strength trainers come in.  Some golfing strength trainers look a lot like a standard golf club in their length, but you can also get gyroscopic spinning balls, which are designed to exercise your wrists and forearms. 

Training Putters

Training putters really prove their worth because when it comes to putting you need that delicate touch of a billiards player to get that golf ball in it’s hole without all the frustration of having to take several shots.

What to Look for in your Golf Training Aids


We’re going to level with you here - improving your golfing techniques does not happen overnight, you have to put in the time and the effort.  Many golf training aids can go a long way in helping you improve the various techniques, abilities and skills involved, but some will help more than others.

In our Top 5 golf training aids, we looked closely at how effective each aid is at achieving the required improved result.  Don’t invest in something that isn’t going to help you.

Fun to use

As we have already mentioned, improving your golf game takes time and effort - so you have to ensure when buying making your purchase, that the training aid has that all important fun factor.  If you get bored within a couple of minutes, it's not the product for you.

Tailored to Your Specific Requirements

The golf training gear designed to help you improve your game is usually very specific and will focus on one area of the game.  Within swing trainers alone, you’ve got some that help you work on your angle of attack, some that focus on grip and tempo, and others that focus on wrist hinge.

Our recommendation is that you (or your golf coach) first conduct a thorough analysis of your golfing techniques so that you can work out what you need to concentrate, so then in turn you can determine what golf training aids will be worth your hard earned money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all golf training accessories legal on the golf course?

When competing on the highest level, there are rules that forbid you from gaining an advantage over the rest of the field by using golf training aids.  The USGA rules stipulate the use of training aids as follows:

Rule 14-3 governs the use of equipment and devices (including electronic devices) that might assist a player in making a specific stroke or generally in his play.

Except as provided in the Rules, during a stipulated round the player must not use any artificial device or unusual equipment, or use any equipment in an abnormal manner:

a. That might assist him in making a stroke or in his play; or

b. For the purpose of gauging or measuring distance or conditions that might affect his play; or

c. That might assist him in gripping the club, except that:

(i) gloves may be worn provided that they are plain gloves;

(ii) resin, powder and drying or moisturizing agents may be used; and

(iii) a towel or handkerchief may be wrapped around the grip.


Should I hire a golf coach?

Beginner golfers should absolutely hire a golf coach - golf lessons are worth the money.  For a beginner a short course of lessons may not make you tournament ready, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Having a golf coach is hands down the best way to ensure that you have the right grip, which is the most important element to get right, and help you achieve that swing consistency that will help your overall game.

The average cost of a golf lesson varies a little, primarily down to the length of the lesson.  You may get half an hour for $50 or you may find yourself paying up to $90 for a full hour.

Whether you want to hire a golf coach is very much a personal decision, but the ultimate key to improving your golfing game is to practice, practice, practice.  This practice is best done on the golf course, but if you find that you can’t get out to the golf course, or the weather does not permit, you would do well to practice with your training aids at home.

How do I choose a golf coach?

The simplest way to find a good coach in your locality is to ask around amongst your friends and playing partners for recommendations/referrals.  Asking them how their golf coach improved their game will help you to establish their potential value. 

You could also try Thumbtack, which is a website dedicated to finding coaches in different localities.  The link is here:

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