Best Golf Balls for Amateur Golfers

Although golf is not as inclusive as a lot of other sports, it is prevalent around the world. Even if you are not a professional golfer, it is a favorite game among business people, politicians, and professional athletes who play other sports as well. It is a gentleman’s game that finds its origins in 15th century Scotland. The modern version of the game and how it is played originated in the country. Its origins, however, are often debated among historians.

Regardless of whether you believe it was the Roman game of paganica or the ancient Chinese game of chuiwan that led to the creation of golf as we know it, the game today is adored by so many. Playing golf is not as easy as professionals make it look like on TV. It takes a lot of practice, technique, using the right equipment for the game.

Without the right equipment, you cannot improve your skills. If you are starting in golf or you have been playing casually for a while, but you just cannot seem to get the hang of it, there is a chance you might not be using the right equipment.

You might not know it, but choosing the right kind of golf ball can make a huge difference in your game. The type of golf ball you play with influences the distance it can travel, its trajectory when you hit it, and the overall quality of your experience. For those of you new to the game, it is essential to find the best amateur golf balls so you can play with something that matches your skill level.

Getting the best amateur golf ball can be a lengthy process. There are so many designs in the market, and with advanced technology, there are plenty of variances in golf balls. The golf balls today can fly for much longer and travel further than those used previously. Golf is an exciting game once you get the hang of it, and if you get good at it, there is little else that you would want to do.

If you are stumped about how to choose the best amateur golf ball, we have you covered. We have researched and used a lot of the top golf balls for amateurs to give you a list of the six best products out there. We have reviewed each of the golf balls to provide you with a clear idea:

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We understand that you might be short on time, and you cannot read the whole guide. This is why before we get into the list of all the best amateur golf balls in detail, we will take a look at the top pick for the best amateur golf balls from all the products we have reviewed to create this guide. TaylorMade is a top manufacturer of golf balls, and its Distance Plus golf balls make the perfect choice for beginners who want to make the most of the experience of playing golf.

There are many reasons why we love this golf ball. It was specifically engineered to deliver you a better distance with your shots when you need to hit the ball long. The golf ball uses TaylorMade’s proprietary materials innovated by the company for high-performance golf balls, and it costs a lot less than most golf balls in the market. The best thing about it is that it gives you the same distance as golf balls that cost twice as much.

Read on to get a full review of the TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball and many more so you can make the most informed purchase decision for the best golf ball for amateurs.

Best Golf Balls for Amateur Golfers - Reviews

A product by TaylorMade is perfect to start the list of the best amateur golf balls. The manufacturer creates products that cater to the needs of golfers of every skill level, and the Distance Plus is a quintessential addition to the arsenal of a beginner looking to hit the golf ball for greater distances. We are going to look at some of the attractive features of this golf ball, which make it our top pick for amateur golfers.

First of all, the construction quality is phenomenal for a ball within its price range. With half the cost of other high-performance golf balls by top manufacturers, you get the result the same as premium golf balls. The TaylorMade Distance Plus uses the company's lothane cover that offers you greater control over the greens. The main feature is its incredible distance, which it owes to the 60 ball compression and the 342 dimple design.

These golf balls do not cost a lot, so you can easily afford to lose a couple of them into the lake on the golf course, but you can have plenty more to use. The budget-conscious golfer will appreciate this golf ball because it allows you to make the mistakes through its affordable price, but it does not compromise on the quality of performance.

These TaylorMade golf balls have surprisingly high durability. The design of the ball from its material to the number of dimples allow you to get great distances. Even if you have a swing speed as slow as 90mph, the two-piece construction has enough compression to promote higher distance and spin rates. It is the perfect entry-level product that will help you improve your game. Since it is USGA approved, you can even use this as a mid or low handicapper for tour games as well.


