Best Golf Ball for Mid to High Handicapper

Golf is an amazing sport and is loved by many in the United States. There are many exquisite golf courts in the country, and you would like to play in them with your friends or family members. Whether you are just starting out or have spent years playing golf, you can’t undermine the value of a great golf ball.

 A good golf ball can help you get more distance off the tee and take your game to the next level. There are many different golf balls available in the market, but not all of them are right for mid and high handicappers.

A mid handicapper is a player whose handicap score is around 10 to 18. On the other hand, if your score is over 18, you will be considered a high handicapper. If you are a mid handicapper or a high handicap golfer, you would have to make some changes to the equipment that you are using. This includes the golf ball. If you need to lower your score, it is best to invest in a golf ball that is designed for mid to high handicappers.

As you improve your skills, you can move to a golf ball that offers more control and feel and is right for low handicappers. To help you select a golf ball that is right for you, we have featured some of the best golf balls for mid to high handicappers.

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If you don’t want to read the whole article and are just interested in knowing about the absolute best golf ball, don’t worry. We will let you know which golf ball is the best one for mid to high handicappers. Out of all the golf balls mentioned in the list, the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball is the cream of the crop. It offers everything that a mid-tier golfer could want in a golf ball. This golf ball has a dual-core construction – the inner core is incredibly soft while the outer core is firm.

The soft inner core should help golfers with slower swing speed get more speed and distance. On the other hand, the firmer outer core would provide more control to more skilled players. A thin layer of mantle covers the inner layers while the outer cover is made with exceptionally soft urethane, which gives excellent grip and feel to the golf ball.

The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls feature the Truvis pattern, which gives good visibility during flight and makes it easier to find the ball after it lands. The hex-shaped dimples cover the ball, and they might offer more stability in the wind. The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are soft but still very durable. They generate medium spin, which makes them suitable for mid to high handicap golfers.

Best Golf Ball for Mid to High Handicapper - Reviews

The Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls feature dual-core construction with an incredibly soft inner core that is surrounded by a firm outer core. The softer inner core helps players with slow swing speeds get faster ball speeds and thus longer distances while the firm outer core makes the ball durable and provides more control to low handicappers. A thin mantle layer covers the two inner layers, and an ultra-soft urethane cover on the outside gives exceptional grip and soft feel to the Chrome Soft Golf Ball.

Callaway’s specifically designed Truvis pattern on the ball gives better visibility during flight. This pattern also makes it easier to find the ball once it lands. Truvis balls originally came in white and had a red pattern, but Callaway later added a black shade on a yellow ball. Callaway Soft Golf Ball employs hex-shaped dimples, which is said to provide more stability in the wind.

Even though these golf balls are softer than other high-end balls, they can still take a beating and would last a long time. When it comes to spin, the Callaway Soft Golf Balls are mid-spin balls. They offer optimal distance to mid and high handicappers using a balanced blend of compression, spin, and lower trajectory.


  • Decent spin
  • Delivers faster ball speeds and thus longer distances
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Truvis pattern helps promote visibility


  • May not be suitable for low handicap golfers

This pack of Self-Correcting Golf Balls from Polara is ideal for amateur golfers looking for a golf ball for recreational use. The Polara Self-Correcting Golf Ball can hook and slice by a maximum of 75 percent. To achieve this high level of correction, Polara has kept the dimples around the equator shallower while those around the poles are kept deeper. This variation in dimples creates a unique weight distribution and promotes straighter ball flight. The weight distribution also promotes a higher moment of inertia, which helps keep the ball flight straight.

The Polara Golf Balls exhibit less aerodynamic lift in comparison to other golf balls, which is why they fly straight and would help you keep your score low. There is an arrow on each ball to point at the target. Simply place the ball in such a way that the arrow is pointing at the target and then hit it. The ball would fly straight thanks to low aerodynamic light and high moment of inertia.

The two-piece construction of these golf balls consists of an outer cover and a central cover. Overall, the Polara Ultimate Self-Correcting Golf Balls are ideal for golfers who experience significant slicing or hooking off the tee.


  • Helps correct hooking and slicing
  • More likely to fly straight
  • Low aerodynamic lift
  • Arrow to point at the target


  • Not for tournament use

For mid to high handicapper golfers looking to score low, the Titleist Pro V1x is an ideal choice. This golf ball delivers incredible performance owing to its high-quality construction. With this golf ball, your drives would be longer and straighter, your entry shots would stop with precision, and your putts would roll quickly without the bounce that might kill accuracy. The Titleist Pro V1x delivers forgiveness that can reduce side spin, ensuring that the ball stays on target.

The core of the Pro V1x is coupled with a soft cover made with a thin layer of urethane elastomer. Enhanced technology is incorporated into the ball to give it a consistent flight with unmatched control. The cover of the ball is imprinted with a 352-dimple design. The dimples allow the ball to fight the impact of the surrounding air as it travels to the green. The dimples also generate good backspin off wedges and irons.

