Best Golf Balls For Seniors

Let’s face it – as we get older, we aren’t as agile as we were when we were young. Yet, if you live and breathe the game of golf, age is but a number. We don’t want to let age stop us from hitting a hole in ones the same way we did in our twenties, and rightly so.

Nevertheless, sometimes things change as we get older – we’re subject to the natural changes presented by age. In golf, these changes that need to be accounted for in our equipment. 

There are many ways we can make our game just as good as it was when we were younger. One such way is changing the type of golf ball we use to account for the changes that come with ageing. 

Finding a ball that accounts for potentially slower swing speed and for visibility may be one small step in greatly improving your game. 

Here are our top picks for the best golf balls for seniors!

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Best Golf Balls For Seniors - Reviews

Do you want a golf ball that can measure up to the competition, offering fantastic distance? The TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball may just be your best friend!

With its 60 compression Burner React core, this golf ball is especially soft and will perform exceptionally on the green. 

The ionomer cover of this ball makes it ultra-durable for that extra longevity and is especially responsive in its short game in addition to its long game, with impeccable control. 

The two-piece ball combines great distance with great control, so it is an overall great option no matter what you’re looking for. 

Though not exactly the biggest priority, the two-piece construction makes the ball have a great sound in addition to the soft feel. The ball has low spin and travels straight for extra accuracy, and is well-suited to seniors with slower swing speed. 

The dimple pattern of the TaylorMade Burner Golf Ball also aids with flight and ball control. It’s great off the tee and performs well with both its short and long game. 

It’s a little more pricey than some of the other options on the list, but it’s worth the cost for a ball that will do you wonders on the green and from a distance.

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  • 60 compression makes the ball soft and has a great feel, making the ball fun to play with
  • Durable
  • Suited to players with a slower swing speed


  • Slightly more expensive than some others on the list

This ball is a total MUST HAVE if control is what you’re looking for. The Srixon Q Star, from global superstore golf brand Srixon, is the perfect ball regardless of circumstance.

Practice? Check! A friendly game? Check! Professional? Ding ding ding  - we’ve got a winner!

Though we emphasise the control, that’s not to say that this ball is lacking in the spin department. Though its spin may be reduced from some other balls out there it’s fantastic in windy weather and still hits a good level of distance. 

Its low compression makes it a great, soft ball which feels phenomenal. It also has a urethane cover that is incredibly durable! The ball achieves an impeccable long game performance whilst also maintaining a zippy and agile short game. 

What makes this ball even better? For what it offers, this ball is impressively affordable without compromising in any way on quality. 

The Srixon Q Star Golf Ball even comes in two color options for choice – yellow and white, though for visibility purposes it may be worth considering the yellow. 

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  • Great control
  • Travels far
  • Low compression
  • Durable urethane cover
  • Works well in windy weather


  • Only two color options

Perhaps the biggest selling point of the Chromax Metallic M5 Colored Golf Ball is – you guessed it – the metallic color!

This ball is a dream come true if you struggle to see your golf ball in low lights. The ball is highly visible due to its striking vibrant colors, making it perfect for those of us with sight impairment issues and for the winter weather and its added environmental obscurities. 

Some of its colors include yellow, blue, green, pink, orange and silver. Though not a well-known brand, this ball from Chromax is leading the way in the visuals department. 

The ball is not, however, all looks and no substance. With a sturdy surlyn cover, this golf ball is tough to damage, making it incredibly durable. Furthermore, it also has a great soft feel. The ball achieves great distance due to the dimple design. 

The only potential downside is that the different colors may cause the ball to have a lack of accuracy.

Overall, this is a unique looking ball that boasts great distance and performance, all for an incredibly affordable price. A bargain? You betcha! 


  • Plenty of metallic color options for ease of visibility, especially in low lights
  • Durable surlyn cover
  • Soft feel
  • Affordable


  • The lack of colors may contribute to a lack of accuracy

Another ball with fabulously fun colors to match an exquisite performance, the MG Golf Ball is definitely one to try.

This ball travels a long (with extra added ‘o’s for emphasis) way and is designed specifically for those golfers who prioritize distance above all else. 

If your swing speed is getting slower as you get older, this ball will help you achieve those oh-so-important extra yards that you may have lost past your youth. The ball comes in yellow, pink and white versions too, so they’re easy to notice. 

The ball sounds great when it meets the clubhead, too. The all so satisfying sound of that hole in one can really be achieved with this genius little golf ball. Not only that, but this one has added props for durability – this ball will stand the test of time. 

Furthermore, it feels excellent when you hit it. You can tell just how much distance this ball achieves – the USGA may not allow this ball in some professional tournaments. 

The MG Golf Ball is designed with the senior in mind, and much like the player using it, it’s not to be taken lightly. This is an excellent golf ball to really optimize your game – just don’t use it in a professional tournament! 


  • Plenty of bright color options
  • Achieves good distance
  • Sounds great upon impact
  • Good for lower swing speeds


  • May be banned in some USGA professional tournaments

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are a big name in golfing – these golf balls are simply a player’s dream.

This golf ball is a jack of all trades that will assist in achieving your optimum golfing performance and experience. With commendable distance and a soft feel to boot, these golf balls are a fantastic choice for an enjoyable game.

The low drag aerodynamic technology with this ball aids in flight with a lower spin rate, so it achieves a great distance on longer shots. This is ideal for the senior who may have a lower swing speed. 

