Best Golf Ball for Medium Swing Speed

If you are finding yourself struggling to get more distance off the tee and you need a better feel around the green despite having a decent swing speed, have you ever wondered what might be wrong? Let's assume that you have the right golf clubs and that you have finally mastered the technique for swinging it. You can get a clean strike on the golf ball, but for some reason, it will not manage to travel as far as your swing speed should get it.

A lot of golfers might not realize it, but there is a chance you are using the wrong golf ball. Golfing equipment manufacturers are continually improving the technology they use. As more innovative technology is being used to create golf balls, the balls you can buy today are much better than the ones used before.

There are countless models of golf balls out there, and each of them has its capabilities. When you are purchasing a new golf ball, you need to look for the best golf ball for medium swing speed. Most golf balls today are hitting well. They fly through the air much straighter, and golfers can get more accuracy out of their shots. The thing is, not all the golf balls are suitable for every golfer playing style and swing speed.

The best golf balls for medium swing speed are inherently designed to improve the performance of a golfer who can swing the club between 80 to 95 mph. Golf balls designed for this swing speed have a compression rating, which optimizes its ability to travel further and improve overall accuracy for the golfer.

There are a lot of golf ball models in the market. We understand that you can feel overwhelmed trying to find the best golf ball for medium speed when all the options you consider claims to be the top product. To make the process easier for you, we've done all the leg work in putting these golf ball models to the test to bring you five golf ball models that genuinely are suited for your medium swing speed.

In this guide, we have written comprehensive reviews of all five golf balls for medium swing speed. Additionally, we have included a buyer’s guide that will help answer your questions to help you determine which one will suit your playing style the best.

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Why Is It Our Top Pick?

If you are short on time and you don’t want to read the whole thing, just take a look at our top pick. The TaylorMade Project (a) golf ball is our top pick among golf balls for golfers with a medium swing speed because it is as close as it gets to tour-level performance. There are several reasons we love this golf ball.

This golf ball has a 3-piece construction with a dual-layer core underneath the urethane cover. The dual-layer core encourages better distance off the strike, especially with a clean shot. It also allows the golfer to get decent control over the spin as they strike the ball. The cover is a durable material with improved aerodynamics, which reduces the in-flight drag.

If you want to read more about the golf ball, read on for a more comprehensive review of the TaylorMade Project (a) golf ball along with reviews of four other top products in the category.

Best Golf Ball for Medium Swing Speed - Reviews

TaylorMade is a top manufacturer of golf balls and other golfing equipment. It makes sense that the first product in the list of the best golf balls for medium swing speed is by TaylorMade Golf. The TaylorMade Project (a) golf ball is the ideal choice for golfers who are struggling to improve their game. There are a few qualities about this ball that make it our top pick.

Perhaps one of the main qualities of this 3-piece golf ball is the fact that it has two layers in its core. The dual-core of the golf ball is optimized to help the golfer generate a significant amount of spin on the ball without making too much of an effort. Golfers with a medium swing will find it to their advantage since they can effectively produce double the spin on this golf ball compared to most others in the market.

The soft cast urethane cover is a quality you will see in the top tour-level golf balls in the market. This will also improve the level of spin you get with the ball and the responsiveness of the ball to your swing when you strike the ball. The cover and dual-core work together to improve the speed and accuracy of the golf ball.

This golf ball is also an exciting pick because its performance seems to improve as the skill of the golfer improves. The better you get with your technique, the easier it is to gain greater distance and accuracy out of this golf ball. We think it does not get better than this golf ball when it comes to meeting the needs of golfers with a medium swing.


  • The soft cast urethane cover adds more responsiveness to the golf ball
  • Enhanced level of control on the spin rate due to dual-core
  • It allows you to improve the speed of the launch and your accuracy


  • The golf ball might not suit the needs of the more advanced skill level golfers

If you are a medium swing golfer looking to bring the numbers up on the distance you can hit the golf ball, you might fall in love with the second entry on the list of the best golf ball for medium swing speed golfers. This golf ball is sought after by many golfers looking to maximize the distance they can hit the golf ball.

Callaway Golf is another household name when it comes to golfing equipment, and the Callaway Superhot 70 is the ideal golf ball for getting as much distance as possible off the tee and even around the green. The HEX pattern dimples on this golf ball's cover improve the aerodynamics of the ball by a significant margin. It allows the ball to reduce its in-flight drag to travel farther and straighter than others.

To fly longer distances, the golf ball needs to have a high initial momentum to carry it through the air. The High Energy core technology used in this golf ball ensures more significant conservation and transfer of energy from the strike. The 70 compression design of the golf ball works with the High Energy core technology to produce explosive speeds at launch.