  • High golf ball compression at 60
  • A greater flight on the ball due to greater dimple count
  • Forgiving when it comes to the force of impact
  • Gets you great distance with every shot even at low swing speeds
  • Availability in different colors allow you to spot it better especially when there are a lot of leaves


  • Golfers with very high swing speeds might feel that they can lose distance due to 60 compression

The second entry on the list of the best amateur golf balls is the Wilson Staff Elite Golf Ball pack of 12. This is a pack of brand new golf balls made by Wilson Staff, and it is an impressive package consisting of two-layered balls that strike a balance between high greenside spin and lower driver spin. Wilson Staff is one of the top manufacturers of golf balls, and we think this model is the best for beginner golfers.

The name Elite suggests that this is a golf ball that professionals are more likely to use. We found that amateurs and pros alike will like a lot of the qualities that these golf balls have. The Wilson Staff Elite offers you higher along with a quick stop once they hit the grass. The lower driver spin is offset by the high green turn to create the right balance between feel and distance. The rubber core facilitates the soft feel and the greenside spin. The cover provides the lower drive spin that gets you the acceleration you want from the golf ball.

If you want to get a reasonable distance in your shot without having to make a lot of effort, this is the golf ball to get. The Wilson Staff is one of the first set of 50 compression balls. You can rest knowing that with this packet, you are getting some of the highest quality golf balls in the market right now.

We think this is a great model for amateur golfers since it can help you get your confidence levels up as you start the game. The amount of distance you can get from these balls, thanks to the balance of the outer cover and inner core, works well with the soft feel of the ball — professionals looking to increase their distance love using these golf balls. There are four different color options to choose from with this.


  • Highly responsive cover
  • Softer feel when you make contact with the ball
  • A highly durable set of 12 golf balls
  • Four different colors to choose from


  • Not very good off the tee
  • Roll is not as good as some higher-end golf balls
  • Yellow-colored balls are hard to spot in leaves

Perhaps one of the most annoying things about Callaway Golf is that the manufacturer never publishes the compression rating of the golf balls that they produce. That, of course, does not take away from the fact that their products do offer phenomenal performance for their purposes. When it comes to the best amateur golf balls, the Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls are among the ideal products you can get right now.

While we cannot guess the exact compression rating for the Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls, we can tell you through experience that it is a very soft feeling golf balls that are built for hitting much greater distances. This capability for the golf balls come in very handy for beginner level golfers with low swing speeds who want to come up to par with better players. There are many features in this model that enable it to give you a high-quality performance.

These golf balls are made using Callaway's three-layered construction. This allowed the manufacturer to rely more on the core of the ball to generate higher lift and greater distances. The cover's composition in the Superhot Bold provides for a more significant reduction on the spin during full shots and maximizes the range. The HEX dimple pattern is more aerodynamic, which reduces in-flight drag for the golf balls, resulting in a much higher trajectory and increased lift.

The Callaway Superhot Bold Matte Golf balls also come in a range of colors that can help you get better visibility on the ball, and the matte finish reduces the glare that helps you as you are lining up your swing. This is a quintessential golf ball for beginners who are looking to increase the distances with each swing and improve their skills.


  • HEX dimple pattern reduces the drag and increases the lift on the ball
  • Softer core allows for higher lift
  • Cover composition reduces the spin and brings down in-flight drag to enable the ball to carry further
  • A decent compression will allow you to get greater distance with slower swing speeds


  • The matte finish of the ball makes it difficult to take out of the pocket
  • Some colors can be challenging to spot in leaves

The fourth entry on the list of the best amateur golf balls comes in as one of the most affordable you can get as well. The Strata Voodoo Golf Balls are the ideal golf ball for the beginner who just wants to get a handle of the techniques used in the game as well as get a fantastic distance on each strike. It is no surprise that Strata named this golf ball the Voodoo because it will help you strike the ball for much longer distances.

The Callaway Strata Voodoo Golf Balls came out in 2018, and they do not cost you a lot. You can get a brand new packet for an excellent price. If you see anything with the name Callaway on it and you are getting it for a low price point, it should be reason enough to buy it. The unique thing about the Strata Voodoo is that it is something you cannot pass up the opportunity on. The Voodoo balls have a softer core and a durable cover that work together to offer you a greater distance with the shots you take.

