Callaway Strata Golf Club Set Review

The Callaway Strata men’s golf club set is one of the most widely-trusted and highly-rated on the online market.

In this 12-piece golf set, you will find a lightweight 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-9 irons, and a mallet putter, packaged in a lightweight and durable stand bag that comes with a handy backpack strap system so you can easily transport your clubs between the course or tournaments.

The set is available in a striking blue or a vibrant red so you can stand out on the course, and it’s also available in a 14-piece set or 16-piece tour set which is available with regular flex shafts or stiff flex, depending on your preference.

Overall, this set is great for beginner to intermediate golfers; it’s also affordable considering the quality of the clubs, which are comparable to far more expensive options on the market. This golf set is ready to go straight out of the box, so you can hit the course as soon as possible.  

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Buyers Guide

What’s included?

The clubs

  • Driver - the Driver in this Strata set is perfect for amateurs thanks to the large sweet spot which is designed for those still getting used to the game. A lightweight, titanium head allows a little extra forgiveness to help you hit it farther off the tee. 
  • Fairway Wood - This oversized 3 wood is very forgiving thanks to the aerodynamic head shape that’s designed for long, high-flying shots. This is a nice mid-range wood that provides plenty of loft for helping beginner golfers get the ball into the air and maximize their height.

  • 5 hybrid - the hybrid is a great alternative to difficult long irons and gives you more confidence on a variety of shots, providing versatility while allowing you to maintain consistency and control.

  • Irons/wedge- These stainless steel irons (6 – 9 irons, pitching wedge)are classified as game-improvement irons, meaning they are built to help you achieve height and better aim. 

  • Putter - the mallet putter is great for helping amateurs achieve incredible accuracy.

Stand Bag

For a golfer, the stand bag is nearly as important as the clubs themselves. This lightweight and durable stand bag is spacious enough to fit all of your clubs, extra golf balls, and your personal belongings in too - thanks to the five convenient pockets.

It also has an additional cooler pocket for keeping your drink cool on hot days, and a rain hood for keeping your bag dry if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

This bag also comes with a backpack strap system which makes it easy to transport and carry, while the colors and design of the bag make it stand out on the course, and allow it to look far more expensive than it actually is - which is always an added bonus. 


A great bonus - this set comes with two handy headcovers to protect and cushion the top two woods.

Woods are the largest of the clubs and therefore need to be protected with headcovers as they will obtain the most damage over time while being transported back and forth in your bag. 

Best features  

  • The low profile 3-wood in this set measures approximately 42 inches and high handicappers will notice an improvement in swing speed and control with this club, making it an excellent launchpad for beginners who want to build up their consistency and accuracy before progressing to a more advanced set of clubs. 

  • Rather than a 5-iron, this 5-hybrid is a great alternative that is far easier to hit with.

    While it’s pretty similar to the set’s 6-iron, the hybrid helps provide solid contact at impact and the wide sole of the clubhead easily slides underneath the golf ball as you hit it to improve your launch angle and propel the ball higher and further.

  • It’s unlikely that you’ll need to use the Driver when you first start playing, however, it is good to have one in your starter set, and the one included in the Strata set is particularly well-designed for beginners. This 10.5-degree driver is made from titanium and measures 460cc in volume.

    Thanks to the large clubhead, you’ll find that this has a good-sized sweet spot that provides the beginner golfer with just the right amount of forgiveness, while also challenging them to improve their game.

  • The versatility of this stand bag makes this set even better value for money. The multiple compartments are perfect for keeping your valuables safe and for carrying extra golf balls, while the fold-out legs are sturdy and allow you to prop the bag up while you play, for easy access to your clubs.

    The backpack strap system is an added bonus which makes this bag easy to carry. 

How does it compare to others? 


When it comes to buying your first set of golf clubs, you want a quality set that can give you a good feel for the game, but you don’t necessarily want to break the bank.

While golf sets can cost into the thousands, you’re probably looking to spend in the region of 200-350 dollars for a set that provides you with everything you need to get started. At $249.99 the Callaway Strata set provides you with all of the basics, and, if anything, more than you actually need to begin with.

You probably won’t use the Driver until you've been playing for at least a few months, however, it’s great to have one ready for when you do eventually reach that stage.


There are of course higher quality golf sets you can go for, but when you’re just starting out in the sport you’re probably looking to minimize the cost, as there’s no point spending thousands of dollars until you’ve really got a good grasp of the wonderful game of golf. \

That said, Callaway is a respected golf brand, and the Strata set is designed to give you confidence straight out of the box. However, some people did complain about the quality of the Driver, suggesting that it dented easily and had to be replaced quickly, while the irons seem to be of far better quality. \

Sure - these clubs won’t last you forever, but for the price, even if they last you a year, they’re a great starting point. 


A beginner’s golf set should have a little more flex in the shaft for added forgiveness.

The Strata set balances control with flexibility so you can improve your distance and swing speed while maintaining control over your clubs. 


These Callaway clubs not only feel the part, but they look the part too.

The white and blue provides a striking contrast and, overall, this set looks more expensive than it is thanks to the color coordination and neat stand bag. 

What does a beginner golfer need? 

When you’re starting out in golf, you’re not necessarily going to use a 12-piece set straight away.

However, this Strata set provides you with the clubs you need to get off to a good start, but also the ones you can eventually progress to, such as the Driver, which you’re unlikely to be able to use well at first. 


Perhaps the most important element of the starter set is the irons. Most sets will start with the 5 or 6 iron and progress through to the 9 iron.

Usually, the irons found in beginner golfing sets are designed to fast-track your improvement, so they’re usually complete with wide soles and perimeter weighting for added forgiveness and improved aim.

When you’re new to the game, it’s important to get a set of irons that are designed for beginners, as while you won’t use these forever, it’s vital that you ease yourself into the game, as this way you’re likely to improve at a quicker pace. 


Most starter golf sets don’t include enough wedges to help out the high handicapper, and the Strata is no different in this case as it includes only a pitching wedge.

Wedges help the golfer get the ball closer to the cup while improving contact at impact and boosting your height, two areas that most people struggle with when they first start playing golf.

Therefore, it’s worth factoring in the cost of having to add a sand and/or lob wedge at some point to your collection. 

Final Verdict

This set contains everything you need to get you started in golf.

The titanium driver and 3-wood are particularly well-suited to the amateur and provide just the right balance of forgiveness without entirely compromising on power and speed. While an extra wedge is always appreciated, for the price of this Strata set you can certainly justify adding to your collection over time, and you can rest assured that this set will allow you to get to grips with the game without breaking the bank, nor compromising on quality.

Overall, this is a great set for beginners, but if you’re already accustomed to the game, you may want to look at the tour version of the Strata set, or alternatively, look for a set that’s a little more advanced. 

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