The urethane cover of the Pro V1x reduces the skidding that results from most golf balls. These golf balls get rolling forward quickly and roll true and straight for lower scores. The Pro V1x is a terrific golf ball for players of any skill level, including mid and high handicappers.


  • Has a soft cover
  • Flies straight
  • Rolls true and straight
  • Good for players of any skill level


  • A little pricey

If you don’t wish to exert a lot of force for long-distance shots, then consider going with the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball. This golf ball is made up of two layers – the core and the outer cover. The core is made with titanium, which gives incredible speed to the ball while the outer cover is constructed with soft Lithium Surlyn which enhances feel and control. The performance of the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball is exceptional. The titanium core of the ball transfers maximum energy from the club to the ball.

This ball generates more velocity and less spin, which makes it a good option for long shots. The dimples on the ball are designed aerodynamically, which allows it to cut through the air easily and land near the hole.

The outer cover of the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball is soft yet durable. It is also cut-proof and won’t break easily, which means that the ball would last a long time. Despite being high in quality, this golf ball comes at a reasonable price, which means that even those on a tight budget would be able to buy it. Another great thing about the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Ball is that it is UCGA-approved.


  • Stable ball flight
  • Two-piece construction ensure durability and resilience
  • Travels a great distance
  • Titanium core gives good speed to the ball


  • May not be suitable for professionals

Precept Laddie Extreme is an enhanced version of the popular Lady Precept Ball. Lady Precept was loved by senior players when it was launched. So, when Precept realized that it had made a product that golfers loved, it decided to rework the golf ball to make it even better. The Laddie Extreme Golf Ball comes in a package designed to grab a golfer’s eye and features forest green lettering.

For golfers who have low swing speeds, the Laddie Extreme Golf Ball is soft around the green and long off the tee. It will come off your driver with a nice sound. To improve the Lady Golf Ball, Precept modified the dimple design and created a faster core that helps get more distance off the tee. Not only that, but the ball also gets a decent roll. Around the greens, you would find it easier to control wedge shots, and the ball would roll true. The durability of the golf ball is also great as it doesn’t easily cut and scruff, and you may use it for multiple rounds provided you aren’t hitting lots of trees.

The Precept Laddie Extreme isn’t great for a low handicapper or anyone who has fast club speed. It’s a low compression ball that is designed for mid to high handicappers. You will get a nice feel, plenty of roll, and great flight and speed off the tee. It is also one of the most affordable golf balls in the market, as you will get a total of two dozen balls in a single package.


  • Great flight and speed of the tee
  • Nice feel and roll
  • Good for mid to high handicappers


  • Not suitable for low handicappers

The Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls is another great product from Nitro. It features white-hot proprietary core technology that delivers amazing performance and great distance of the tee. The ball comes with a semi-translucent cover, allowing for greater visibility. The 352 dimple design of the ball is symmetric and aerodynamic, which decreases drag and increases lift on the shot. The spin ratio of the Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls is also excellent.

The cover of this golf ball is constructed using Dupont Lithium Surlyn, which ensures long-term durability, resilience, high performance, and resistance to cuts. The Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls have a low 70 compression, delivering a softer feel for golfers with slow swing speeds, making it easier for them to compress at impact and depart more energy to the golf ball for more distance.

These golf balls are R&A and USGA-approved, which means that they conform to all the rules established by the USGA. The Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls are suitable for players of all skill levels, including low handicappers.


  • Two-piece technology design with Dupont Lithium Surlyn cover
  • R&A and USGA-approved
  • White-hot proprietary core delivers great distance off the tee
  • Suitable for players of all skills levels 


  • The sound the ball makes off the club and the vibration the player feels isn’t pleasant

This Wilson golf ball is a 3-piece dual-core construction with dimple count somewhere around 300. The compression of the golf ball is 85, which means it is neither a soft nor a hard golf ball. This midway compression rating makes it an ideal option for those who are striving to improve their handicap.

However, the feature that makes this Wilson golf ball stands apart among other golf balls is the Smart Core Technology that the manufacturer has used in its construction. This Wilson golf ball features an intuitive core that adapts to the swing speed of the player. For instance, if you are hitting the ball with a lot of force to get it to the maximum distance, the spin of the ball will automatically be minimized. This results in better accuracy and longer distances.

On the other hand, the ball will spin more when you play it with a gentle swing. You keep your swing slower to play shorter shots for better control and spin, and this Wilson ball with Smart Core Technology delivers on that front. As a mid or high-handicapper, you will find this smart adaption of the ball handy on the fairway.


