Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to Intermediate

Looking for good golf clubs can be daunting. Whether you're a beginner or intermediate golf player, the list of different things to consider can often be long and can sometimes seem expensive. 

Of course you want to ensure that you have all of the necessary clubs and equipment that you need, without feeling like it is going to take a chunk out of your bank balance.

Finding the right golf clubs can often have a huge impact on your performance and the way you play. Although you may not realise it, but using clubs that are best suited to you can massively help to progress your skills and delivery of shots. 

If you're a beginner starting off for the very first time, then you want to be starting off on the right foot and equipping yourself with all the best golf clubs.

Or are you a player who is currently at an intermediate level looking to take the next steps in the game and start hitting your personal bests?

If the answer is yes, then we have created a guide with the best golf clubs for those at a beginner to intermediate level.

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Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to Intermediate - Reviews

Our top pick is the complete men's golf set by Wilson, coming with 13 different size options to suit every player. This golf set comes with all of the different clubs you would ever need, from a driver, fairway wood hybrid irons, sand wedge and putter.

You will also find head covers in this set that you can put over the clubs when they are not in use and the soft flannel lining helps to preserve wood and hybrid paint, protecting your investment from getting damaged.

The large 460cc driver is engineered with super game improvement technology to enhance the golfing experience for beginners and new players.

They are also an ideal purchase for beginner and intermediate level players as they are created from deep perimeter stainless steel, with a very low center of gravity for improved accuracy and distance - giving you the potential to achieve your best shots. 

The Easy Launch sand wedge features a wide and lightweight sole, giving better green side control and improved shot making, making it a useful feature for both beginners and intermediates.

The weighted putter also provides great accuracy and feedback.


  • The different sizes mean that they are great as they cater to different players' needs.
  • The clubs come in a lightweight carry bag with a handle and airflow shoulder strap, making them easy to carry around between different locations. It also has self activating legs making it convenient for when you are playing a game. 

  • They are an affordable option for those starting out.

  • The comfortable grip of the handles is great with helping to improve accuracy of shots. 

  • The woods and irons hit at a good distance.


  • The clubs aren't as good quality as some more expensive brands.

The Strata Ultimate Set is ideal for beginners, intermediate or casual golfers, and has been designed for distance and ultimate performance.

Included in this set are 3 wood clubs for long high flying shots and 4 and 5 hybrids for an alternative to long irons - giving you the confidence to shoot a variety of shots. 

Also included are irons made from stainless steel which have in-built High Flight Technology. This allows you distance and control, ensuring you can achieve your best shots. 

As you would expect it also comes with wedges, putters and drivers, all of excellent quality. The drivers are made with graphite, which has been proven to increase the distance of shots. 

Overall, this set contains pretty much everything you need to either get started or to take you from intermediate to the next level.


  • The lightweight bag makes the clubs easy to carry around the golf course.
  • This set provides you with everything that you need if you are beginning in golf or looking to develop your skill set further.

  • The driver is light with a smooth swing and it hits the ball to a great distance.

  • It is a good value set with an affordable price tag.


  • Some customers found these golf clubs to be easily breakable and of lower quality.

The Pinemeadow's Men's PGX golf set is ideal for those trying the game for the first time, and also those who maybe looking to progress up a level.

While the set includes all the standard clubs; 3 wood, hybrid and irons, what makes it special is the 460cc driver. Such a large head provides you with amazing power and accuracy, allowing you to hit those long shots with ease. They also come with tasteful head covers to keep them safe.

The irons also feature a larger than normal sole, that are specifically designed to help you optimise launch and add spin. 

These 2 clubs alone will have you hitting personal bests in no time, and seeing that handicap drop of a cliff.

The set comes in both left or right handed orientation, which can sometimes be difficult to find.


  • It's an ideal set and is available for an affordable price, a great option for those who are just starting out.
  • They are well built and good quality that hit well.

  • The driver swings smoothly and hits the ball to an impressive distance.

  • They cater to the requirements of beginner and intermediate players.


  • This set does not include a golf carrying bag so this would require an additional purchase.
  • Reviews show that some customers found these golf clubs to be of lower quality and prone to breaking.

Next up is the Power V3 men's golf clubs set, a great set with all the clubs that you need to play the game. 

Included is a 140cc driver with a 12 degree loft - perfect for getting a great angle on those longer shots. A 24 degree hybrid wood, a variety of size irons and a semi-mallet putter.

All of the clubs have been created with a steel shaft, giving more power and durability to your swings. They also have all-weather grips, making them an ideal choice if you frequently play in the rain.

The carry bag is very nice, and has auto-pop-back legs making it a breeze to fold and unfold. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on your a-game!


  • These clubs are available in two lengths; standard length clubs or those that are one inch shorter (ideal for youth players). Players can choose the clubs that are best for them.
  • The carry bag comes with additional storage and a strap making it easier to carry around. Also a weather proof rain cover when you purchase the standard set. Convenient for all weathers. 

  • This set provides you with all of the clubs that you need at an affordable price. 

