Best Golf Clubs for Juniors

Golf is a fantastic sport for any child to learn which doesn’t only encourage them away from screens and out into the open for a day of fresh air, but also helps them learn how to gain focus, confidence and control.

Children are also pretty quick learners, and are certainly faster at picking up new skills than adults, so if you’re keen on passing the torch and teaching your child how to play golf, getting them into it when they’re young is a good idea. 

However, no doubt you are protective of your own golf clubs (and rightly so!) and the idea of a young child brandishing and wielding your precious equipment whilst they practice their swing can leave you in a bit of a panic. 

That’s why it’s a good idea for any child that has shown an interest in golf to be given their very own set of clubs to learn with. Junior golf clubs are also specially designed to help your child understand what type of club they need for each particular shot, and are also built to forgive any mistakes that might be made during the learning process, building confidence and reducing any upset or frustration.

But with so many choices available, which junior golf clubs should you go for? And what exactly should you look for when buying one?

To take the hard work out of finding the perfect set for your child, we’ve put together a collection of five of the best golf clubs for juniors, along with a buying guide that’s packed full of points you should consider before making your final decision.

Has your child got a special occasion coming up soon that you’d like to purchase them a set of junior golf clubs to celebrate with? Our top pick below has everything they need to start learning this fantastic sport. 

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Best Golf Clubs for Juniors - Reviews

If you’re looking for a golf club set that will help take your child from beginner to intermediate, then the Precise X7 from Precise Golf Co. could be exactly what you’re after. 

Containing all five essential clubs, it’s ideal for teaching the basics and building confidence around the golf course, and each club is constructed from graphite, which ensures that they are lightweight enough for a child to comfortably use without compromising on strength.

The first of the included clubs is the driver, which has a 15 degree loft and a wide face that doesn’t only make hitting the ball easier, but also allows for a straighter shot. Two irons (a 6/7 iron and a 9/PW iron) are perimeter weighted and are ideal for a child to practice confidently with, and the hybrid wood features a 22 degree loft that helps encourage a developed form. Finally, the included putter features a mallet design and an aligned face that helps with stroke and aim.  

This golf club set comes complete with a golf bag and stand, which also features dual straps that allows it to be carried like a back pack, making for easy transportation to and from the green, and as you maneuver your way around the course.


  • A complete set that contains all five essential clubs a child needs to learn how to play golf
  • Available in a variety of colors and age ranges 

  • Included clubs are; a driver, two irons, a hybrid wood and a putter

  • All clubs are constructed from lightweight, yet strong, graphite

  • Comes complete with a carry bag that features dual straps for easy transportation


  • Some customers found that the carrying bag could be a little bit top-heavy when fully loaded

This junior golf set from Wilson is available in a range of colors and sizes, and also gives you the option to choose between left and right handed orientation, meaning that there really is a choice for any budding young golfer.

Engineered with Super Game Improvement Technology™, which helps to enhance the golfing experience for younger players, this golf set comes complete with six golf clubs that will allow a child to master every aspect of the game.

The oversized junior driver has a low-positioned weight that is designed to give better flight to the ball as it lifts off the tee, and the two irons feature large faces that allow for a developing swing speed. There’s also hybrid wood that has a large sweet spot for accurate shots, and a weighted putter and wedge feature an alignment aid to promote correct target setup.

It also comes with an included carry case and stand that allows you to easily transport your clubs around, as well as club head covers that will help keep your clubs protected from any scratches when not in use.


  • Available as a left or right handed set of clubs, and in a range of sizes and colors
  • Built using Super Game Improvement Technology­™ to enhance game play for young golfers

  • Comes with six clubs (a driver, two irons, a hybrid wood, putter and wedge) all of which are designed and constructed to build confidence whilst playing

  • Includes a carry case and stand for easy transportation

  • Also includes club head covers to keep the clubs safe when not in use


  • Doesn’t come with a rain cover like some other sets, however the club head covers will protect the clubs if you get caught in a sudden downpour

Perfect for young golfers ranging from 3 years of age up to 14, and color coordinated accordingly, the ZAAP Junior Eagle Golf Set from Young Gun contains everything any young golf enthusiast would need to master the basics of this sport.

The 18 degree 3 wood is designed to accommodate for slower swing speeds, allowing for a better chance of getting the ball airborne upon impact, and is constructed from lightweight graphite that a younger player will be able to comfortably swing without feeling weighed down.

