Best Golf Balls For Women

As golfers, we all want to improve our game for optimum impact. In order to do that, however, we often need to account for our unique differences that change how we hit the golf ball.

As women tend to have a slower swing speed, looking for a golf ball that accounts for this is vital to ensuring that your game performance is the best it possibly can be.

By accounting for factors such as compression, spin speed and the materials the golf balls are made of, your game can reach its peak performance with the right equipment.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best golf balls for your game!

Here are our picks for the best golf balls for women.

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Best Golf Balls For Women - Reviews

The Bridgestone brand is well known for creating high quality golfing gear that performs excellently on the green and in the air. They’re also one of the leading manufacturers of ladies golf equipment out there.

The Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept Golf Balls are incredibly soft and have a great design that allows the ball to travel far.

The larger than usual core of this ball ensures that it has a good level of control while also providing a decent distance. The core is thinner too which helps it to generate more lift, allowing for much longer shots.

The 330 dimple design gives the ball a soft feel whilst also feeling light upon impact. It also fits beginners and above so it’s quite versatile, with low compression, two-piece construction and a sturdy ionomer cover.

This ball comes in 3 colors: yellow, pink and white. These colors will allow the ball to be easily seen on the green and as a result, have fantastic visibility and really express the player’s personality.

Furthermore, the Bridgestone Golf Lady Precept is incredibly affordable so it won’t make a huge dent in the wallet.

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  • Good control
  • Soft feel
  • Low compression
  • Durable


  • Limited colors in comparison to other golf balls for women

The Callaway Supersoft Golf ball is renowned for being one of the softest golf balls out there. As a result of this, it’s a great pick for a lady with a lower swing speed.

Their great control and mighty distance make this ball really stand out as one of Callaway’s best.

A jack of all trades, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are incredibly versatile, suiting both women and men at all stages of their golfing journey. Its 38 compression core allows the ball to travel far with lower impact from slower swing speeds.

Its ionomer cover also makes the ball extra durable and affordable. They may not be the best fit for you if you prefer a firmer feeling ball. The ball also has a decent greenside spin, and excellent trajectory that allows it to reach high in the air.

The ball flies straight for good control. It also makes a good winter ball due to its low compression and soft feel.

In addition, the Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball comes in four bright colors – green, orange, pink and red. This makes it stand out on the green and is highly visible. It’s incredibly affordable for a fantastic ball that contributes to an enjoyable game.

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  • Extra soft
  • 38 compression
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Not a great fit if you prefer a firer feeling ball

This ball has a fantastic trajectory, reaching excellent heights and travelling an insane amount of distance as a result. The 328 dimple design aids in adding distance, as if it didn’t already travel far enough.

From a reputable brand leading the way in new, swanky golf technology, the Titelist Velocity Golf Balls are a fabulous choice for women.

The two-piece construction consists of a LFX Core that contributes to greater velocity and helps to control your short game better. For this reason, it works incredibly well on the green. The NAZ+ cover also helps to keep the ball’s speed during flight and minimizes spin.

The Titleist Velocity Golf Balls are very suitable for beginners and are actually one of the best for amateur colfers.

This ball falls short on color options, however. There are very limited options to choose from, though it if all you need is a classic white that isn’t an issue.

Overall, this ball is definitely a penny saver that provides a great performance.


  • Achieves good distance
  • Soft feel
  • Affordable


  • Limited color options

The Srixon Soft Feel Lady Golf Ball has versions both for women and for men. With a soft 60 compression core, this ball is a great performer across the board.

This ball consists of a thin, soft ionomer cover that is durable and helps with control. The 344 dimple pattern aids with longer flight and is incredibly aerodynamic.

It is designed with women specifically in mind so it encourages a higher trajectory and has a soft feel due to the Energetic Gradient Core.

It has a strange muffled sound off the clubface though, but this is a minor issue in comparison to all its good qualities. The 60 compression also adds to a great distance for a slower swing speed.

It only comes in pink and white so not many options to consider, but it’s an affordable ball worth taking for a spin around the greens.


  • Durable cover
  • Soft feel
  • Good trajectory due to 344 dimple design


  • Strange muffled sound off the clubface

Having trouble locating your golf balls on the greens? Not to fear, the Volvik Crystal Golf Balls are here! These little golf balls come in 7 striking color options: assorted, green, orange, pink, ruby, white and yellow.

These golf balls are definitely not lacking in the visibility department.

Although the colors are a huge plus for the Volvik Crystal Golf Balls, they are not all beauty and no brains. These golf balls come armed with some impressive tech. The ball is very durable and will last a long time.

The ball consists of a three-piece construction that attributes to better control. The hard inner core makes for easy striking with a soft outer core for ultimate accuracy. The ball is well suited to golfers with a swing speed of between 60 to 95 miles per hour so it works wonders for most women.

The ball provides extra flight and heightened trajectory because of its 322 octahedron dimple pattern. The ball performs well on the greens and has decent control.

These balls are a little pricey, but for such a great quality ball that ticks all the boxes, it’s worth giving up those few extra dollars.


  • Incredibly visible
  • Variety of colors
  • Great for golfers with a lower swing speed
  • Performs well in the air and on the greens.


  • Expensive

The Titleist DT TruSoft, as you may have guessed, is an excellent ball for that soft feel many golfers seek. With a lower compression level, this ball has an excellent trajectory and will travel through the air for some distance without any issues, and is even more impressive in windy weather.

It has an excellent aerodynamic performance so this ball is particularly helpful for your long game.