When it comes to the looks, the Strata Voodoo golf balls seem like pretty much any regular golf ball. The white cover, on closer inspection, shows you the unique cross-bones logo that Callaway has for its Strata Voodoo golf balls. A lot of beginner golfers like the ball due to the soft feel they have.

From the reviews we have read by existing customers for the Strata Voodoo by Callaway, it is one of the best performing products out there for amateur golfers. The more seasoned golfers might enjoy getting their hands on the Voodoo as a practice ball. The decent performance of these golf balls for amateurs makes them ideal for a little practice without the worry of losing a few due to their affordable price.


  • Durable and long-lasting golf balls
  • Allows you to get a remarkable distance with each shot
  • Fetches a very affordable price
  • Conform to all USGA rules so it can be used for league play
  • Soft to the touch when making the impact


  • Does not offer you the highest flight trajectory

What would be more amazing as a beginner in the game of golf than to get a golf ball that enhances your performance and can allow you to play with a tour-level golf ball? Srixon has made the Q-Star Tour golf ball that can offer amateur golfers the ability to compete at a tour-level thanks to features that help them get their game up even with slower swing speeds.

The claims are significant with this golf ball, and we put the golf ball to the test to see if they were right. Srixon’s Q-Star Tour Golf Balls certainly did not disappoint. The ball has a design to provide an enormous distance for golfers who have a 75 to 95 mph swing speed. It does not compromise on the greenside spin and allows you to retain better control over the ball for enhanced accuracy. It is a lower compression ball, but the overall feel of it is softer than most.

The feel with this golf ball around the greens and off the driver is much better than what you can come to expect from a golf ball in its price range. Surprisingly, the ball is quite soft off the putter as well. The ball is smooth enough to reduce its in-flight drag to get you greater distances. When you are using the driver and iron to hit the ball hard, it does have a forgiving force of impact for your hands, but it does not feel as soft as hitting a marshmallow. It is a perfect balance.

The three-tier construction of the ball features a soft rubber core that is easier for the golfer to compress with slower swing speeds. The ball springs off the face with greater force without compromising on the distance if you hit it with higher swing speed.


  • Soft rubber core enhances compression for greater distances
  • Has ideal softness to make the full swing and force of impact smoother
  • Aerodynamic speed dimples create more significant lift for better distance
  • Has a more penetrating flight in varying wind conditions


  • Golfers with very high swing speeds have found that the compression makes them lose distance with their shots

Similar to Srixon’s Q-Star, their Z-Star golf balls are also a popular product by the manufacturer that is making big waves among amateur golfers. The XV Golf Balls, in particular, are what we found to be useful for golfers who have started playing the game and want to take their game to another level. There are plenty of reasons why this golf ball makes it to the list of the best amateur golf balls.

Golfers who have already used the previous Z-star golf balls will find that Srixon has not changed a lot with the XV models in how they look, but there is definitely a better feel with these golf balls compared to their predecessor model. This golf ball has a 338-speed dimple design that allows the ball to reduce its in-flight drag and get a higher flight for farther distances with every shot compared to previous models. A particular feature that we like is the 4th Generation Spin Skin with SeRMA coating that maximizes the level of control and creates spin without creating drag.

The reduced drag and dimple design also allow the ball to fly straighter through the air despite high wind conditions. The golf ball has a very high compression of 102 that provides amateur golfers to get a significant bit of distance with slower swing speed. The XV has a straighter flight, which does affect its ability to drop and stop, but the right amount of spin can get you the control you need for more accurate shots over long distances.

I think that the Z-Star XV makes an acceptable entry on the list of the best amateur golf balls while it may not be able to provide as great an experience as other models. Srixon has set a higher standard for its products thanks to the Z-Star XV golf balls that give a softer feel with a maximum spin for great distances.


  • Produces high rpm during flight for greater distances
  • Reduces in-flight drag due to high-speed dimple design
  • SeRMA coating allows for higher compression
  • 4-piece construction creates a more efficient flight
  • Affordable price for 4-piece golf ball construction


  • Slightly more expensive than most other products in the guide

Best Golf Balls for Amateur Golfers - Buyers Guide

Now that you know about the six best amateur golf balls, here is some information that we think will help you find the right pick to meet your needs.

