Best Golf Clubs for Women

Gone are the days where golf is only a men’s sport there are so many fantastic women golfers out there that can give the men a run for their money! Of course, every golfer needs the right equipment, and naturally, women will have different needs to men in a lot of cases. The question is, what should a woman golfer be looking for in that all important golf club set?

It can be hard to narrow down the best possible set for you if you’re currently on the hunt for a good golf club set. No worries, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out some of our favorite golf clubs for women. We’ve also written a handy buyer’s guide to help you to understand what you need to be looking for.

In a hurry? This golf club set is perfect for helping to get the perfect shots.

In a hurry?
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Best Golf Clubs for Women - Reviews

This golf set is the ideal companion for women just starting their golfing journeys, or for casual golfers. This is a great quality golf set, with a 460cc driver that has a large sweet spot. This provides a lot of forgiveness for any of those mishits. 

The fairway wood is also a fantastic piece of golfing equipment to be able to take advantage of, and it’s very lightweight in the shaft so it’s easy to create long shots that fly quite some distance. There is also a very versatile hybrid that’s very forgiving which will give you a lot of confidence on the golf course even if you’re just starting.

The clubs come in a stand bag that’s very durable and doesn’t weigh a lot so it’s easy to carry. The bag also has five pockets designed for your convenience, giving you extra storage. The bag also comes with a rain hood, a cooler pocket, a strap system for the backpack, and headcovers for the driver, fairway wood and hybrids.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Sweet spot quite large for forgiveness

  • Lightweight stand bag

  • Perimeter weighted irons and wedges


  • None!

If you’re just looking at getting started in golf, then the Palm Springs Golf Visa Lady Petite set is a great choice. All of these golf clubs work well for shorter ladies as they’re made to be an inch shorter, so if you’re under 5 foot and 6 inches tall. 

The driver provides a rather large sweet spot at 460cc - this is actually the largest you’re even allowed legally! As a result it’s very forgiving too. The set includes 6 irons, the 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron and a pitching wedge, and these are all sporting a cavity back design so their center of gravity is lower. The putter is designed to give a more solid roll that you can count on. 

The set also comes with a deluxe stand bag that we’re sure you’ll love, with a 7 way divider top. This helps to make it easier to organize the clubs. There are plenty of pockets for extra storage space if you need it, ideal for carrying your balls and tees. It even has a dual carrying strap and a rain hood to help keep it dry.


  • Forgiving sweet spot on the 460cc driver
  • Stand bag with a 7 way divider to help you to organize better

  • Cavity backed design irons

  • Shorter design ideal for women that are shorter


  • Not suited to taller women

If you’re aiming for those lower scores and need a little bit of extra ball speed, then the Callaway Women’s Strata Tour is perfect for you.

The set comes with a very lightweight 460cc forged driver. This head is pretty large and rather forgiving, providing a lot of power when you hit the ball so it travels much further right off the tee. Even with slower swing speeds you’ll be able to hit the ball much further away and higher too. The set doesn’t come with any long irons, and it instead comes with easy to hit hybrids with a low back CG location and advanced perimeter weighting. 

Alongside a long shot and high trajectory, there are also a few extra useful things with this set. For one, it comes with a durable and light cart bag for easy transportation. This bag has a lot of storage space. It also comes with a cooler pocket and a rain hood.


  • Driver features a 460cc head with a large sweet spot
  • Aerodynamic head shape

  • Hybrids instead of long irons


  • Not all users like the feel of the clubs

This stylish golf club set provides a lot of good performance for the course. You can expect a whole new and improved confidence for your game with this great golf set.

The set comes with a titanium driver, a fairway wood, hybrid, 6 pitching wedge irons, a putter, 3 h/c’s and a deluxe dual strap golf bag. This bag really does look unique with a gorgeous cherry pink color and interesting pattern. It also has a number of storage pockets, headcovers and legs. It’s a little expensive to some, but it’s more than worth the price.

Thankfully, it’s also ideal for beginners looking to get started in the game. If that sounds like you, this set is definitely worth investing in.


  • Complete set
  • Attractively designed bag

  • Forgiving driver


  • It can only be used by right handed players

The Wilson Ultra Complete Package Golf Set is ideal as a first set for any woman golfer trying to get used to golfing.

The set includes a graphite and steel driver and a fairway wood, with head covers included so you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged by the weather. It also includes a steel shaft 4 hybrid, steel shaft irons, a steel shaft mallet putter, and a cart bag that’s very lightweight, allowing you to be able to carry it around easily as you move around the golf course.

It’s made to be used by those who are right handed, however they do come in left handed versions. You don’t need to worry about any additional assembly as they are all already assembled. Simply take them out of their handy carry bag and swing away! The set is incredibly affordable for what it offers, and the vast majority of other right handed golf club sets cost much more than this. It comes with all the clubs you could possibly need as you’re starting out, and you can easily upgrade with better equipment as you gain more experience.


  • Very affordable, you’d be hard pressed to find a golf set with this much included for this price
  • All of the main clubs already included so no need to buy any extra equipment

  • Matching headcovers for the driver, fairway wood and hybrid


  • None to report at this time

Best Golf Clubs for Women - Buyers Guide

Why should I buy golf clubs especially designed for women?

A lot of women may question why they should be buying golf clubs that are different to male golfers. Honestly, if a woman wants to use a male golf club there is nothing wrong with that, but there are a few benefits to buying golf clubs designed especially for female golfers.