An included 7 iron is built with a cavity back design, giving a greater chance of hitting the ball and gaining more speed and distance, and is also constructed from graphite for a lightweight club without losing any strength.

Finally, the putter has been designed with an easy alignment aid that helps a younger golfer deliver more consistency, and is more forgiving of misplaced swing and posture. All of these clubs can also be kept safe and easily taken from course to course in the included carry case.


  • Suitable for ages 3-14, and is color coded so you can easily select the correct set for your child’s age
  • The 18° wood is specially designed to allow for slower swing speeds, which is ideal for a learner

  • A cavity-backed designed 7 iron gives a greater chance of hitting the ball and gaining more speed

  • Includes a putter that is designed with an alignment aid to help deliver consistency whilst learning

  • Comes complete with a carry case for safe storage and easy transportation


  • Only includes three clubs, whereas some other sets come with up to six. The clubs it does contain, however, are the perfect choices for anyone coming to golf at a novice level

Not only is this set specifically designed to provide a junior golfer with the correct equipment they need to get to the next level in their game, but the XJ Junior Golf Set from Callaway is also available in a choice of left handed or right handed orientation.

This set includes 7 golf clubs that will help your child master the art of golfing; a driver that helps deliver fast speeds and reduce spin, a fairway wood that provides a confident hit when lifting the ball off the tee, a hybrid with a forgiving head shape that allows maximum versatility, and a putter designed to improve the consistency of your setup. There’s also three irons (7, 9 and SW) that will launch the ball high into the air and help increase accuracy and control over distance. 

Each club has been especially designed to help aid a young player in getting their swing correct, and are engineered to be lightweight enough to wield without getting weighed down.

These clubs can also be carried around the course thanks to the included carry case and club head covers, which also provides a safe place to store them when they’re not in use. The carry case is also available in a choice of blue or white, so there’s something to suit everyone’s taste.


  • Available in a choice of left handed or right handed orientation
  • Includes 7 golf clubs that are designed to build confidence and accuracy for younger golfers

  • The included clubs are; a driver, a fairway wood, a hybrid, a putter, a 7 iron, an 8 iron and an SW iron

  • Constructed from strong, lightweight materials that are perfect for young players to swing without risking the strain a heavier club may cause

  • Comes with an included carry case and club head covers for safe transportation and storage


  • This set is only suitable for children between the heights of 54”-61”, however there are other sets available from Callaway that are suitable for different heights

Specially crafted for junior players, and color coded to make selecting the correct set easy and hassle free, the Junior Plus Complete Golf Club Set from Aspire Golf is perfect for helping children develop their technique on the course. 

The oversized driver / fairway wood has been specifically designed to maximize the distance and accuracy as your child learns to play, and the hybrid wood has an innovative club head shape that provides the forgiveness needed when practicing how to swing. 

This set also includes a stainless steel iron that has a thinner top line and an undercut cavity design for a perfect balance of distance and control, and a deluxe 2 ball alignment putter that helps to reduce backspin and provide greater accuracy. 

Complete with a lightweight stand bag that allows you to store and transport your clubs, which also features several zippered pockets where you can keep other equipment you might need for the green, and head covers to keep your clubs safe when not in use, this set is ideal for a young golfer.


  • Available in a range of sizes to suit differing ages, and color coded for easy selection
  • Contains four essentials clubs needed to learn the art of playing golf

  • Includes a driver / fairway wood, a hybrid wood, a stainless steel iron and a putter 

  • All clubs have been specially designed to help junior players gain confidence and skill as they play

  • Comes with a lightweight stand bag and club head covers to keep every safe and secure when not in use


  • Although this set contains the essential clubs needed for learning how to play golf, it doesn’t contain as many clubs as some other sets

Best Golf Clubs for Juniors - Buyers Guide

There’s no doubt that, in order for a child to learn how to play golf with confidence and gain the skills needed to get them to the next level, they will need their very own set of clubs to practice on. 

But, when it comes to finding the perfect set of junior golf clubs, it’s definitely not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal, and a little bit of research needs to be done before settling on your final decision. 

We’ve outlined some key points below that you should give some consideration to, and that will help you find a set of clubs that your child will not only love, but will also help them learn how to improve and master their skills over time.


