Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players

Golf is an intricate sport which needs plenty of time, effort and practice to build your skill level up, which is why golfers need to choose the correct golf clubs for their progress. You wouldn’t expect a young child to be able to write with a calligraphy pen, so why would a beginner golfer play a game with an expert golf club? 

It’s easy to oversell yourself and brag to your peers that you may be better at the sport than you really are, but what happens when you actually find yourself out on the green with them and you can’t deliver to the standard that you originally told them? 

Practicing with the correct golf clubs may enable you to pick up the sport quicker and save you some of this embarrassment. So if you don’t want to be honest with your peers, at least be honest with yourself. Once you accept your skill level as intermediate, you can find the optimal golf clubs for you and start working your way up to that expert level. 

Having said this, there are so many options on the market nowadays that it is difficult to know where to start, which is where we step in. We’ve found the top five golf club sets for intermediate players and created a buyers guide to tell you what you should look out for when choosing your clubs. 

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After much deliberation, we’ve chosen the Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set as the best golf clubs for intermediate players. Here are a few reasons why we think this set won’t surprise you with a swing and a miss! 

  • The club bag comes with six pockets, one of which is a handy cooler pocket. 

  • Both the bag and club headcovers are very durable and sturdy. 

  • You can choose this set either with 12 pieces or 16.

Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players - Reviews

This 12 piece complete set from Callaway has been designed to give you both confidence and the ability to showcase your maximum performance. You’ll be getting a great range of woods, irons, wedges and putters to practice with, but if you want even more versatility Callaway actually does this same set with 16 pieces rather than 12. You can see it here.

But back to the 12 piece set! Firstly you’ll receive a titanium 460cc driver with a lovely large sweet spot to ensure you get more hits every game. The high forgiveness allows you more room to grow and improve. You also get a #3 fairway wood and a  #5 hybrid, both of which give you long, easy and impressive shots. 

Onto the irons, this set contains  #6 to  #9 stainless steel irons which give you a great selection for whatever type of shot you’re facing. You also have a pitching wedge and a mallet putter to prevent you going back and forth trying to sink the ball. The incredible accuracy included with these clubs is unmatched. 

The club bag is both durable and lightweight and even comes with a stand so you don’t have to lay your bag on its side. There are five pockets and one cooler pocket which is a nice touch. It also has a rain hood to keep it usable in all conditions. Moreover you’ll receive headcovers for the driver and the fairway wood.


  • Comes in both 12 piece and 16 piece options.
  • Bag with a cooler pocket.
  • Durable accessories.


  • Only comes with one type of wedge and putter.
  • Headcovers for only two of the clubs.

Wilson’s version of the complete golf set is perfect for golfers to buy when they’re transitioning from beginner level to intermediate as they offer a great game improvement and are very easy to learn how to use. Want to get your distance up? You can’t go wrong with this set. 

The irons included in this set are  #6, #7, #8 and #9. All of these offer great sweet spots to ensure more surface area to practice hitting the balls for optimal speed and distance. Around the sides of the sweet spots there is specialized weighting to give better results even when your shots aren’t great, allowing you to learn better techniques more efficiently. 

This complete set includes three woods - one driver, one fairway wood and one hybrid - to give you the opportunity of learning to play with these different clubs. The 460cc matrix driver is made from titanium and has a low center of gravity to give you more distance when taking tee shots.

You’ll also receive a pitching wedge and a putter to help with those short shots. All of these clubs come with headcovers in one ergonomic and snazzy bag which stands up on its own and has many pockets for your gear. All of the grips on the clubs are specially designed to better your aim and distance.


  • Comes with a range of woods and irons to practice with.
  • Every aspect is designed to help intermediate players improve. 

  • Comes with free headcovers and a lightweight bag.


  • Only comes with one wedge.
  • Not great customer service.

A second installment of Wilson golf clubs on our list, their SGI complete set is engineered for intermediate players of all ages. There are clubs for teenagers, adults and seniors to choose from! They are all specifically designed to improve your game thanks to impressive technology.  

You’ll receive one driver, a #5 fairway wood, a #5 hybrid, irons  #6 through #9, both a pitching wedge and a sand wedge, and one putter. 

The 460cc titanium driver and fairway wood both have impressive sweet spots, carefully placed weight and high lofts to be optimal for intermediate players learning. The hybrid wood is excellent for straight and high shots to improve your aim and accuracy. 

Moving on to the irons, they all have a low center of gravity and weight placed around the perimeter to give you the ability to get the ball high off the ground. Moreover, the special design of the face on the irons give more distance to each shot. 

What’s most impressive about this complete set is that you get both a sand wedge and a pitching wedge to help you in a number of situations. The putter is weighted properly to give you the best aim for those final shots.


  • Lightweight bag with a stand and lots of storage.
  • Headcovers included for all the woods. 

  • Two types of wedges included.


  • Heights are not the best for every golfer.
  • Only one putter included.

A slightly smaller set than the rest on our list, Pinemeadow’s PGX Golf Set comes with one 460cc driver, one hybrid, a #3 wood and 5-PW irons. While you’ll get a pitching wedge included, there is no sand wedge or putter. All of these clubs have been designed at the average height of men, so they should be an excellent fit for most golfers. 

The 460cc driver has an excellent sweet spot which allows you to hit the ball more often with confidence and precision. You’re not going to get any better by not hitting the ball, so this is very beneficial for intermediate players. One all of the woods, there is a white nano finish to make them very durable and keep you playing for longer. 

