Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate

So you’ve been golfing for a while now, and maybe you’re thinking to yourself ‘hey, maybe it’s time I upgraded my golf clubs!’ 

We get you - nobody wants to perform the same. 

New equipment can give you that rejuvenated confidence when you realise that you’re not just a beginner or an amateur anymore. It’s time for an upgrade.

So now your golf game has changed, you may be wondering ‘where do I even start with finding a new set of golf clubs for my specific needs?’ 

The good news is that we’ve already thought about this for you and created this guide to the best golf clubs out there for intermediate golfers. Pretty neat, huh? 

Read on below to find out our best picks for golf club sets for intermediate golfers.

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Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate - Reviews

The Wilson Ultra Complete Golf Set is for those golfers who are just venturing into intermediate level. It’s a massive improvement to the game and has all the necessary components of a golf set. 

It’s incredibly versatile and has space to allow the golfer to add additional clubs as they improve. 

The set includes three drivers/woods, five irons, a putter and a stand bag. Each club included is designed to easily get that ball in the hole with little hassle. This set really shines in its iron set. 

The irons are a little heavy but are still consistent and cut the ground easily for a clean shot. The drivers are 460cc titanium and have a low centre of gravity that ensures optimum distance and effortless launch. 

It could easily be considered one of the stars of the beginner’s driver market right now. The set also comes in both right and left handed versions so nobody is excluded! 

The set is very well suited to intermediates and beginners alike as the set is designed with these demographics in mind. The clubs are designed to improve accuracy and aim and are incredibly forgiving. 

The only downside is that as a beginner and intermediate set there is a notably low amount of clubs in this set so you will need to buy new clubs as you develop your game. With this in mind though, it’s a steal at a very affordable price. 

You should have no problem improving your game with these.

Make sure you also check out our guide to the best golf clubs for amateurs.


  • Affordable
  • Contains the most essential clubs for an intermediate golfer
  • Putter is balanced well
  • Potentially the best intermediate drivers in the market


  • Limited number of golf clubs, so you will need to upgrade as you go

This golf club set has some pretty impressive distance off the tee for an intermediate set. The set includes nine different clubs, a complete set versatile enough to suit any intermediate player for the golf course. 

The driver is made out of titanium that has a great sweet spot that’s very forgiving on mis-hits. All driver shots deliver excellent distance with these. The set also includes two fairway wood irons, including a 3-wood and a 5-wood. These ensure that your shots rise higher. 

The clubhead of these irons is made so that the ball has extra aerodynamic impact. There are also two hybrid irons, a 4 and 5. These take the place of the long iron and provide a great performance. 

There is also a wedge and a putter, each allowing for forgiveness and control, and providing extra accuracy on shots. 

The golf clubs come in a bag to carry them all in, and it is very spacious to add any extra clubs. It even includes a stand and some extra storage pockets. It comes in left and right handed editions so it’s also inclusive.


  • 9 clubs so lots of choices ideal for beginners and intermediate players
  • Affordable
  • Good quality overall
  • Spacious bag with room for extra clubs when the golfer chooses to expand their set


  • The driver is slightly more susceptible to damage after a few rounds

This 13 piece golf set is the ideal choice for an intermediate golfer. From a well trusted brand, the Precise M5 Complete Golf Clubs Package Set is a high quality golf set that will impress right out of the bag.

This golf set includes a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, 5 irons and a putter. The titanium driver aids with swift flight and ball aerodynamics, and has a 460cc head volume. 

The fairway wood is also quite similar to the driver as far as design is concerned, and it allows you to use this club to take over from the driver for mid-range shots with impeccable distance off the tee. 

The 5 irons are varied in shape and size to provide plenty of choice for each golfing situation. Finally, the putter. The putter will allow you to make accurate shots as it feels steady in your hand. The shafts on all the woods are graphite for extra durability and work well in bad weather and don’t weather easily. 

All of this also comes with a golf bag with two-straps. It is easy to carry and has a stand for when it’s idle. It also comes with hard covers for the driver, the fairway wood and the hybrid. The pricing is varied but it’s also fairly affordable for a set that will cover all your golfing needs.


  • Ideal for beginners and intermediate golfers
  • Easy to carry golf bag with side and back straps
  • Affordable
  • Considerate of slower swing speeds


  • No sand wedge included

Our final pick on this list but by no means a pushover, this golf set provides a range of sizes for each golfer and has 14 pieces so there’s plenty of variety. The Wilson Profile XD Complete Golf Set works well with distance and control. 

The distance you reach with this set can be impacted by your swing speed so this set may be better if you have a faster swing speed. The driver has a massive power weighted head with plenty of forgiveness. 

The fairway wood has a lower connection with the ball, so it has a stronger loft and gets you out of some particularly difficult situations on the green. The hybrid is incredibly versatile and aids with a soft, high launch with a good trajectory. 

It also contains stainless steel irons for any situation, and both a pitching and sand wedge to give more spin and trajectory. Finally, the putter makes it easier to align and execute shots with great stability on the head.

All of this comes in a durable, comfortable bag with a padded top for the organisation of your clubs, keeping them safe.


  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Durable
  • Good monetary value


  • No 4 iron

Best Golf Club Set For Intermediate - Buyers Guide

So if you’re reading this guide, you may be wondering what’s influenced our decision to put each of these golf ball sets on the list. 

That’s a valid thought to have, and there are many things that go into what makes a good golf club set.

Firstly, a question. What is an intermediate golfer?