To get a better distance off the tee, you need a golf ball with a straighter trajectory. Its aerodynamics and High Energy core work to give you a golf ball that can give you consistent results. The Superhot 70 works much better than most other balls in challenging wind conditions to allow the ball to stay true to its path and stick its landings on the green.


  • The golf ball has a decent level of compression
  • The High Energy core improves the speed of the golf ball at launch
  • Improved spin control
  • Has a straight flight even in tough wind conditions


  • Does not have a forgiving feel when hitting with high swing speeds

One of the best golf balls for medium swing speed is the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball. It is an ideal ball for golfers who are frustrated with having to hit the golf ball at maximum speed to get a reasonable distance off the tee. You can achieve a decent distance with each shot within a reasonable swing speed that suits your style of play.

Made by Srixon Golf, the Srixon Soft Feel stays true to its name, and you can immediately experience that when you make an impact with the golf ball. You can enjoy a softer feel that is more forgiving for your hands without losing the yardage off the tee and around the green with the Srixon. This is the latest iteration of Srixon's softer golf balls and has a compression rating of 60.

Srixon increased the softness of the core in this golf ball and the softness of the outer cover. They also made the outer cover thinner than the previous version to build a golf ball that feels a lot more comfortable to strike with medium swing speed. The softer core does not just help you improve the distance you can hit the golf ball. It also improves your control over the spin. You will immediately see your short game become better thanks to the enhanced spin control.

The golf ball’s outer cover has 324 dimples that reduce the drag and create a more aerodynamic ball that travels faster and longer distances before it loses momentum and comes back down. The softer core gives it a greater speed at launch, working with the cover to increase the overall distance without compromising on the feel.


  • A golf ball with a softer feel but highly durable cover
  • The outer cover gives greater spin control to the golfer
  • The aerodynamic design of the dimple reduces drag and makes the ball travel farther
  • Low compression rating golf ball


  • Golfers with higher swing speeds will find it too soft

Bridgestone is a name that resonates with many golfers today regardless of their playing style, skill level, or swing speed. If you are looking to maximize the speed with which you can get from the ball at launch with your medium swing speed, the Bridgestone E6 Speed golf ball might be the answer you have been looking for.

The Bridgestone golf ball makes it to the list of reviews for the best golf ball for medium swing speed golfers due to many reasons. It is not just another model by the manufacturer. It is the golf ball designed by Bridgestone to bridge the gap between getting outstanding performance and value. It is not as pricey as Bridgestone's more high-end B330 series golf balls, but that does not take away anything from this product.

The 3-piece golf ball features a soft Surlyn cover, which encases an anti-spin mantle layer. Right at the core is the soft gradational core technology that is revered by many golfers who use Bridgestone golf balls. This golf ball was not designed to give you a softer feel. It is purely to help you get a better distance off of your medium swing speed without feeling too much of the force of the impact on your hands.

The golf ball's affordability comes as the cherry on top when you get one of these. While it may not have all the advanced features and a great feel like the more premium quality B330 series golf balls, the E6 Speed offers you excellent value for your money. A true flight and low driver spin make this a fantastic golf ball for medium swing speed golfers.


  • Golf ball gives you great value for money
  • Optimized for higher speed off the tee
  • Has a lower spin rate off of the driver allows for more extended flight


  • The cover is not as durable as most other golf balls in the review

The last entry on the list of the best golf balls for medium swing speed golfers is the Volvik Vivid XT Golf Ball. This is a high-performance golf ball that you can rely on with moderate swing speed and for high visibility due to all the colors available for it. Volvik Golf has a reputation for producing colorful golf balls, and the Vivid XT's name suggests that it truly is a vivid product.

The high visibility golf ball comes in the option of green, pink, yellow, and the classic white color. These are, of course, just the most popular colors for the manufacturer's golf balls. The soft construction of the Vivid XT golf ball is one of the characteristic features of this golf ball, but there is a lot more to it.

The Vivid XT was designed with the approach to make golf balls that offer you a straighter trajectory off the tee. This is one of the most popular products by the manufacturer. The XT is the latest iteration of Volvik’s Vivid series of golf balls. It gives you a softer feel that helps you get better control over the spin rate of the golf ball. You can get a straighter trajectory and a higher altitude on the ball with medium swing speed.

The Vivid XT is not just a great golf ball for medium swing speed golfers. If you find yourself improving your form and increasing your swing speed, you will find that the XT’s compression will not compromise on the feel of the golf ball as you strike it even at higher speeds. It is one of the fastest traveling golf balls by Volvik for golfers with every swing speed.


  • The golf ball has a higher altitude and travels for longer
  • It has a forgiving feel
  • There are a variety of high visibility colors to choose from
  • The golf ball travels straight through the air


  • Not suitable for draw or fade

Best Golf Ball for Medium Swing Speed - Buyers Guide

As you can see, even the different golf balls recommended for medium swing golfers have unique qualities that differentiate them from each other. To help you make a better-informed purchasing decision for the golf ball that will suit your playing style other than your swing speed, here are some of the things you should know and understand.