The first thing to consider when looking at junior golf clubs is the size of each club, specifically the height of them. Children grow at a fairly rapid pace, and a set of clubs that is not the correct size will definitely be no help when it comes to perfecting their swing. 

Luckily, most clubs come labelled in age ranges that will help you find the correct height for your child, and some even come color coded to make finding the correct size even easier. However, as useful as this is, we would always still recommend finding out the measurements of the clubs as well to ensure that you get the right height for your child.

Another thing to look out for as well as the size, is the orientation that the clubs play in. Some golf club sets for juniors allow you the choice between right handed and left handed clubs, which will definitely help your child learn more comfortably. 


The weight of the golf clubs is another important factor to consider, especially when it comes to finding the perfect set for a child. Anything too heavy and your child may not be able to lift the club correctly, or could easily strain or injure themselves under the weight.

Lightweight materials, such as stainless steel or graphite, are the best option to go for when buying golf clubs for juniors. These are lightweight enough for a child to swing comfortably and confidently, but don’t sacrifice on strength so are still durable enough to take the occasional misplaced landing. 

Consider the collective weight of the clubs as well when you’re doing your research. Carrying several clubs around a golf course for a long period of time can potentially weigh you down, so a weight that your child would be able to comfortably carry without causing any injury or fatigue would be best. 

Club Types

Depending on what set you’re looking at, there will be a collection of different types of club included with it. If you’re a fairly seasoned golfer yourself, you’ll understand what each club is for and how it’s design can help you with a specific shot. However, if you're less aware of the difference in club types, there are some essential clubs that your set should contain. 

A driver is an absolute must have in any golf set for juniors, and will help your child learn how to develop a strong golf swing, whilst being the club that will send the ball as far as possible towards the green. Many drivers for children have been designed to allow for a slower swing speed, which is ideal for a learner and will still send the ball quite far, giving your child the confidence to carry on practicing.

Another essential golf club to look out for is a hybrid wood. These are a blend of woods and irons, and are designed to be used when the ball lands in more difficult ground such as sand or in the rough. 

A putter is also an essential club to have in any junior golf set, and is used to knock the ball into the hole from a closer range, and takes less force and a different swing than usual. Some putters designed for children have built-in alignment aids, which also helps with confidence and skill, allowing them to get a better angle on the target. 

Storage & Transportation

A pretty imperative part of any golf set for juniors is a carrying bag. This will give them somewhere to keep all of their clubs as they walk around the golf course, as well as somewhere safe to store them when they’re not in use. 

Most carry bags come with shoulder straps that allow it to be worn like a back pack, which evenly distributes the weight of the clubs during transportation and makes it much easier to carry. However, some also come with integrated wheels, which takes all of the weight away from the body and simply allows you to pull it behind you as you walk to the next point of your game.

If possible, you should also try and find a carry bag that has an inbuilt stand. This will allow it to be placed securely off the ground, and will give your child access to their clubs without having to constantly pick the bag up and put it down again.

Carrying bags that come with extra storage pockets are also a good thing to look for, as they will allow your child to store their clubs safely, and will also provide them with a secure place to keep any extra equipment they might need for their game such as tees or golf balls. 

Keeping your golf clubs in good shape is really important as well, and a good way to ensure that they don’t get damaged either on or off the course is with club head covers.

Some golf sets for juniors come with these covers as included extras, and they simply slip over the club head like a sock, keeping it both safe and clean for use next time. 


A set of golf clubs can be a pretty expensive investment, especially if you’re not certain that your child will be passionate about pursuing the sport after a few months of playing. So, with that in mind, it’s a good idea to set yourself a budget and see what you can get for it.

You may be surprised to find that there are several golf clubs for juniors that come with everything they need to perfect their skills, and that don’t cost a lot of money to buy. As always, do the research and make sure that you’re paying for the product and not just for the brand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can children use adult golf clubs?

It’s not really recommended for a child to use adult golf clubs for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they will not be the correct size for the child, so they won’t be able to get the correct grip or swing needed. Secondly, they may be too heavy for a child to play with, which could result in the child becoming injured. 

What size golf clubs does a child need?

This solely depends on the size of the child. Many golf clubs that are designed for use by juniors come in a range of sizes, each ideally matched to the height of the intended user, so it’s a good idea to measure the child and buy the correct set for their height.

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