  • Adaptive response— firm response off the tee, soft response in the bunkers and greens
  • A great bang for the buck— 24 balls under $16
  • An Amazon’s Choice product


  • Some low-handicappers might struggle with the ball

Featuring a compression of 60, the Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball features a two-piece design to mimic multi-layer models. Those with swing speeds of 70 to 80 would enjoy the full benefits of this ball, including minimal sidespin, higher launch, and improved distance. The dimple pattern of this golf ball has been upgraded and now features 324 dimples. The Energetic Gradient Growth core of the ball provides a better launch with less drag to improve aerodynamic so that you get more distance.

The ionomer cover is a little thinner to improve the feel. The thinner cover should help generate more spin on the green, but it won’t grab on the grass like a high-end golf ball. For those who prefer some color, there is an option to choose from the yellow or white version. The ladies’ version comes in pink color.

The Srixon Soft Golf Balls have a softer and thinner cover, but they are still pretty durable and won’t suffer from cuts and abrasions as long as you keep them away from the trees. Overall, these golf balls are a good option for mid to high handicappers who want a ball that would deliver good performance and travel long distances.


  • The softer, thinner core should help generate more spin
  • Good for mid to high handicappers
  • Good launch with less drag allows you to get more distance


  • Not as good as premium golf balls

Best Golf Ball for Mid to High Handicapper - Buyers Guide


Used Golf Balls

Used golf balls are divided into two types – lake balls and refurbished balls. Lake balls are those that you can find in second-hand shops or on the golf course. They might look good on the outside, but you can’t be sure about their quality. You won’t be able to figure out what problems the ball might have, and they can ruin your score if you use them during your game. Moreover, they might lose some driving distance off the tee over time.

Refurbished golf balls are like lake balls; however, sand is blasted on them to make them look new. You would see these balls wet when on display because this makes them look fresher. We don’t recommend you buy these balls because they can have the same problems as lake balls. Ideally, you should buy new balls to ensure that your score stays low.

New Golf Balls

Two-Piece Golf Balls

Two-piece golf balls generally have a core and a cover that surrounds the core. It is a simple ball that is usually aimed at beginners or high handicap golfers. The price of these balls is low, and they aren’t made for tour-level performance. Two-piece balls generally have a harder feel and deliver more roll on fairways. Tour balls generate a lot more spin than two-piece golf balls, which makes them harder to use for mid to high handicappers. Therefore, two-piece balls are ideal for these kinds of golfers.

Three-Piece or Four-Piece Golf Balls

Three-piece or four-piece golf balls have different layers with a cover that’s usually made with urethane. Urethane is an incredibly soft material that is often used on premium golf balls to increase spin for faster swinging. These golf balls generally spin a lot, which can make them harder to control. This is why they are more suited for skilled players and those with a low handicap.

Multi-piece golf balls are more expensive because their quality is higher. If your top priority is spin, you could go with these balls. However, note that it will take some time for you to get used to multi-piece golf balls.


The amount of money that you are willing to pay for a golf ball can have a major impact on your decision. You must finalize your budget before you start looking at different golf balls. This will help you narrow down your options, and you won’t have to spend time looking at golf balls that you can’t afford. If you are passionate about golf and want the very best golf ball, we suggest you go a bit expensive so that you can get your hands on a top-quality product.


Pay attention to the construction of the golf ball that you are thinking of buying. It should be made with quality materials and should be durable. If the ball is poorly constructed, it won’t last long and may not deliver the kind of performance you want. This is why it is very important to consider the golf ball’s construction before making the decision to buy.


The cover of the golf ball can impact its performance. If you want straighter and lower flights, a golf ball whose outer cover is made with Surlyn would be a good option. On the other hand, if you prefer more backspin, then we recommend you choose a golf ball whose cover is constructed with urethane.


Distance is a very important factor to consider when you are looking at a golf ball to buy. A golf ball with fewer layers would generally give you more distance. This means that if you want more distance, you should go with two-piece golf balls. These balls generate less spin and deliver more distance for longer shots.


Dimples on the ball decrease the effect of air pressure, allowing the ball to cut through the air and travel far. If you choose a ball with shallow and wide dimples, you will be able to reach longer distances with less backspin.


Spin is another important factor to consider when you are shopping for a golf ball. There is a trade-off between the spin and distance provided by the golf ball. This means that if you prefer more spin, you will have to compromise on distance. Balls with deeper dimples and more layers generally provide more spin.

FAQs about Golf Balls

Q.1) Why do mid and high handicappers require special golf balls?

Mid and high handicap golfers can have poor driving performance. When we talk about driving performance, two important things are considered. First is whether you are driving the golf ball far enough or not. If you want the golf ball to travel maximum distance, you must go with a ball that will compress regardless of your swing speed. Compressing the ball will create a rebound effect, making the ball leap off the face of the club. Higher compression ratings will require higher swing speeds, which is why golf balls with high compression ratings are more suitable for low handicap golfers. Mid to high handicappers should choose a golf ball with a low compression rating because they generally have slower swings and won’t be able to get a good distance from a ball with a higher compression rating.