What does the medium swing speed mean?

Everybody has their capability with which they can swing the golf club. Players who are particularly at the beginner level tend to have a slower swing speed as they try to perfect the form and technique of playing golf. Once you go beyond that point, you can try and improve how fast you swing the golf club as you strike the ball.

The actual speed we are referring to when we are talking about swing speed is the speed with which the head of the driver hits the golf ball off the tee. Golfers with a medium swing speed have a swing speed of around 85 to 90 mph. Tour professionals who are playing the game at the top level can hit golf balls at speeds as high as 125 mph or more.

Deciding between hard and soft golf balls for medium swing speed

When you have a medium swing speed, you are likely beyond the point of being a beginner level golfer. Whether you choose to go for a soft or a hard golf ball to suit your swing speed is primarily based on what you prioritize in your style of playing.

The latest trend when it comes to the golfing world is improving the technology to lower the compression as far as possible. Golfers with medium and slow swing speeds often prefer lower compression golf balls due to the fact that it gives them a good feel.

Many serious golfers with a medium swing speed prefer to find golf balls that balance hardness and softness to get the best of both. A medium compression golf ball allows you to get the maximum distance and spin without being too hard on your hands.

The ideal material for the golf ball cover

One of the main factors that determine the hardness or softness of the golf ball is its material. The cover is primarily made of either Surlyn or Urethane.

A golf ball with a urethane cover will be soft and provide plenty of spin for the golfer since it can grip the groove on the golf club head much better. Ideally, the urethane cover golf balls work out better for golfers who want to have a higher spin and better accuracy.

Golfers with a focus on getting the maximum distance might prefer Surlyn cover golf balls more. The cover is generally harder than urethane, and it helps to reduce the spin on tee shots and long shots on the approach. Of course, this also means the spin around the greens might not be as good as they would prefer.

Choosing between colored and white golf balls

Choosing between colored golf balls and classic white golf balls is more a matter of personal preference than anything else. If you are getting a golf ball from one brand with a white color, and another of the same model in the orange color, you will not feel any difference in the performances of both. The only difference is that you might be able to get better visibility on a pink or orange golf ball compared to a white golf ball.

The matter of durability and long-term playability

The strength of golf balls and how long they can be effective to play with depends on the material used for the cover. The urethane and surlyn covers make a difference when it comes to the playability of the golf ball.

Urethane is a softer material. It gives you the advantage of a softer feel and better spin control in the golf ball with every swing. The problem is, its softness comes with the compromise of getting scuffed. When you take on the harder wedge shots, hit trees, or concrete, the urethane cover is more likely to get scuffed than a surlyn cover golf ball.

Stick to the same ball

Another essential thing to remember is that when you are picking out a golf ball, you should go with a model that is within your budget and you can buy more of if you lose your golf balls. Since each model has its own qualities, it interacts differently with your swing speed. In order to get consistent performance in each round to improve your overall command of the game, you need to make sure you play with the same model golf ball for every game.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you need additional information, here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by people looking for golf balls made for medium swing golfers. It might shed some light on questions you may have had and we did not already answer in the buyer’s guide above.

Q. Are all golf balls the same?

A. While we answered this earlier, let's elaborate on this. Golf balls may all 'look' similar, but that is only because of regulatory requirements so that different models do not offer an unfair advantage to players using them. That being said, golfing technology is continually improving, and there is a huge difference in how golf balls can perform from one model to the next.

Q. What are 2-piece golf balls and 3-piece golf balls?

A. 2-piece golf balls are more akin to traditional golf balls that have two layers: the cover, and the inner layer. 3-piece golf balls have a cover, an inner mantle layer, and a core. There are even models that have several more layers going up to 5-piece golf balls.

Q. Do the extra layers in golf balls make any difference?

A. Each layer in a golf ball serves a purpose. The additional layers aid more in the progression of the spin rates and the performance of the golf ball. Extra layers in a golf ball can also often mean that a ball has improved performance with mid-irons compared to 2-piece golf balls.

Final Thoughts

Remember that choosing the right golf ball can make a massive difference in how you can perform while playing golf. If you are not a top professional, getting the most premium quality tour-level golf balls will not suddenly make your game better. Try to match your golfing equipment with your skill level and upgrade gradually as you improve.

You have seen our top pick for the best golf ball for medium swing speed golfers and why we chose it. We have also given you detailed reviews of five top picks for golf balls that suit the needs of a golfer with a swing speed between 85 to 90 mph. Between that and the buying guide, we are confident that you have all the information you need to pick out the perfect golf ball before the next tee-off to drastically improve your game.

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