Best Driver For Woman Golfer

There’s a common misconception out there that golf is a women’s game, but if Park Sung-hyun and Annika Sorenstam have shown us anything, it’s that women can play just as good of a game of golf as men can. 

With that being said, whether you’re male or female, having a good set of golf clubs catered to you and your unique characteristics can only improve your game.

There’s a lot of great golf equipment on the market designed to improve a woman’s golf game. Getting a good driver catered to you is a good start to upgrade your golf kit.

Because there is so much on the market it can be difficult sometimes to separate the good golf drivers from the not so good. 

Thankfully, we’re here to give you a couple of suggestions of some good golf drivers you can invest in to prove your game. 

We’ve also added a neat little buyer’s guide at the end so that you know what to look out for in a driver set.

In a hurry? Stay in the driving seat of your game with our number one pick! 

In a hurry?
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Best Driver For Woman Golfer - Reviews

The TaylorMade 2018 Women’s Kalea Ultralite Driver is a fantastic pick for really making a big improvement on your golf performance.

The driver features speed pocket technology designed by TaylorMade that makes the driver face have more flex. This helps to improve ball speed and creates faster rebound and energy transference.

The driver helps to create a faster swing due to its lightweight design. It has an Ultralite shaft that helps to make more clubhead speed and make for a higher trajectory on launch.

The face grooves on the Kalea Women’s Driver aids in helping with spin and makes the driver extremely forgiving on off shots. 

The driver has a 12 degree loft, and a flexible graphite shaft. The driver provides very straight shot too so you can rely on the driver in aiding with the direction of your shots.

It has a sleek look too which will really stand out on the golf course.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Extra distance added


  • Users report of easily chipping paint

The Cobra Women’s 2018 F-Max Offset Driver is a stunning looking driver that really packs a punch on the golf course. To start with, the driver is offset at 9.5 degrees and is one of the most forgiving drivers on the market right now. 

The driver is a good choice for those golfers with a moderate swing speed who need that extra draw. It provides a straight and high launch whilst still being a lightweight club.

The driver comes with large, midsize grips that make it comfortable to hold and consistent. It’s incredibly lightweight, from the shaft to the swing weights. 

The CG weight of the back is also placed much closer to the heel. This helps to make it deliver straighter and more forgiving. The crown alignment of the club also helps with aligning the ball with the club easier. 

It can take a little while to get used to this club, but with such an affordable price for what it offers and for such an improvement to your game, this is a club you definitely won’t be disappointed with.


  • Light construction
  • Promotes straight and high launch
  • Easier alignment with the ball
  • Forgiving


  • Can take a while to get used to it

It’s all about the feel with this beauty of a driver. It really is one of the best feeling drivers out there, with a fantastic price point and it offers a lot of distance. 

As one of the biggest golf names, you would expect TaylorMade to provide premium quality products with advanced technology. That is most definitely the case with the TaylorMade Women’s R15 Driver.

The driver comes with an enormous head allowing for more forgiveness. The driver is very lightweight and easy to carry, and it even had adjustable weights that you can alter at your discretion. 

The R15 driver utilizes a low-forward center of gravity that’s positioned much closer to the heel side. This aids in creating a low spin, and thus helping to get that coveted extra distance and height on shots. 

In addition, the driver looks professional and is sure to make you feel super confident on the course. It’s not ideal for newer players though.


  • Large sweet spot
  • Adjustable weights
  • Low center of gravity
  • Good feel


  • Not ideal for new golfers

If you need an ultra forgiving driver for any mishits, you’ve got yourself a winner with the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Driver.

With a titanium ‘Exo-cage’ body, the driver will allow you some leeway with your shots and this will help to gradually improve your game. 

The driver comes in a 460cc triangular clubhead. This helps to make it more aerodynamic for faster shots, and this is heightened by the Speed Step crown. It’s not ultra bulky or heavy feeling, and it provides a straight shot that will go far.

It’s actually quite lightweight, allowing for an easy swing and if you do have a naturally slower swing speed then this is particularly helpful. 

The driver has a good look, with a metallic accent design on the crown that looks refreshing.

If your shots are slightly more inconsistent then this driver would be a good choice for you, and it will help you to generate the distance you may otherwise miss with a less forgiving driver. 


  • Aerodynamic design for faster swing
  • Lightweight
  • Forgiving
  • Looks good
  • Helps if you have a slower swing speed


  • No way to adjust the settings

This driver is a fantastic choice if you really need to improve on that ball speed, owing to the Callaway Jailbreak technology and X-Face VFT technology.

This speed demon of a golf club is also ultra forgiving so you don’t need to worry if you hit something slightly off, you should still get a good distance and trajectory,

The club features a sizable crown surface area that helps to improve the center of gravity, likewise improving stability and forgiveness.

It’s quite large at 460cc for the head, and it’s very aerodynamic. The forgiveness is mainly down to the extra weight that’s put on the heel that helps any players that struggle to hit the ball square on. If you hit more on the left or right, this aids in making the shots still go straight. 

The golf club works quite well for mid handicappers too, and it’s fairly inexpensive!

It also has a great looking design on the cosmetic front.


  • Jailbreak effect that helps to increase the speed of the ball
  • Flexible clubhead
  • Forgiving


  • Not ideal if you’re more accustomed to heavy clubs

Another fantastic driver for forgiveness, this driver also works well for very skilled female golfers. It achieves a good level of distance too.

The driver includes a speed pocket that’s very flexible and helps you to achieve a fast swing with minimal effort. It achieves a good height on the ball, and it has a large 460cc head with a big sweet spot.