The intermediate golfer consistently breaks 100, their scores are usually dipped in the 90s range, sometimes reaching the 80s. It could be a player that hasn’t been playing for long but has a much deeper understanding of golf - they can’t be considered a beginner in this case. 

Intermediate golfers generally struggle to keep a controlled short game or may have other issues such as drier accuracy. They may also have a hard time with consistency with their distance and may waver on their shot quality. 

For whatever reason, the intermediate golfer’s performance is still a little janky, and so finding the right golf club set can be vital in encouraging good golfing practice. 

So what makes up a golf set?

Woods / Drivers

Woods or drivers are the powerhouse of the golf bag. This is where you’re likely to be unleashing the mega distance. When selecting a wood or driver, you should look at the loft of the gold club, how high is the club head so you can assess its profile and how it aligns with the ball. 

Finally, you’ll need to know how the club is assembled. The last one is a little tricky if you aren’t already familiar with how a golf club is constructed, but eventually you’ll be able to know from a glance whether a club is cheaply made and doesn’t perform well on the golf course. 


An iron set runs from numbers 1-9. A number 1 iron will provide the most distance when hit at strength. As you can imagine, as you progress through the numbers, the distance achieved will be reduced.

The iron face with the lowest loft is the 3 iron, so it hits the ball low and long. It usually reaches roughly 200 yards when hit by an experienced player who knows how to use it properly. Conversely, irons from 4 to 7 will fill in the gaps in yards, as the 9 iron won’t hit as far away, only reaching around 100 yards.

Each club will have roughly 12-15 yards difference in distance between them. 

You may be wondering about the 1 or 2 irons. You’re not all that likely to find a golf club set that includes the 1 or 2 iron. This is because these irons are specialist irons and require a decent amount of experience to use effectively. 

Often in golf club sets, you’ll find cavity-backed irons. They’re pretty common as these kinds of irons are known to improve your game. This is because these irons are designed to help easily get your golf ball in the air without a lot of sidespin, so they increase accuracy.

As a rule, when you’re looking for irons in a golf club set it’s worth considering the sole of the clubs when deciding if it’s the right fit for you. The sole is the bottom of the club, and this is the part that first touches the ground. 

When the sole is wide, the irons are easier to hit. If you’re a high handicapper, irons are a good choice for reliability when striking.


There are three kinds of wedges that are all suited to a different style of gameplay. The wedges are the sand wedge, the pitching wedge and the lob wedge. The sand wedge is the one that most players seek out, as it’s a middle ground between the pitching and lob wedge. 

It provides a good balance between the two so it’s heavily sought out. 

Need more distance? The pitching wedge is your best bet. This is because the pitching wedge has the lowest centre of gravity. If you find yourself in a bit of an awkward situation that requires more lofting, go for the lob wedge. 

Most golfers tend to have 3 or 4 wedges but most sets only provide one or two. It would be worth investing in some extra wedges at a later date. 


Ranging from 3-6, the hybrids were made to help rectify the difficulty to use long irons. These golf clubs have a shorter length, so it’s very useful for beginners and intermediate players as they’re more forgiving on mis-hits than long irons usually are.


When you’re close to the finish line, it’s the putter you need to use. These golf clubs are designed for that distance between the green and the hole. They are varied in club head size and weighting and more so you have a few options at your disposal to use. 

They’re pretty easy to use - just line it up the ball and tap with whatever force you need to get it in the hole. 

Extra Accessories

No golf club set is complete without accessories that aid your game in some way. For example, a stand bag will have extra pockets for storage but some sets will come with extra things to make life that little bit easier for you too. 

One such example is a rain hood. These help to keep your golf clubs dry in the rain. Some golf club bags also come with cooler pockets which helps keep drinks cold and some even come with sleeves to insert your umbrella into. 

They’re not the most important thing on a complete set of golf balls, but they make your life a whole lot easier than without them.

The biggest priority to consider with accessories is the bag. You need a good quality bag that isn’t going to fall apart and will protect your golf clubs through inclement weather conditions.


The last factor to consider when purchasing a golf club set is the construction of the set. Naturally, we want good value for money and durability - there’s no point buying something that falls apart after five seconds. 

As you can imagine, some golf club sets are more expensive than others. In the same breath, it’s not recommended to buy a golf club set just because it’s low in price - it may not be up to par. 

A well constructed golf club set makes all the difference to your game. Without the right equipment, our game can suffer tremendously. 

When considering the construction of the golf club set, there are a few things to take note of. Consider the connection point between the hosel and the club head to start, and then look directly at the club head to see how the weight has been evened out across it as this will impact how it hits. 

Then look at the face of the club and see how the grooves are constructed and if they are uniform - this will create more spin upon impact.

Make sure you also consider your own personal requirements before selecting a golf club set. Is the set designed with a certain demographic in mind? Is there something you need to be in the set that’s missing? You don’t need to spend a fortune on a golf club set as you can add clubs as you go along. 

Factors to consider

Now that we’ve covered the main kinds of golf clubs that are in a set, there are some main factors to consider to optimise your golf game.

1 - How many and what range of golf clubs and irons come with the set

2 - What kind of putter is included

3 - The driver size that’s included

4 - How good and sturdy is the bag

5 - Is a hybrid iron included

When you’re looking for a golf club set, if you consider these factors you should be good to go with choosing the best option for you. 

What golf club set should I buy if I’m an intermediate player?

The answer to this question depends on your needs and plans for the golf clubs you choose. If you’re looking to play and practice regularly then a golf club set is a good way to get you going, and then you can add more clubs and cater your set as you go depending on your changing needs.

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