The second important thing to consider is whether you are driving the golf ball straight enough or not. If you struggle to keep the gold ball in play, we suggest that you get a ball that doesn’t generate a lot of spin. When the ball has low sidespin, it will fly straight into the hole. This would make it easier for mid and high handicappers to score low.

Another issue that mid and high handicap golfers face is inaccurate iron play. Two major problems contribute to inaccurate iron play. These include:

  • Inconsistent Distance

Some people think that the same golf ball that they use for driving maximum distance from the driver would be ideal for their irons too. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Most distance balls are inconsistent distance wise. This means that a well-struck ball will fly very far while a mishit would be punished heavily. If you prefer consistent iron distance, you should go with a golf ball with a softer feel and decent performance.

  • Keeping the Shot on Line

Keeping the shot on line can be difficult for mid and high handicappers if they use a ball that generates a lot of spin. Therefore, these types of golfers should use a ball that doesn’t generate too much spin.

Mid and high handicappers also suffer from poor chipping and putting. If you aren’t able to get up and down from within 40 yards or less or are 3-putting most of the time, you cost yourself about 5 to 15 strokes per round. Using the right golf ball won’t cure everything, but it would give you a much better feel when you are putting and chipping. More feel means more confidence, and more confidence leads to better play. So, if you are equipped with a good driver and have some command on your irons, you should concentrate more on your short game.

It is worth noting that you should be careful not to damage your softball. Softballs aren’t the most durable golf balls. Their softer cover would get scuffed if you strike a tree or make a thin wedge shot. Even a well-struck wedge shot may cause some issues over time. If your softball gets damaged, you should replace it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, your performance would take a hit, and you would struggle to score low during the game. Many professionals change their golf balls during the game to ensure great performance. You should do the same if you want to play at your best.

Q.2) Which golf ball is the most forgiving?

Before we answer this question, it is important to clarify what makes a golf ball forgiving. There are generally four factors that impact the forgiveness of a golf ball. These include:

  • Construction

Golf balls are available in one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and even five-piece constructions. However, two-piece, three-piece, and four-piece models are the most popular. One-piece golf balls are made as one solid sphere, and they generally generate more spin and less travel distance. They aren’t too durable. Multi-layer golf balls have more layers, which is why they give more spin. Out of all multi-layer golf balls, two-piece models are ideal for mid to high handicap golfers.

  • Dimples

With more dimples, you’ll cover more distance and lift the golf ball with more ease. Deeper dimples also help increase the distance.

  • Compression

Mid and high handicap golfers generally prefer less compressed golf balls as they have less control over their swing. Low compression allows better performance even during weak hits or mishits.

  • Spin

Skilled players prefer golf balls with high spin. However, beginners generally have problems controlling a high-spin golf ball. A low-spin golf ball is easier to control and more likely to go straight, which makes it an ideal option for high and mid-handicap golfers.

Based on the factors discussed above, the most forgiving golf ball is the Srixon Soft Feel Men’s Golf Balls, Prior Generation. This is a two-piece ball with a compression rating of 60. Golfers with slower swing speeds can greatly benefit from this ball. It delivers higher launch, improved distance, and minimal sidespin, which makes it more forgiving than any other golf ball in our list.

Q.2) How are golf balls for mid and high handicappers any different from normal ones?

Golf balls are designed for players of different skill levels. Manufacturers focus on various aspects of golf when making balls. Some golf balls offer more distance, while others are designed to give more spin. Most mid and high handicappers struggle to improve their skills, which is why they need special golf balls. Golf balls made for these types of golfers are designed to reach longer distances and generate less spin. They are thus different from golf balls made for professionals that generate more spin and normal distance.

Q.3) How the performance of a golf ball is affected by covers?

Covers play an important role in the performance of a golf ball. Surlyn cover gives straighter and lower flights to the ball while urethane cover increases the backspin. Thus, golf balls made with Surlyn cover are ideal for mid and high handicappers, while those made with urethane cover are suitable for low handicap golfers.

Q.4) Does the golf ball’s spin rate impact shots?

Yes, it certainly does. If the ball’s spin rate is too high, it won’t easily travel long distances, and you will have to put more power into the swing. Hence, balls with high-spin aren’t ideal for mid and high handicap golfers.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed some of the best golf balls for mid to high handicappers. Now pick a ball that you think would be right for you. When making a decision to buy a golf ball, consider the factors we listed earlier, including type, budget, construction, cover, distance, dimples, and spin. This would help you make the right choice. With the right golf ball in your arsenal, you would see an improvement in your game, and you would be able to score low. In case you have any questions about the products listed here or if something is unclear, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to help you out.

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