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If you’re into golf, you’ll know that interest in the sport often doesn’t wane as you get older. 

The only issue is that usually as we get older golf can sometimes become a little harder for our bodies, and it can get more difficult to perform to our peak as we did in our youth. 

It can become frustrating not being able to get as high of a handicap as we used to because of lower swing.

Thankfully, you can get your game back up to your peak performance again with the right equipment. Having the right golf clubs and especially drivers to cater to your needs can be a huge blessing, both to your confidence and your overall game.

There are so many golf drivers on the market right now for seniors though that it can sometimes be a challenge to know what’s the best choice for you.

Thankfully, we’ll narrow it down for you and show you our top picks for drivers for seniors. 

We’ve also written a handy buyer’s guide for you to peruse to help you understand our own decision making process.

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Best Driver For Seniors - Reviews

The Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Flash Driver is an impressive driver that will really take your game to a new level. If you want increased distance even with a slower swing speed, then this is the driver for you. 

The driver comes with the ability to slide the weight. This means that you can create the perfect draw or fade for you, and this will help you to optimise your carry and shot shape every single time that you take a swing of the driver. 

The driver also comes with another feature called the OptiFit Hosel. This allows you to alter the loft so you can change the height of the drivers. This helps if you happen to feel that the ball is flying too high and you’re not getting the distance you need from it. 

This may not be the best fit for you if you’re not as experienced. You’ll need a little bit of strength behind this, so it’s a much better fit if you can hit the ball over 150 yards off the tee. If you struggle getting the ball in the air on your tee shots, you may wish to steer clear of this driver.

Another cool feature is that the driver comes with a Flash Face. This is slightly different from the X-Face, as the Flash Face is designed with the use of a computer that optimises the legal parameters and various other parameters to create a driver face that will really enhance your ball speed upon contact with the driver.

The driver face is made of 595c Super Aged Forged Titanium, which makes it incredibly strong. 

The driver also looks quite flashy too, so if this is important to you, you can rest assured that you’ll stand out on the golf course with this driver. It’s a highly forgiving driver too so if you do struggle with accuracy on your shots it can help tremendously in that regard.


  • Low Spin clubhead
  • Sliding weights provide extra control
  • Extra speed as a result of the technology in the driver
  • Looks good


  • May not be ideal for beginners

If you want a driver that will give a reliable performance and has a great feel, the Cobra King F7 driver may be just what you’re looking for. You can really get a lot of extra confidence with this driver! 

The driver looks smaller than it actually is, with a head of 460cc.It has a lovely glossy look that looks very professional. The driver also sounds wonderful upon impact, with a responsive and solid sound, and it feels good on accurate shots.

Aesthetics aside, the Cobra King F7 Driver more than holds its own on the course. It provides a decent amount of distance while still offering a lot of forgiveness on mishits.

It can give you a lot of confidence when using this driver as it’s easy to control and provides a very consistent performance. If you struggle with accuracy this is a good choice for you. 

One of the things that make this driver unique is the Cobra Connect technology. The technology has been made in conjunction with Arccos, and it enables golfers to collect stats automatically, such as the longest drives, their number of fairway hits, and the average driving distance.

This is a huge benefit to players that are looking to improve their game and understand their own statistics as they play golf. 

Overall, it’s a powerful driver that can make a big difference to your game, and you can expect a good feeling shot when you strike. Ideal for beginners and slightly more advanced players alike. 


  • Cobra connect technology
  • Forgiving
  • Good sound and feel


  • If you’re looking for distance, there are better drivers out there

This driver is definitely a good choice for the more advanced seniors out there. Made with some of the best technology out there and the ability to adjust the driver to your liking, you can rely on this driver to provide a great gameplay experience.

The driver is fairly long, and this comes down to the twist face technology. What is this, you ask? Well, the Twist Face will allow golfers to launch the ball into the air with added speed but without a lot of spin, and as you can imagine this is perfect for added accuracy. 

The driver also comes with an adjustable loft sleeve. This will help you to create the ideal offset and launch angle for you. There is also a sole weight positioned at the back of the clubhead which helps to add extra launch when you contact the ball, and it gives the club extra feel. 

The head is very aerodynamic owing to the shape which has a high ‘skirt’ on the rear of the head. This isn’t the best for forgiveness, though, so it’s not a driver for the faint of heart. It’s designed precisely for seniors that know their game well, so if you’re new you may want to steer clear. 

That being said, the driver comes with a sizable sweet spot, and it has a great sound and feel. It’s a fabulous choice if you are a more experienced senior golfer, so why not give it a try?


  • Aerodynamic
  • Fast
  • Accurate shots
  • Good sound and feel


  • Not ideal for beginners

The Rogue Driver from Callaway is a personal favorite of ours for a whole host of reasons. Made with the company’s patented Jailbreak technology, the driver distributes the weight in the driver.

This helps for those with a slower swing speed as it will help to create a longer shot with less force. 

The driver comes with a loft sleeve on the hosel which will allow you to input a number of different settings that alter the height of the ball.

This provides a lot of much wanted control for the golfer. The head has also been created so that it creates as little drag as possible on the clubface so there’s the ultimate amount of clubhead speed. 

The driver is quite forgiving and boasts a lot of accuracy, keeping most drives straight and providing a great feel in the process which makes your game all the more enjoyable.The driver helps to reduce any unwanted side spin on off-center shots too. 

