Best Golf Club Sets for the Money

Every golfer knows that golf is generally an expensive hobby.  However that doesn’t mean it can’t be affordable. We’ve had a good look at the more affordable golf club sets out there that have proven to be good value for money.  Our product reviews follow for the 5 golf club sets we found that stand out above the rest in value for money

After that we’ve got a buying guide for your outlining a few things you might like to think about before buying.  The buying guide as well as being explanatory, is also peppered with answers to your most frequently asked questions.  Hopefully that should help you to make your mind up about what golf club set is right for you.

For the purpose of brevity this article will  focus on the best golf club sets for men for the money.  If you fall into a different group, we’ll have more relevant articles for you elsewhere on the website.  Please use the search bar to find them.

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Best Golf Club Sets for the Money - Reviews

You’d think that coming from such an upstanding brand as Calloway that the cost of their golf club sets would be through the roof.  However that is not the case. This particular golf club set usually comes in at under $250, which we would argue is an absolute bargain.  You get that Callaway quality without your wallet having to take too big a hit.

This particular set is designed to achieve the perfect combination of distance and control, while also allowing plenty of forgiveness and making it easy to hit.

Altogether you get 12 pieces, which includes: a driver, a 3 wood, a 5 hybrid, some 6 - 9 irons, a pitching wedge, the putter, the stand bag to carry them all in, and 2 head covers.

Several of the clubs are good for forgiveness, from the driver and fairway wood, through to the irons and wedge.  

The driver has a large sweet spot on it’s titanium head to help you hit real far off the tee.

The 3 fairway wood has a super aerodynamic head shape to hit long high shots.

The 5 hybrid is a fab alternative to difficult long irons which can give you more confidence on a variety of shots.

In addition to providing plenty of forgiveness, the irons and wedge offer the user a lot of control.

The mallet putter has an alignment feature to help give you incredible accuracy in your putting.

There is a regular standard flex on all of the club shafts, which is great for maximum control.

There’s a handy chart on the Amazon page which has further details on each club in the set, like the club length, club weight, and number of degrees loft.

Even the stand bag is quite fancy, lightweight and durable, with five handy pockets, an additional cooler pocket, and a rain hood.  We also like how it comes with a backpack strap system for when it’s not resting on its stand.


  • Great brand
  • Comes under $250

  • Perfect combination of clubs

  • Each club is a great piece of kit

  • Provides both great distance and control

  • Allows plenty of forgiveness

  • Regular standard flex on the club shafts

  • Great stand bag


  • Only available in standard regular flex

This golf club set from Callaway includes more clubs than the previous set we showed you, and thus costs a bit more.  Customers rave about it though.

Again this is a set designed to provide both great distance and good forgiveness.

The set has all the clubs you could need, there’s the Driver, a 3 Wood,  4-5 Hybrids, 6-9 Irons, a pitching wedge & sand wedge and a Putter. The stand bag is also pretty neat, and it’s included in the price along with 3 headcovers.

The clubs are all good quality.  You’ve got the driver with it’s large clubhead and sweet spot, and with it’s lightweight graphite shaft to give you more distance off the tee.  Then there’s the 3 wood, designed to promote faster swing speeds and hence longer shots. The 5 hybrid meanwhile is designed for versatility, and saves having to use a long iron.  The irons and wedges all feature perimeter weighting to give greater control. And finally, the mallet putter has alignment features to give that all important accuracy.

There’s a handy little chart on the Amazon page, which has more specifics on each club in the set.


  • Great brand
  • Set is a hit with customers

  • Clubs for every occasion

  • Well designed clubs

  • Great set for maximizing distance

  • Offers a lot of forgiveness

  • Great stand bag

  • Headcovers included in the price


  • Premium product at a premium price

This golf club set doesn’t come from a particularly well known brand, but we would argue that it’s affordability makes up for it.  That said it’s mostly because of its affordability that this golf club set made the list.

So we’re guessing your next question is whether they’re as good as the well known brands.  The customer reviews are actually very positive, with Amazon customers rating it at above 4 stars!

It’s got all the clubs you need, from the titanium driver, the fairway woods, a nice hybrid, a 5 pitching wedge, and the putter.  You also get the stand bag which you can carry like a backpack when not left standing, and 3 matching head covers.

What we love about this golf club set is that you can choose to go for stainless steel woods and irons, or you can go for shafts that are 100% graphite.  (We talk about this a little more in our buying guide.


  • Unparalleled affordability
  • Has all the clubs you need

  • Comes with a deluxe stand bag

  • Comes with 3 matching head covers

  • Choose your preferred shaft composition

  • Available in regular size or tall


  • The graphite option provides too much flex for some golfers

Now here’s an affordable golf club set from a good brand.  And this would be a good one to go for if you’re left handed.

This golf club set was designed with beginners in mind, since the design focuses on generating more distance.  We would argue that it’s a good set for improvers too.

The clubs in the set include a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, several irons from 6 through to 9, a pitching wedge, a heel/toe putter.  You also get a lightweight ergonomic stand bag with several handy pockets, and a selection of head covers.

The driver is great.  It has a large 460 cubic centimeter clubhead which has a low centre of gravity to really launch that golf ball.  The irons have large sweet spots and extra weighting around the perimeter for dealing with any off center hits. And the alignment putter improves aim and has a soft paddle grip.