When utilised with the driver, the Titleist DT TruSoft offers considerable distance. It also works well on the green and despite its soft feel, the ball is firm enough to provide decent feedback upon impact with the golf club.

This ball has an ionomer cover, however, so the highly coveted urethane of most premium balls isn’t present here, but it is incredibly durable. The material is still of high quality however and performs excellently.

The enhanced dimples on this ball make up for the speed loss from not using urethane. It has an impressive performance on the greens too.

Overall, this ball is listed at a competitive price and offers a premium performance you won’t be disappointed with at an affordable price.


  • Good performance with a driver
  • Great distance
  • Performs well in crosswinds
  • Affordable


  • The ionomer cover means that it may not travel as far as one with urethane

Do you need a little more color in your life? Well, the MG Golf Ball won’t let you down. This ball travels quite  a distance!

If your swing speed is lower as a women, this ball will help you to reach that extra distance you may not be able to reach with a slower swing speed. The ball comes in yellow, pink and white versions too, so they’re pretty visible

The ball makes a great sound upon impact with the clubhead. Not only that, but this golf ball has added props for durability – this ball will last a good few rounds before kicking the bucket.

Furthermore, it has a great soft feel upon impact. The only issue is that this ball has sometimes been banned in USGA professional tournaments due to its sheer outrageously good distance.

The MG golf ball is a fantastic fit for a woman, and much like the player using it, it’s a ball that should not be underestimated. This is an excellent golf ball to really optimize your game and reach those few extra yards.  


  • Plenty of bright color options
  • Achieves good distance
  • Sounds great upon impact
  • Good for lower swing speeds


  • May be banned in some USGA professional tournaments

Best Golf Balls for Women - Buyers Guide

Swing Speed

Women generally have a slower swing speed than men, ranging from 60-70 miles per hour. This is also affected by the golf clubs designed for men which are usually heavier and help to gain speed.

Nevertheless, you’ll need to select a golf ball that accounts for a lower swing speed and helps make up the lost distance.


If you’re a female golfer, the best thing to look out for in a golf ball is more control rather than distance. That isn’t to say you won’t find a fantastic golf ball that accounts for both a great distance and control.

Many of our picks on this list travel far while still maintaining great control and accuracy.


With a slower swing speed, many women find that they struggle with getting an adequate flight on their golf ball. There are many golf balls out there that take this into consideration and have dimple patterns that account for enhanced aerodynamic qualities.


Upon impact with the ball, you should get a good feel. This largely comes down to personal preference – do you prefer a firm or soft ball?

Many golf balls offer a middle ground between the two. It’s worth trying out a couple of different golf balls to get a feel for what you prefer for an enjoyable game.


Perhaps one of the most important considerations when considering buying a new golf ball, compression rate has a huge impact on the feel and performance of the golf ball.

Many women’s golf balls have a lower compression rate, meaning that you won’t have to hit the ball as hard to get a good distance.

If you’re a more advanced player though, you may want to consider a medium or high compression golf ball for further distance but be aware that this can sometimes come at the expense of less control.

If you need a softer feel and a ball that will go the distance, look for a ball between 45-70 compression. Another thing to be mindful of is that a ball’s compression is impacted by the weather, so in colder weather, the ball will be impacted.


The dimples on the ball are also extra important for women. Golf ball dimples reduce the ball’s drag in the air and increase the lift which allows it to travel much further through the air. Even with a slower club swing, the dimples and compression together will help you to reach a greater distance.


There are three types of spin on a golf ball that impacts how it performs:

Lower Spin

A great option for better control, balls with lower spin will be easier to control. Low spin balls don’t travel as far as the air, so if you choose a ball with lower spin you will also need to consider compression and dimple design which will allow them to travel further.

Medium Spin

These would be a good fit if your swing speed is slightly higher, but this ball is a middle ground between high and low spin balls.

High Spin

Though this ball comes with less control, the ball travels ridiculously far. If you hit the ball right to left and drawback, this would also be a good option for you.

It’s recommended for women to choose a ball with low spin as it’s easier to control.


Golf balls come in all different forms, shapes and sizes, but one thing to consider is the ball’s construction. The more layers a ball has in its construction, the more technologically advanced it is and consequently, the more it costs.

Most women golf balls are two-piece, so they only have two layers and the outer layer is usually made of surlyn.

Two-piece balls are easier to hit and travel a significant distance but may perform worse on the greens, so you will need to check what other qualities your golf ball has.

Other considerations


There’s no use in buying a golf ball that doesn’t last, right? If you’re going to be spending the megabucks on a golf ball, you’d best find something that can withstand a significant number of rounds.

As you play the game, check the golf balls for nicks and gashes as playing with damaged golf balls will not improve your performance – quite the opposite! Make sure before buying that your golf balls are made of good quality, durable materials that won’t break after just one round.

Finally, to ensure your golf balls last, make sure you adequately take care of them and know what conditions, i.e weather, can affect them to make them last just that little bit longer.


Golf balls are small and travel quite far. As a result, it can become very easy to lose them. It’s worth considering golf balls that come in more vibrant colors so they can be easily seen, especially during Fall and Winter.

Plus, a more colorful ball will look great on the green and you can find something that fits your color preferences.

Can I use a men’s golf ball?

There is nothing stopping you from using a golf ball ‘designed’ for men. It’s ultimately your choice and comes down to your preferences.

However, keep in mind that golf balls specifically created for women will account for a slower swing speed, so if this sounds like you then that’s something you need to take into consideration.

Women’s golf balls also can be very different in shape, size, color and construction to men’s golf balls which will impact the ball’s performance.

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