If you need that little bit of extra distance, the Callaway Rogue Driver may be a good option for you 


  • Aerodynamic for faster swing for those with slower swing speeds
  • Jailbreak technology helps to increase ball speed
  • Adjustable loft sleeve
  • Easy to control


  • May not be perfect for beginners

This is one of the most versatile drivers on the market and is totally perfect for seniors with a slower swing speed. It’s a jack of all trades that is a reliable golf course companion.

The club has an Ultralite titanium core which is positioned on the back of the clubface. This helps to give higher arcs on your swings, and this is ideal for seniors who’s shots keep getting lower.

The driver contains a speed pocket that helps to optimise speed upon contact, and this is even more prominent when you hit on the sweet spot.

It also comes with a loft sleeve that will help you be able to adjust the loft and trajectory when you swing. It doesn’t come with any adjustable weights which is a bit of an issue, especially if you need a little extra control. 

You can expect this driver to provide a lot of speed and height alike, which is handy if your swing speed is a little slower than the average.

Overall, the driver is very powerful, and will give you the peace of mind that your driver will give you a lot of support with creating great quality shots on a consistent basis. It’s ideal if you are on more of a budget too as it doesn’t completely break the bank.

It’s a good choice then if you’re a senior that doesn’t want to spend so much money for a premium driver but still wants quality.


  • Lightweight
  • Big sweet spot
  • Hosel is adjustable


  • No moving weights

Best Driver For Seniors - Buyers Guide

The right driver can be super important to ensuring your game is the best that it possibly can be. Thankfully there are a lot of fantastic quality drivers out there for seniors. But what makes a good driver for a senior? Let’s break it down.

The way a driver is constructed and designed is perhaps one of the most important factors when considering purchasing a new driver. The driver is the furthest hitter in the golf bag, so for that reason it needs to be a powerful tool that can be wielded well in the hands of its user. Here’s the main things to look out for


A lighter club head will be beneficial for a senior, as it will help to improve swing speed. You don’t really want to be getting a driver that has a very heavy clubhead as it will be harder to swing due to the weight. 

Seniors can use weights of all different kinds on their clubhead, but this is just a rule of thumb to follow.

One way to reduce the weight of the driver is by getting one with a fixed hosel driver that has a perimeter-weighted clubhead. 

Shaft Flex

How much power you get out of your driver can sometimes rely on how much flex the driver had in the shaft and the amount it rebounds. If your shaft has more flex then it’s going to be more powerful to use for a senior. Usually clubs made of graphite allow for more flex, as opposed to some of the more stiffer materials such as titanium or aluminum.

With that being said, you may have a faster swing so you could go for a regular shaft flex, which is a bit more handy if you’ve got more experience. Try and take the driver out for a spin first to see if it’s a good fit for you and whether it’s a sustainable option. 

Shaft Length

Longer shafts usually aid with getting a better distance, but they can sometimes cause issues as they can reduce control. It usually depends on you as a person, and you should always assess whether the club is aligned with your height.

Also check your swing style and speed and this will also help you to determine what shaft length you require. If you don’t have an awful lot of skill you should probably try to avoid shafts that are extremely long. It’s worth sticking to ones in the 43-46 inch range. 

Clubhead Size

Most clubheads don’t go much lower than 440cc, but the USGA will currently accept clubs with up to a 460cc clubhead. These measurements are quite different as far as performance is concerned. If you want to have a more active part in ensuring that you can shape the trajectory of the ball, the 440cc clubhead is best for you.

If you don’t feel that you’re that skilled anymore, it may be better to go with a 460cc clubhead instead.


You’ve got a few different choices when it comes to the material the driver is made out of. Drivers are made of metal, but there are 3 variations: graphite, steel and titanium. Titanium is the stiffest and heaviest of all the materials, so it works best for those who have lots of power in their swing.

You’ll need a much faster swing and an accurate shot to pull off using this material. Titanium can help make the ball travel a much further distance, but it’s also harder to hit with a titanium driver. 

Graphite clubs are the most flexible and so they work well if your swing speed is lower. It will help you to improve your swing because it’s fairly lightweight, but it comes at a caveat of being less durable. 

Finally, you’ve got steel. Steel drivers are usually heavy, so it can be difficult to use if you have a slower swing speed but it gives a lot of power if you have a fast swing speed. Steel doesn’t rust, and is usually the cheapest of the three materials. The main issue is that it doesn’t do a good job of absorbing shock, so you can expect a bit of vibration in the hands when you strike with it. 


You can usually customize a lot of golf clubs these days, allowing you to adapt them to your specific needs. If you have more options it means you have more ways to adapt your driver to you. The main things to adjust are the weight, the face angle and the loft. 


Forgiveness can be a virtue for any golfer in the event of mishits, but if you’re new to gold it’s especially useful. If you sometimes hit the ball at the wrong angle it can affect your whole game and increase your handicap, so choosing a driver with a good amount of forgiveness can be a blessing. 


When you’re buying any product, money is an important factor. After all, you don’t want to be spending a lot of money on a golf club that will fall apart after a short amount of use, or spend too much money on a club that just isn’t the right fit. Make sure you have some kind of idea of the things that you need in a driver before buying, and be sure to check whether the club is durable. Also, think about your budget first.

You pay for what you get and some features won’t come with certain drivers under a set price point. These are all things you need to consider when selecting a driver.

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