All of the irons have wide soles to give you more height and distance which is excellent for intermediate golfers. You’ll get three head covers that fit the clubs like a glove.


  • White finish on all the woods to increase visibility.
  • Best suited to players who are just transitioning from beginners. 

  • Reasonable price point. 


  • No golf club bag included.
  • No putter or sand wedge.

When purchasing this set, you’re getting a great complete set to practice and play with to gain a higher skill level. Let’s start at the tee, shall we? You step up to the tee and pull out a titanium driver which boasts a large sweet spot, hit the ball and watch it fly as it gets smaller and smaller in the distance.

Once you finally find your ball, you pick either your  #3 or #5 fairway wood, or perhaps your #4 hybrid to get that long flying shot. These are all lovely and forgiving for intermediate players and guarantee you a decent shot every time. 

The 5-PW stainless steel irons will aid you most when you’re close to the green, but not close enough for your putter. These are all excellent for long and accurate shots, and you’ll also get a sand wedge to help you out of a sticky situation. 

And finally, once you reach the green you can use your lightweight putter to sink that ball! Each of these clubs have comfortable grips to ensure you’re on top of your game, and you’ll also receive a club bag and clubheads.


  • Great selection of golf clubs.
  • Available in regular height or taller heights for taller people.

  • Sand wedge included.


  • Not the most durable clubs.
  • Very flexible which may not be to everyone’s preference.

Best Golf Clubs for Intermediate Players - Buyers Guide

Clubs Included

Above we have looked at five different golf club sets that have been marketed as complete. Your idea of complete may be different to the manufacturer's definition. If you spend a reasonable amount of money on your new clubs and they come without that vital club you need for practice, you’re not going to be best pleased. 

Having said this, an intermediate player may not know all of the clubs needed for a full set. In case you don’t, below we’ll be looking at the different types of clubs and why they’re important in a complete set.


Perhaps the most important club of the complete set to think about is the woods, especially the driver. The driver is normally the tell tale sign whether a set is good or bad, and if you don’t have a good driver, you’re going to have a difficult time improving your game. This is why it’s important to choose a set with a high quality driver especially for intermediate players. 

Complete sets also usually contain at least one hybrid and fairway woods to help you get used to these different clubs. 

With all these woods, you should check the loft of each and ensure there is enough room for you to get a clear shot each time, as this is the fastest way to increase your skill level. Moreover, you should be mindful about the quality of how they’re made as the last thing you want while learning is for your woods to fall apart. 


Many professional golfers keep four or five different wedges in their golf bags so that they can choose the best one for the individual situation. However complete sets often only include just one or two wedges for pitching and using on sand, so look at the wedge selection before purchasing to prevent having to spend more money on additional wedges. 

Intermediate players will find better success using wedges with wider soles to offer better shot accuracy, as well as the lofts to see how much of a range you’re really getting. You don’t want to choose a set with two almost identical wedges, you want a wider selection. 


Normally in a complete set like the ones above, the iron collection will not be complete because you need a selection of different clubs as well as a few irons. While you’re in your intermediate stage you won’t have much use for a larger set of irons - that’s something to think about after some more practice.

The most useful iron in a complete set is a cavity-backed iron as these are widely renowned for being great at improving your game. They offer not too much spin on the ball which allows you to hit the ball further with more accuracy, so look for a set with a cavity-backed iron. 

Irons with larger soles are better for intermediate players as they offer better reliability and accuracy for the golfer while they are still learning how to aim. Keep this in mind when choosing your set. 


While all complete golf club sets will come with a putter of some sort, they may not be the best quality and therefore may need you to purchase another one soon after the set to get a better edge over your competitors. You should determine which type of putter is going to be most beneficial for you before concerning yourself with quality, though. The right style of golf club is more important than the quality as even the best quality won’t help you if you’re using the wrong club. 


The loft is the angle that the head is positioned at. This controls the trajectory and the distance of the ball when it’s hit with the club. Intermediate players should look for clubs with higher lofts, say higher than 10 degrees, as the ball will spin less and therefore the distance and accuracy will be better. 


The grip has to be decent enough for the player to be comfortable holding onto the club during each swing. Intermediate players should look for clubs with a thinner grip as there’s more chance of controlled movements with thinner grip areas, making them more efficient and helpful while learning. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is considered an intermediate golfer?

An intermediate golfer has typically learnt the basics and is now onto improving their handicap. The handicap index should be 35 at the worst. They will usually finish nine hole rounds in around two and a quarter hours while an eighteen hole round in four and a half hours, with an average score for an eighteen hole round of 95 to 115. 

All their shots are becoming much more accurate and their distance is also increasing nicely as their skill level increases. They can try dabbling with new golf clubs rather than just the basics to see how they affect their shots and game. 

What is the easiest golf club to hit? 

Any golf club with a larger loft is the easiest to hit the ball the highest. This is because there’s more spin added to the ball and therefore more control for the golfer. With this logic, wedges would be the easiest golf clubs to hit, closely followed by some irons. 

Do expensive golf clubs make a difference? 

With more expensive clubs you’re not going to see an immediate change in your skill, however the extra features that come along with some higher priced ones may aid your skill level faster. Moreover, the quality is likely to be higher with more expensive clubs and therefore your gear won’t break on you as easily. 

Having said this, it is possible to find a great set of golf clubs for a reasonable price, so if you’re on a budget you can definitely still purchase a great set.

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