Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs

Do you have any plans to take up golf anytime soon? If yes, you can’t play with golf clubs that professional golfers use on the golf course. Instead, look for the best golf clubs for amateur golfers. Once your game improves, you can upgrade to a golf club for professionals.

For now, stick with golf clubs for amateurs. A golf club designed for people new to golf provides them with a great start and improves their skills, allowing them to perfect their technique as soon as possible. However, one question that new golfers ponder the most when looking at various golf club sets is whether to buy a new or used one.

If you’re on a very low budget, go with a used golf club set. However, if you’re serious about playing golf and perfecting your skills on the golf course, we suggest you opt for a new golf club set. New golf club sets offer a better feel and give you the confidence you need on the golf course.

Get a headcover for your golf clubs to increase their lifespan and keep them in good condition. Some golf club sets come with headcovers. For those that don’t, do invest in them because they’ll protect your investment.

Before you can buy headcovers, find a golf club designed for amateur golfers. We can help you in your search for the best golf club for amateur golfers. We have compiled a list of golf clubs with their pros and cons to help you decide on the golf club you want to use. You can also refer to our buyers’ guide for help when purchasing golf clubs.

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Don’t want to go through the entire list of the top golf clubs for amateur golfers? You don’t have to because we have your top pick right here! Our top prize goes to the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set. The golf club is an ideal choice for amateur golfers.

The golf club comes with head covers to protect them and last you several years. For long and high-flying shots, the three-wood golf club has an aerodynamic shape head, whereas the putter features a 3.5-degree loft for accuracy while playing shots on the golf course.

The 460-cc driver gives you an excellent sweet spot, whereas the 4-hybrid feature gives you more control over your shots. The golf club is also reasonably priced, making it the perfect golf club for beginners.

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs - Reviews

What is there not to love about the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set? The golf set features a driver, fairway wood, hybrid golf club, irons and wedge, putter, and stand bag. The 460cc forged golf driver is lightweight with a titanium head and large sweet spot that offers increased forgiveness to help you hit the golf ball further off the tee.

You receive a headcover with it. The fairway wood is an oversized and extremely forgiving golf club with aerodynamic qualities for making long and high-flying shots. It comes with a headcover. This hybrid golf club is an excellent option for golfers who find using long irons difficult.

It gives you more confidence to play several different shots on the golf course. It does not come with a headcover, though. The stainless steel irons provide you with the best of both worlds — forgiveness and control. The putter features an alignment for improved accuracy. All the golf clubs in the set are made from premium quality material, including the stand bag, to ensure it remains in good condition for years.

Since it’s a complete golf set, you also receive a lightweight stand bag to store all your golf clubs. The stand bad has five pockets for your golfing gear and an additional pocket for your cooler. It also has a rain hood and strap system, allowing you to wear it and carry it with you like a backpack on the golf course. 

You can choose the color of the stand bag. You choose between the current generation blue or prior generation red. You can also choose between the left-hand and right-hand orientation. 

Our handy guide to the best golf club set for intermediate features more great products like this.


  • Well designed and durable golf clubs
  • Improves control and precision
  • Comes with a durable stand bag with several pockets for golfing accessories
  • Putters offer increased forgiveness


  • The gap distance between the wood and the hybrid is too large
  • Not made for fast swingers
  • Three-wood punishes on mishits
  • Sand wedge doesn’t come with the golf set

The Epic Flash driver is a one-of-a-kind golf club made from state-of-the-art and Callaway-patented technology called Flash Face to increase the speed of the golf ball, so it goes further on the golf course. If your golf ball doesn’t go the distance when hit, get the Epic Flash Driver for hitting the golf ball faster and further.

The reason Flash Face is so unique is that it is made from Artificial Intelligence. If you know your golfing history, you’ll know that this was the first time such technology was used to create golf clubs. The manufacturer used artificial intelligence and machine learning to create Flash Face. Another technology used to create this golf club is the Jailbreak.

Jailbreak technology stabilizes and stiffens the sole and crown for increased impact load on the golf ball to increase its speed. Its adjustable perimeter weighting gives you more ball flight control and allows you to promote fades, draws, or a straighter and higher flight. Its low spin head design offers you increased forgiveness and more distance, thus making it the ideal option for beginners.