  • The iron clubs have a bigger face than what most tend to and this makes them ideal for new golfers in particular.


  • Some customers found these clubs to be of low quality and easily breakable after a few uses.
  • The clubs in this set come with smaller grips which could potentially make it difficult to get a good shot when using them.

Our list wouldn't be complete without a ladies set - and there's no better than the Confidence Lady Power set.

As hybrid clubs, they are all made from steel which makes them an affordable and durable option.

In this set you will find a 24 degree hybrid, which is easier to hit and gives more versatility with your shots. 

There are also cavity backed 6 through to 9 irons which give you more distance and power in your shots. There is also a pitching wedge and a 33" blade putter. 

All clubs in the set are lady flex steel shafts. 

The golf clubs also come in a sturdy and durable carry bag with pop out legs for convenience and easy portability.


  • This set is ideal for beginner or casual golfers.
  • It's a great value set in an affordable price range.

  • As flex steel shafts they are durable clubs.

  • They are lightweight clubs that are easy to hold when playing and easy to carry around the golf court.


  • They aren't as suitable for intermediate or more experienced golfers.
  • Some golfers found the clubs to be heavier than they were expecting due to them being steel shafts.

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners to Intermediate - Buyers Guide

When looking for golf clubs as a player of beginner to intermediate level it is important to consider some important factors. Getting the golf clubs that are best suited to you will massively help to improve your performance on the golf course.

Golfing Experience 

You will find that there are some golf clubs available that cater towards beginners and intermediate players combined and others that are more suited to one level player more than the other. 

There isn't a specific line that you cross in transferring from a beginner to an intermediate player, however you will notice your confidence and skillset increase as you become more confident.

You may find that some golf clubs that you used when you were starting off become less useful to you and as you improve you may want to change your golf club set along the way too. 

However, you may purchase a golf club set when you first begin playing and end up using them throughout your time playing as some may cater towards the different needs of players better than others.

If you find a good set that impresses you and helps you to play a good game with long and powerful shots,then you may find that this caters to your needs even when your skill set improves. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you pay close attention to what each set offers you and evaluate if this is going to cater to your skill set. You will find that even the sets for beginners will see you through many years of the game. 

The different types of golf clubs 

It is important to remember that there are a range of different golf clubs available. Each different type of club will benefit players in different ways as they serve different uses for specific shots. 

The main golf clubs that you will tend to find in the majority of sets are irons, woods, a putter and sometimes a pitching wedge. 

First it is recommended that you only get the golf clubs that you need and are likely to use. Otherwise if you go and buy lots of different golf clubs at once it is likely that some of them will end up being wasted and not used as much as others.

If you are a beginner in golf in particular, more cost effective for you to purchase a baseline golf club set. This type of set will typically provide you with one of each club for you to get a feel for the game and what works best for you. As you progress into intermediate and more advanced golfing you can then grow the collection of clubs that you have.

Hybrid golf clubs 

You will also find that you can now get golf clubs which are called hybrid clubs. Essentially the design of these clubs borrows from both iron and wood clubs, combining the best qualities of fairway woods and long irons, whilst ultimately trying to create a club that avoids the negative qualities of both. 

Size and length 

Not every golfer is going to be built in the exact same way as another. Therefore it is not the case that one size golf club is going to fit all. Some golfers may be taller than others and have different swing skills.

Therefore, you will find that with many golf club sets they will either state what length these clubs are or they will offer options in other sizes too. It is very important to buy the clubs that are most suited to your own size because if not this isn't the case, it could impact your performance on the golf course. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many different types of golf clubs can you get?

Traditionally, you would expect to find three different types of golf clubs in a golfers bag. These are wood, iron and putter clubs, however these days you are more than likely to come across a hybrid golf club which is made up of a combination of iron and wood. Many golf club sets will now tend to include these hybrid clubs.

Are golf clubs for beginner to intermediate level expensive?

You will find that the most cost effective way of purchasing clubs if you are of a beginner or intermediate level player is to buy a baseline set that will have everything that you need.

Golf clubs typically tend to be available in sets and some can seem very expensive. It is important to research into what clubs you are likely to have the most use out of before making any purchases, as you do not want to be wasting your money on ones that you don't need. 

Do better golf clubs really make a difference?

Yes it is very likely that the quality of your clubs will impact your performance. The better the selection of clubs that you have the better you are likely to perform.

For example, a modern driver is going to hit the ball higher and further than one that you have had in your collection for a long time. A new wedge is also going to feel better and spin faster.

You may also find that golf clubs which are made using lower quality materials will affect how they perform as they are not as strong and reliable as those that are made from good and strong materials.

Therefore it is worth investing in golf clubs that are good quality and you will be hitting your personal bests in next to no time. 

Can you get golf clubs for women at a beginner to intermediate level?

Yes you will find that the market offers different sets for men and women. Main brands in particular tend to offer a set for men and then a set that is virtually the same for women, including all the necessary golf clubs that are needed.

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