The zero compression core comes with the addition of an oh-so-soft cover that feels great and is incredibly resilient. Furthermore, its compression is only at 38, an incredibly low compression that assists in its performance. 

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball is a great performer regardless of weather too, so if the greens are a bit muddy one day you needn’t worry too much. 

The ball comes in orange, pink and white color options, so it's extra visible. It’s also incredibly affordable for all the things it offers, so this is a steal that you totally MUST try! 


  • Good all around performance
  • Achieves a great distance due to low drag aerodynamic technology
  • Works in different weather conditions
  • Three highly visible color options


  • The ball may feel a little too soft upon impact with driver

Best Golf Balls for Seniors - Buyers Guide

What changes for older golfers?

As we reach our older years, it’s often the case that we reduce our clubhead speed. Naturally, this reduces the contact speed with the golf ball too. 

In this case, seek out a golf ball that assists with slower swing speed. This is something we’ve also prioritized on this list, so you don’t need to look too far!


There are a few questions we need to ask ourselves as golfers as we get older. With a slower swing speed on average, our main concern is ‘Can I reach the same distance I used to?’ 

From there, you may ask ‘will my golf ball aid in helping me hit the same distance as previously?’ and ‘how will my slower clubhead speed impact the ball when I hit it?’

If this is the case for you, finding a ball that will help you gain those coveted extra yards is a huge bonus. 

Look for a ball that aids with both distance and control – especially consider a ball that has a lower spin rate for a maximum distance. A ball made of surlyn should tick all the right boxes in this regard!

So how does spin speed affect my distance?

This one is an easy-peasey one to understand! There are three kinds of spin speeds:

Lower Spin

This is your best option if you want more control on the green. The downside is they don’t travel as far in the air. 

Medium Spin

These are your middle ground between high and low spin balls. These would suit someone with a slightly higher swing speed. 

High Spin

High spin balls are the ticket to a fast travelling ball, but this comes with the expense of less control. If you hit the ball right to left and drawback, this would also be a good option for you. 

So, to summarize, a lower spin speed golf ball means more control. If the ball is solely designed to account for distance, chances are it won’t perform as well on the greens as it will spin more. 

Ball Compression

A golf ball’s compression is vital to how it performs. A ball with lower compression will get more distance off the tee with a lower swing speed. With this is mind, a ball with lower compression is the ideal for seniors.

Medium compression balls are aimed at more advanced players. So if you are more advanced and have a reduced swing speed, this may still be an option for you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a ball’s compression is also related to the temperature in its environment. A ball will feel different in Winter than it will in Summer and so it will alter how it performs. In this case, it may be worth considering a different ball for the winter months

Your game is impacted a lot by the ball you choose, as we’ve said previously. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when selecting a golf ball is if you should choose a hard or soft golf ball, and this ties in with the control you have over the ball, much like with the spin speed we just covered.

A softer ball may have a good feel, but what else does it mean for your game?

A softer ball will generally have a lower spin rate but the ball will yield more control. So while the ball may not travel as far as a ball with higher spin speed, it will play significantly better around the green, a crucial factor for that final put into the hole. Harder golf balls aren’t as common anymore, with manufacturers opting for a softer feeling ball. With that being said, harder balls may travel farther, but have less control.

The soft or firmness of a ball is also impacted by the cover of the ball. 

The cover of your golf ball

The biggest thing that impacts the price of a golf ball is the outer cover of the ball. This is not for any unwarranted reasons – it’s incredibly important to your game what the cover is made of.

A ball made with the highest standard of materials can add extra distance and remove a couple of points from your score around the greens as a result. A better material ultimately equals better distance and better feel. While you may be paying more money, you’re also paying for better performance. 

The main covers are urethane and surlyn (ionomer). Usually, urethane is more expensive while surlyn is cheaper. Each has material has its own unique qualities, you will just need to try them out to find what’s best for you. 

If you’re a senior player, as a general rule it may be best to find a softer golf ball that allows you to utilize your greenside skills but still provides plenty of distance. 

The dimples on the ball also add another layer of complexity to consider. The dimples on the golf ball can be manipulated by the ball manufacturer to change the level of control you will get with the ball, and the dimples can alter the aerodynamics. 

The dimples reduce the ball’s drag in the air and create a lift, allowing it to travel farther.  You may find that a certain manufacturer has managed to give a harder ball more control and feel simply by playing around with the dimple design. 


With age comes a higher chance of vision impairments and other issues. As a rule, it’s always worthwhile looking into golf balls that can be seen more easily, especially during the Fall and Winter months when leaves, snow and boggy weather will make it more difficult to see where the ball has landed. 

When you struggle with visibility in general though, this consideration becomes a much higher priority. Yellows, oranges, pinks and greens are especially visible due to their colors standing out easily, so why not try a ball in one of those colors? 

Other considerations


Naturally, if you’re buying golf balls, you don’t want your wallet to take a hit for balls that won’t last. Ensure that the ball you purchase is very durable. Always check your balls for cuts and gashes as this means they are on their way out. It is at this point you will need to consider a new golf ball. 


At the end of the day, all we really want is a ball that will perform well and last a long time. This, of course, will come at a price. Generally, a ball made of surlyn(ionomer) will be cheaper than a ball made of urethane, but the urethane cover would provide extra performance enhancements. Another thing that will increase the price margin is the ball’s construction. The more layers and enhancements a golf ball has, the more it will cost. While there are benefits to golf balls with more ‘pieces’, you need to consider how they will impact your wallet. Still, it all comes down to what you prefer to personally play with.

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