Made from lightweight triaxial carbon crown, it saves weight, redistributing it in the head to increase MOI for excellent forgiveness when you play off-center hits. The golf club is available for both left-handed and right-handed golfers. You can choose from five shaft material as well. You can select between five different flex — ladies, regular, stiff, extra stiff, and senior. Lastly, you can choose the loft, 12 degrees, 9 degrees, and 10.5 degrees.


  • Flash Face technology increases the speed of the golf ball for increased distance
  • Jailbreak technology stabilizes and stiffens sole and crown for increased impact load on the face to increase the speed of the golf ball
  • Lighter triaxial carbon crown redistributes weight in the head to increase MOI for increased forgiveness
  • Adjustable perimeter weighting promotes fades, straighter flights, and fades


  • Paint may chip or peel off
  • May scratch the face upon contact with the golf ball
  • Some users reported not hitting straighter or longer shots

Enhance your golfing skills by getting the complete 16-piece golf set by Pinemeadow. You receive eleven golf clubs with various features to help you improve your golfing skills on the golf course. With the set, you receive a driver, 3 hybrid, 3 wood, 4 through 9 irons, a pitching wedge, and a pre-mallet putter.

Most of the golf clubs in the set have a big clubhead to give you increased power and forgiveness. The manufacturer used titanium and combined it with a 10.5-degree loft to create the driver. To add durability to the golf club, they used graphite to create its shaft. The stainless steel to create the irons and increase their lifespan.

Most golfers will agree that this golf set has one of the best hybrids. You receive a 21-degree hybrid, thus making it an effective choice for amateur golfers searching for increased control and higher flight. The wood that comes with the golf set is equally good as the other golf clubs in the set. It is made from pure graphite.

Lastly, you have the mallet putter, which allows you to align your shot and increase your confidence when playing golf. You can store all your golf clubs in the stand bag, which comes with several pockets as well as a dual strap to help you carry it easily around the golf course. The lightweight stand bag also has a rain hood and kickstand, allowing you to place it on the grass without it falling down. It has the capacity to carry one dozen golf balls.


  • Affordable and good quality gold clubs
  • Comes with a dual strap bag to allow you to carry it easily
  • Delivers superior control when hitting the golf ball with the 3 wood or the irons
  • The driver is an excellent choice for amateur golfers because it allows them to avoid mishits


  • Users have stated that the drivers can break easily
  • Some users don’t like the pre-mallet putter
  • There is no 5 wood in the golf club

For beginners, buying individual golf club can increase the cost; hence, it’s better to stick to buying a golf club set that comes with several different golf clubs. However, that can be expensive as well. The Confidence Golf Power Golf Club Set breaks away from that stereotype to give you a high-quality and affordable golf club set.

The golf club set includes an oversized 460cc golf driver, a hybrid rescue wood, 6,7,8,9 PW cavity black iron set, an alignment aid putter, and a stand bag. The oversized 460cc head offers you a large sweet spot, making it easier for you to make contact with the golf ball.

It offers a slightly higher 10-degree loft for increased flight and decreased side spin to promote straighter shots. It comes with a headcover to protect your golf club and features a steel shaft. The 6 to 9 PW cavity black iron set offers you increased consistency and forgiveness on poor swings and features a steel shaft.

The manufacturer has replaced the 3 and 4 irons with hybrid rescue wood because it is easier to use. The hybrid rescue wood increases both precision and distance.  Its 24-degree loft and steel shaft gives you a higher MOI and increased forgiveness. The alignment aid putter helps you with alignment as well as trains your eyes to hit straighter shots. Its design features a 35-degree putter to reduce the impact of off-center hits and reduce twisting to get you closer or into the hole. You can place all the golf clubs in the stand bag with automatic pop-out legs, several pockets, and a dual shoulder carry strap.


  • Affordable golf set compared to others
  • Irons clubface are large and offer a bigger sweet
  • Receive a titanium driver, pitching wedge, a 3-wood, 6 to 9 irons, and a stand bag
  • Stand bag comes with the golf set


  • Not durable
  • Both hybrid and driver have steel shafts, which can hinder the golfer’s swing tempo
  • The putter is heavy and may not be suitable for amateurs learning to putt with the feel

Whether you’re just starting out to play golf on a regular basis or you just want a set for the odd occasion when you’re out on the course with your pals, this is a fantastic golf club set for both of these play styles. 