It’s very lightweight, and it looks very good on the course too due to its sleek finish. The driver has very easy to adjust loft settings too if you need to change things around.

The driver is fairly inexpensive as it is a slightly older model, so you don’t need to worry about too much expense either. Result!


  • Fast swing
  • Good trajectory
  • Lightweight
  • Large sweet spot


  • Slightly heavy clubhead

Best Driver For Woman Golfer - Buyers Guide

There are some things worth considering if you’re a woman golfer looking to invest in a new driver. Having the right golf driver can bring a huge improvement to your game, ranging from swing to forgiveness. But what are the differences between a man’s and a woman’s driver?

What’s the difference between drivers for men and drivers for women?


Generally women’s drivers are smaller than men’s. They tend to be about 2 to 3 inches shorter than drivers for men, but this can be a bit of an issue for taller women. In this case it can be a better choice to use a longer golf club.

Men’s golf clubs are usually a little heavier and stiffer but if you’re tall you won’t have the discomfort that comes with bending over excessively to properly take a swing. 

The standard measurement is 43 inches for men’s golf clubs. This works best for ladies at around 5 feet and 9 inches tall. To figure out what size you need, add or subtract an inch from the standard as required by your height. So if you’re 5 feet and 8 inches tall, you’ll need a 42 inch driver. 

Flex of the Shaft

The power of a driver largely depends on the shaft’s flex and how much it rebounds. If you have more shaft flex then the club is more powerful for women, but there’s no extra weight. Usually women’s golf clubs are made of graphite, rather than stiffer materials such as steel, aluminum or titanium.

Generally women’s swings are a little bit slower and so the club gets less force. For that reason lighter materials are used to construct the driver so that the shaft doesn’t have a higher chance of breaking. 

If you have a faster swing, you can get a regular flex shaft, especially if you’re more experienced.

It’s worth trying out your driver so that you can check whether it’s a good fit for you. You could also take another experienced golfer with you so they can advise whether the driver is good for you. 


As we’ve said in the previous section, usually women’s drivers tend to be a little lighter. If the club head weighs you down, this also slows swing speed which can be problematic if you already have a slow swing.

Usually the clubhead is designed to be lighter on a women’s driver club head than regular drivers.


A lot of women statistically have smaller hands than their male counterparts, and for this reason the shaft is also narrower on a woman’s golf shaft. They’re also usually shorter grips than men’s. If you have small hands this is quite useful. You can also get different types of grips, from corded grips to velvet golf grips, and they can come in lots of different colors.


A man’s driver usually has a loft that lies between 9 to 11 degrees on the club face. As women don’t always hit the ball with as much force as men, the trajectory needs to be higher on the shot in order to stop the ball from hitting the ground before it’s gone as far as it possibly can.

For this reason a standard loft you can expect on a women’s driver is around 12 or 13 degrees.  The higher the loft you have the more height you will usually get. If you’re just starting out a higher loft can also be extra helpful. 

Design of the Clubhead

Manufacturers will often play around with the center of gravity on clubheads. It can be quite beneficial to female golfers as it will aid in achieving longer and more powerful tee shots.

The club head is usually smaller than that of a man’s golf driver, but it’s shaped in such a way that it makes the sweet spot larger, and thus helping to lower the center of gravity on the head and increasing the loft you get on the shot. 


Drivers are made of metal, and there are a few different kinds. What you choose will depend on your personal requirements. There’s a choice between graphite, steel and titanium. Titanium is the stiffest and heaviest, so this will be a good choice if you have a lot of power in your swing.

Using a driver made of titanium will require a faster swing and an accurate shot, and more often than not it will help to make your ball go a much further distance. It can also make it harder to hit. 

Graphite clubs are usually more flexible, as we’ve mentioned when talking about the shaft. If you have a lower swing speed a graphite driver will help you to work on the swing and improve your distance. It’s sadly a little less durable so it will require replacing eventually.

The last option is steel. Steel is also quite heavy, so it’s a better choice for you if your swing is a little faster than the average. It doesn’t usually rust and it tends to be cheaper than a lot of the other materials. It’s not very shock absorbent though so when you strike the ball you’ll probably feel something akin to a vibration in your hands. 


A lot of players would do well to get a club that has a lot of forgiveness, especially those just starting out. A forgiving driver will help you to get a good shot even on mishits. If you’re fairly new to golf this is especially more important as you’re more likely to miss on your shots early on as you haven’t mastered your swing yet.

Other Considerations

So those are the main things that are worth considering if you’re a lady golfer looking for a new driver. But there are also a few other considerations to take into account when you’re in the market for a driver. 


The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you want a driver that has the option to adjust certain features. A lot of clubs these days have the ability to be adjusted on things such as the face angle, loft and lie angle without you needing to go to a specialist golf club fitter.

Is this an important aspect to you? It can be helpful to be able to change a driver as you see fit, but it’s not a requirement, and if you don’t really care much about adjustability then you don’t need to worry. 

Standard or Tour?

There are a lot of tour edition drivers out there, but it’s best to steer clear of them if you haven’t got a lot of experience as they will require a lot of skill to use.

You’d be better off using a more standard or ladies edition driver that’s better suited to your needs, and you can always upgrade to tour once you become more advanced. 


Ultimately buying a golf club comes down to this important factor more than anything else. How much you’re able to spend will influence what kind of driver you can buy. Ideally you need to find drivers that will fit you and perform the way you need them to, and that may not necessarily mean you need a premium level driver.

You can still get a good quality driver even if you are on a budget. 

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