Better Sizing Fit

Though this isn’t strictly true in all cases, statistically women tend to be a little bit shorter than men. As a result, golf clubs for women are designed to be shorter than the average men’s size. 

Ensure that your golf club size aligns with your height. If you’re taller, then go for either the +1” size golf clubs made for women, or you can simply go with a standard men’s size. 

If you’re around average height or shorter than normal, then golf clubs designed for women are probably your best bet. They’ll usually be a better fit length wise and the lie tends to work better as the positioning will be more upright that what you’ll find on the lie of a man’s golf club. This is essentially because women, as a result of their height, will usually stand closer to the ball when they’re setting up their shot. 

More Flexibility

Women’s golf clubs are made to be more flexible than ones that are made for men. Having more flexibility is better for those with slower swing speeds as it can help you to get the ball in the air more easily. If you don’t have a very fast swing or if you do need more assistance getting the ball to go further away, then a woman’s golf club is ideal for you.

Whole Sets

You tend to find that women’s golf club sets tend to be more complete than men’s. You’re more likely to get every single aspect you need, from woods, to hybrids, irons, wedges, putters and occasionally bags that you can use to store the clubs in. You’ll get this all in one set.

It can save a lot of money to get a complete set, as buying each one individually can get a little expensive. If you’re only just starting out or you’re a casual player then getting a whole set can be a big asset


Women’s golf clubs look unique and stand out a lot more than men’s do. They tend to have much more detail and a wider range of colors that make them stand out. Men’s clubs tend to be a lot more simplistic and basic in colors, and they only tend to be in black, gray and white.

As far as color is concerned the biggest issue is lack of colors. For whatever reason, according to golf manufacturers women only like pink and purple, though we’re beginning to see a lot more variation in color patterns lately.

You’re free to choose any golf clubs you wish but if you’re shorter and your swing speed is slower then it simply makes sense to invest in golf clubs for women.  

Other Things to Consider

When you’re purchasing golf clubs, regardless of gender there are a myriad of things you need to consider. Things like physical factors, such as club length, grip size, club weight and shaft flex are important to keep in mind. 

You should also think about price, and what kinds of clubs will come in the set. We’ll go over each of these in detail.


For a lot of people, price is a top priority. It can get very expensive to play golf with there being so many pieces of equipment to play, and it even puts a lot of people off from playing altogether.

One individual golf club can cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars, and they may be designed to last for a long time. If you’re just starting out though it isn’t really logical to spend so much money on just one golf club.

If you’re just starting out then it’s worth buying a beginner’s set. They’re not quite as durable as more expensive clubs but they do work for their purpose without you needing to spend too much money. This also helps you to be able to see if golf is something you want to continue with before you spend a lot of money on an expensive set. 

Club Length

This is something that’s pretty important, and it can determine how much success you have with your shots. You should always take your time in checking the lengths of all of the clubs in the set. If the set does not list any clubs, or only one size exists, then the club is more than likely standard size.

For an iron, the normal size for a 5 iron is 37”, and a driver is 43”. If you are taller than average for a woman than standard club sizes will be just fine. You’ll need something shorter if you are shorter.

Always check the size chart before buying clubs as there are a few different things that can decide what club size you require. If it’s possible to do so then it’s worth trying to test the golf clubs before buying so you can see whether they’re a good choice for you.

If you’re planning on buying the clubs online then it’s worth speaking with a specialist at a sporting goods store, as they’ll be able to help you make sure that the clubs you’re getting are the right size. 


The main materials used to make club shafts are steel and graphite. Graphite is the lightest material, whereas steel can be quite heavy. The majority of manufacturers tend to use graphite for women’s golf clubs as they’re more lightweight, and they’re easier to swing. This means you’re going to have an easier time getting a good trajectory.

If you are an experienced golfer and you’re able to control your club then steel may be much better for you. 

Grip Size

The comfort of your club is largely determined by its size and feel. Larger grips tend to provide more comfort,  but women’s clubs usually have smaller grips. It’s somewhat easy to change the grip size on a club though and it doesn’t cost a lot, so don’t let grip size change your mind. 

What clubs usually come with golf sets?


Woods are the most commonly used clubs when you’re first starting out in your golfing journey as they help you to get more distance and they are easier to swing faster. Drivers and fairways are also considered in the woods category.


These are the clubs you most commonly see and you use them to hit the ball off the fairway, and they can be used for tee shots when the holes are shorter on the course. 


These are pretty much what they sound like, a mixture between wood clubs and irons. More often than not golfers replace their irons with hybrids as they can be used to take the same shots as irons. 


Wedges basically have the same heads as irons, but wedges will help you get out of the sand bunker. They’re ideal for short and difficult shots. 


These help you put, just to put this in the simplest terms possible. 

Shaft Flex

When you’re looking for golf clubs, choose ones that work with your swing speed, so if you’re just starting out you should consider a shaft that’s more flexible.

Women’s golf clubs are actually designed to have more flexibility, but there isn’t a set industry standard for labeling shaft flexibility. With that being said golf clubs designed for women are more flexible so you don’t need to worry here. 


There are a few extra things that can help to enhance your golf experience. Things like straps, a golf bag, legs for the golf club and rain hoods are all useful assets. Also, pockets can be helpful so you can carry things like water for example.

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