It’s a very affordable kit so you don’t need to worry about spending too much on it. 

The set isn’t super durable so it’s not one for longevity purposes, but it has 10 total clubs including the driver, hybrid, irons, putter and a fairway wood. It’s a forgiving set that will help you reach extra distance which is always handy when you’re just starting out.

The hybrid irons also offer a decent amount of control and help you to take accurate shots as the clubhead is balanced. The club set also comes with a bag that you can carry the set in with a hood, and 3 club head covers to protect the clubs.

The set is a fantastic starter kit for any golf enthusiast, and comes in a beautiful black and red color scheme that really catches the eye.

It’s definitely worth the investment if you’re just getting started.


  • Good for practice
  • PGA certified
  • Lots of clubs for newcomers and recreational golfers alike
  • Golf bag comes with it


  • Not good for professional use

Best Golf Clubs for Amateurs - Buyers Guide

In golf, there are various types of golf clubs. It’s important that you know the difference between the different types of golf clubs available in the market and sold in golf club sets. Wood and drivers are for long-distance, irons are for mid-range, wedges are fore sand burners, and putters are for close up.

If you are playing a long shot, you’ll use the driver or the fairway wood. If you are playing a shorter or mid-range shot, you will use an iron. If you’re trapped in the sand bunker or need to hit short chips around the gold course, take out the sand wedge.

If you’re looking for precision, not distance on the golf course, it’s time to play with the putter. You can buy these individually or as part of a golf club set. The choice is up to you. But do you need to buy all of them to play golf? Even though it’s possible to play with one golf club, it isn’t the wisest decision.

As a beginner, you want to gain experience playing with a large variety of golf clubs; hence, it is better you have them tall while knowing how and when to use them. With that said, let’s move to our buyer’s guide, which you can use when looking for golf clubs.

Do Not Overlook the Shaft Material

Most amateur golfers tend to overlook the shaft material. The length, flex, and material of the shaft affects how you play golf. Most importantly, look for an iron that offers increased forgiveness. Forgiveness means that even if your golf club doesn’t connect with the golf ball, your golf ball will still go in the right direction.

Do you want to get maximum distance and flight? If so, you’re looking for a lightweight shaft. The lighter the shaft, the more distance you’ll achieve with it. If your swing lacks power, get a lightweight shaft. The two materials you can choose from are steel and graphite.

For golfers who don’t have a powerful swing, a graphite shaft is best. For golfers who have a powerful swing, a steel shaft is great. If you can, test out different types of golf club made from both materials to get a feel for each and then choose which one works best for you. Moreover, the golf club’s length matters too, so select one that suits your height.

The Size of the Face

If the size of the clubhead is big, you’ll find to easier to hit the golf ball. When you’re learning to angle the golf club correctly and trying to hit the golf ball with it, a golf club with a wide surface will help you practice. You can change irons when you get better at hitting the golf ball with the golf club at the same angle. Another advantage of a golf club with a wide face is that it transfers power from the swing to the golf ball.

Center of Gravity

The Center of Gravity (COG) increases the power and accuracy of shots. It refers to the points on the golf club interacting with each other. You should get a golf club that offers a higher center of gravity. The center of gravity allows you to create optimal launch conditions when hitting the golf ball with a golf club.

If you struggle with keeping the golf ball from slicing with your driver, make sure the driver you get features a center of gravity. Most manufacturers do create drivers with the center of gravity, so it should not be too hard for you to find one.

The center of gravity is also important on irons and wedges. On irons, you want a low back and center of gravity for hitting the golf ball further. Short irons have a higher center of gravity. On wedges, the center of gravity gets higher when the loft increases.

This allows you to strike the golf ball more often with the face of the wedge. You may be able to change the position of the center gravity on hybrids and fairway woods. The more you practice using different golf clubs featuring the center of gravity, the better you will get at hitting the golf ball using it.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to pick the right club as an amateur golfer. By using the right golf club, you can actually notice your handicap going down as you spend more time on the fairway and green. We really hope that the above product reviews and the buyer’s guide will help you in picking the club that can assist you in playing better golf and also comes in without breaking the bank.

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