  • Affordability
  • Suited to left handers

  • Designed with beginners in mind

  • Has all the clubs you need

  • Comes with stand bag and headcovers

  • All good quality clubs from driver through to putter

  • Plenty of forgiveness

  • Plenty of distance


  • Don’t buy if you’re right handed

Here’s a nice set of golf clubs by Precise - and they’re super affordable too.

This set is designed for players of all handicaps looking to improve their technique and their game.  The clubs give you plenty of distance, plenty of control, and also more forgiveness.

The clubs include a driver, a 3 fairway wood, a 21 hybrid, 6 through pitching wedge irons, and the putter.  On top of that you also get a deluxe stand bag to carry them all in, 3 matching head covers and a handy rain hood.

The shafts on the irons are True Temper steel, and the shafts on the fairway woods meanwhile are composed of lightweight graphite.  Ideal combination if you ask us.


  • Affordability
  • Has all the clubs you need

  • Designed for players of all handicaps

  • Plenty of distance

  • Plenty of control

  • Plenty of forgiveness

  • Shafts on the irons are True Temper steel

  • Shafts on the woods are made of graphite

  • Comes with deluxe stand bag, 3 matching head covers and a rain hood


  • Please ensure you click on the right size for you before you buy

Best Golf Club Sets for the Money - Buyers Guide

In many ways, choosing your golf club set is a process of elimination.  You can get golf club sets aimed at particular elements of the population, for men, for women, for juniors, for seniors, for right handers and left handers.  You’ll have already ascertained where you fit in with regards to these, but there’s a lot more to think about besides.

There are a couple of fundamental things to look at before buying your golf club set.  The first factor to look into, is the most appropriate combination of clubs. You need to to cover any of your distance gaps.  So if there’s any gap between how far your driver hits and how far your iron hits, you will need the perfect mix of fairway woods and hybrids, with different lofts, to cover the distance gap.

Following that you need to look at shaft composition and shaft flex.  Shafts are generally composed of either steel or graphite. Graphite is the lighter of two, and as such can help generate more swing speed.  On the other hand however, steel is much cheaper.

If you have a fast swing speed, then a stiff flex shaft will offer a little more accuracy in your shot, but for those with a slower swing speed, a softer flex is more effective.

You should also go for clubs that offer good grip, or you may find yourself having to buy new golf grips separately.

With regards to the clubhead, that is something which changes per type of club, and is specifically designed for certain points in the game.  You can expect to find a range of different clubheads in your golf club set, each with different lofts.

The individual clubs that make up the set need to be good for what they’re designed for.  For example you need a driver that will give you plenty of distance, woods that are good for taking long shots, versatile hybrids you can use just about anywhere, irons and wedges that offer plenty of control, and finally a putter that'll help you line up your putting shots just right.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should buy your golf clubs as a set?

Buying your golf clubs as a complete set is a great way to save money.  If you were to buy all your gear separately, you can bet you’ll end up paying way more than if you had opted for a complete set to begin with.

Should you buy used golf clubs?

If you don’t intend to play golf very often, then buying used golf clubs could be something to think about.  But please be aware that golf clubs do get worn over time and with greater usage. The longest a set of golf clubs will last is about 10 years or so.  Many golfers replace their clubs more often than this however, as manufacturers make advances in their design and engineering of the clubs.

What golf clubs do you typically get in a set?

Golf club sets are usually composed of 14 clubs, which corresponds to the maximum legal amount allowed by the USGA for competitive golfing.  That said, you can also get golf club sets that have 12 or 16 clubs in total. You may not always use them all, but if you need any of them, it’s nice to have them there!

A good golf club set should include a good mix of drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and a putter.  

The important thing to look out for in your golf club set is that you have sufficient clubs to cover any of your distance gaps.  So if there’s any gap between how far your driver hits and how far your iron hits, you will need the perfect mix of fairway woods and hybrids, with different lofts, to cover the distance gap.

How much should I spend on a set of golf clubs?

Even if you have lots of cash to spare, you don’t have to buy the most expensive club.  Beginner golf club sets can range from $150 to $400 new. And that’s a huge bargain, seeing as you could end up paying more than that just for a driver alone.

The best brands will come to a much higher price however, since you can end up paying closer to $2000 for a set of irons.

Our advice to you, is that once you’ve had a look at the price of a few golf clubs sets, that you come up with a budget and then stick to it.

Should I stick with a brand I know?

There’s a lot to be said about using a golf club set by a brand that you’re already familiar with.  And there’s a lot to be said about the bigger brands - they’re popular for good reason, really well made.  While some brands seem to be asking a lot of money for their goods, there are some really good branded golf club sets out there on the market that don’t cost the earth.  We have included a really good but affordable brand in our Top 5 products, namely the Callaway sets, which feature as our Number 1 and Number 2 golf club sets.

What to look for in a set of golf clubs?

Our first recommendation in choosing the right golf club set for you is to know your handicap and buy accordingly.  Most golf club sets are aimed at intermediate handicap players. For more information on choosing the best golf club set, please scroll back up and refer to our buying guide.

Do the pros use graphite or steel shafts?

Tiger woods used a steel-shafted driver during his time at Titleist.  He also tried various graphite shafts to see if he could pick up more distance, but didn’t feel he necessarily had the level of control he wanted.  His aim was to achieve consistency in his shots.

Do more expensive golf clubs make a difference?

The main difference between high and low end golf clubs is the shaft composition.  More expensive shaft construction, using steel rather than graphite, translates to better feel, and potentially therefore to more consistent swings.

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