The Importance of Finding the Right Golf Ball

Finding the right golf ball will help you get consistently longer drivers, improved stopping power with the wedges, and better control over the distances with each club in your bag. Premium quality golf balls offer distinct layers that help create club separation, which can make a difference to your game.

Choosing The Right Golf Ball Within Your Budget

Some golf balls are more expensive than others.  It is essential to get the right golf ball, but that does not mean you should go for the most expensive one there is. When you decide on a golf ball, it is important to stick by it so you can understand it better and improve your game. The budget-conscious player will keep in mind that there is a possibility of losing golf balls during play. You should go for golf balls that can be replaced easily without causing too much of a financial strain on your pocket.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Amateur Golf Balls

Let us take a look at the elements you need to consider when you are looking for the best amateur golf ball.


The construction quality of the golf ball is the first and foremost factor to consider when you are looking at your options. The way the ball has been constructed determines how the ball will interact when you hit it with your favorite golf club. The most basic golf balls are one-piece golf balls. Beginners use them, but professional golfers stay away from them because they do not offer a lot in terms of enhancing their performance to the top level.

These golf balls are made from Surlyn, a material that gives them a low compression. It is challenging to hit one-piece golf balls over long distances. Two-piece golf balls are preferred a lot more than the one-piece golf balls even by amateur golfers because they are both durable and offer the ability to travel longer distances. The core is made mostly of plastic, and it provides a decent enough compression for the amateur golfer.

The three-piece golf balls are increasingly common among golfers. They have an outer cover and two cores. The outer core is mostly made of plastic, while the inner core is either rubber or liquid. The core spin created by the two cores allows the golf ball to cover significantly longer distances.

Similarly, four-piece golf balls offer more layers within the golf balls, and each golf ball layer enhances the ability of the golf ball to serve a specific purpose. With the layers in a four-piece golf ball, you can expect the top layer to offer more explosive distance, the inner layer to transfer energy to the core of the ball, the middle cover for a mid-iron spin, and the outer cover to give you a feel of the ball.

The construction also accounts for brand names. Sticking to golf balls made by top brands, if their products are within your range, can allow you to get a better start at playing the game. If you start off playing the game with poorly made golf balls, it can tarnish your overall experience.

We have mentioned golf balls above that do not include one-piece products, but there are two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and the possibility of five-piece golf balls in the sets that we have reviewed. Choose a golf ball that you feel will be able to provide you the kind of distance and overall experience you expect with how it is constructed.


There are different types of spin capabilities in different golf balls. With low spin golf balls, you can expect the ball to fly straighter through the air. This is because the lower level of spin reduces the side spin of the shorts. The balls are also more likely to roll better on the ground because they do not have spin. The mid spin golf balls, on the other hand, offer you a good bit of distance. They are more likely to be softer, and their spin can create lift, allowing the golf ball to travel in an upward trajectory before coming downward. Similarly, higher spin balls are going to generate a greater level of lift and carry a longer distance than mid or low spin balls.


When a golf ball is struck with a club, it may experience a slight change in shape due to the force of the impact. This is called compression, which is when a golf ball deflects by more than 5mm, and 200 compression on a golf ball means no compression at all. The lower the compression the ball has, the softer it is. Smaller compression golf balls allow you to hit the golf ball at a longer distance for a particular amount of power. Similarly, the higher the compression it has, the better control you can have over the range you strike the ball.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of golf ball models that you can buy, and each of them offers a wide range of features that can impact your overall experience. The best way for you to understand which kind of golf ball is going to suit your style of play is by getting a few golf balls to try out and get a feel of the game.

Other options provide you with variety, and we have also included specific golf ball models for amateur golfers who want to invest in a pack of golf balls that can facilitate a more consistent game.

After reading this detailed guide, we are confident that you have all the information you need to make the best purchase decision for your specific needs.

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