Best Golf Drivers Of All Time

To many people golf isn’t just a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Unlike many other sports, it is unique in the sense that the equipment used is often remembered just as much as the players yielding them. 

Players often have fond memories of their first driver or iron set, which is why it’s crucial to possess a great one. 

Hitting the driving range is the ultimate leisuring activity to a lot of people, and who better to accompany you than your trusted driver?

Whether a pro or part-time golfer, there’s no need to explain the importance of golf drivers. 

They give you the perfect playtime and accurate shot whenever you need. With the right driver, golfers can control the ball exactly how they desire. 

Distance, trajectory and accuracy are often sacrificed without a good driver, but with that comes an easy fix - keep reading and find out what our favourite drivers are of all time. 

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Whilst there are many amazing drivers on the market, there can only be one that hits the hole in one this time, and it’s the TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver.

It’s sleek, stylish, won’t break the bank, and many other golfers agree that this model can’t be overlooked.

Here are a few more reasons why we’ve chosen this driver as our favourite of all time: 

  • TaylorMade is a well known and highly praised company who has been around for over 40 years, which means your new golf club is a result of multiple trial and developments with the TaylorMade team working tirelessly to perfect the ultimate driver. 

  • The price is great for the quality and features included with the driver, and it’s not as expensive as high end golf clubs. 

  • You’re able to customise the feel of your driver from the get go, before you even purchase it. You’re also able to adjust the loft configuration with a simple tool included with the club.

Best Golf Drivers Of All Time - Reviews

The TaylorMade Men’s RBZ Black Driver is one which appears on most people's top driver lists due to its large 460cc titanium head that carries an ultralite titanium core, which places a better perimeter weighting around the head and makes it one of the more forgiving drivers on the market.

This driver also offers good distance and a great feel on play, whilst the speed pocket helps give the driver better launch trajectories and less spin for more accuracy.

Different flex options are available for the graphite shaft and there is an adjustable loft which can easily be moved up or down with the included tool.

TaylorMade has been perfecting their club designs since 1979, so you know you’re on to a winner with this one. This driver is great for low handicappers looking to get the most out of their tee swings.

It gives a nice, crisp sound on impact and the clean and traditional design isn’t bad to look at, if you’re into that. 


  • Good price for the quality.
  • High trajectory launch and low spin shots.
  • Adjustable loft configuration as well as different customization before purchase. 


  • Cheaply made head cover.
  • A few reviewers questioned the durability and had to get a replacement from the manufacturer.

Pinemeadow is known for manufacturing amazing golf clubs at affordable prices, as can be seen by the very appealing price point of the PGX Offset Golf Driver.

Constructed of graphite, this gold club features an offset drive head and anti-slice technology that will help you achieve the perfectly accurate shot you’ve been dreaming of. 

One distinctive feature that makes this driver stand out from the rest is the crowd is the massive sweet spot it possesses. The 460cc club head ensures a large spot where the golfers can transfer a lot of energy to the ball for a stronger shot.

Hitting the ball in the right place will result in a true and straight shot which will reach the highest distance that your swing allows.

Unfortunately this means that this driver may not be legal in every golf tournament as some have regulations on how large the sweet spot can be. 


  • Large sweet spot for a higher chance of a perfect shot every time.
  • Extremely attractive price point.
  • Anti-slice technology and offset driver helps square the ball at impact, resulting in straighter shots.


  • Anti-slice technology will only work if the player’s grip and swing is correct, otherwise you will have to work on this before reaping the benefits.
  • Some users found that the head snapped off after a dozen hits.

Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver is the best of the best if your main concern is adjustability and flexibility.

It offers true personalized distance through its adjustable ‘front to back’ center of gravity technology, where you can dial in your perfect launch and spin conditions to optimize ball flight and maximise the distance of your swing.

A front CG position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll, whereas a back CG position offers a higher, more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness. 

The graphite shaft is of excellent quality and the face of the club is made partly of titanium which not only lessens the weight but also gives a better deflection to give you a faster ball speed and a bigger sweet spot.

The price point is higher which can turn some people away, however passionate golfers will understand the necessity of investing in a high quality product and perhaps understand that the features of this club are worth much more. 


  • Incredible control and adjustability, needed for a professional golfer.
  • Speed Channel around the perimeter of the face which minimises thickness and increases ball speeds for amazing distance.
  • All the included features make for an extremely forgiving driver.


  • Some users claim that the shaft broke after a couple of uses.
  • No weight to the club head which doesn’t work with everyone's swing.

Callaway have made their Rogue Driver give exceptional speed to the ball from the Jailbreak Effect, which is the combined power of their Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT Technology that promotes high ball speed and insane distance.

Callaway knows that golfers will never stop wanting more speed and forgiveness, and they’ve delivered by ‘going Rogue’.

The club head plays a main part in the innovation Callaway has conducted with this golf club, starting with the unique structure that strays away from the conventional shape and redefines leading-edge geometry to increase the Speed Step’s efficiency for better airflow and more head speed.

It also breaks records in the Callaway driver for being their largest ever carbon composite crown surface area, increasing stability, forgiveness and that desired sweet spot. 


  • Multiple different shafts to choose from by Aldila, Synergy, Even Flow, HZRDS Yellow, Project X and UST. These are all different weights to tailor your driver to your different needs.
  • Good customer service for users who have found defects on the shaft.
  • Groundbreaking technology and redefining features to create a great final driver.


  • Doesn’t come with a head cover or adjustable tool, which has to be bought to be able to adjust the head.
  • Higher price point than some other models.

A lesser known manufacturer, King Par has created this optimal driver for amateurs who want to get into golf and pro’s who are looking for an inexpensive club replacement.

With a 460cc volume club head, it matches the rest of the drivers on this list with a maximum sized face to instill confidence and offers a large sweet spot for ultimate forgiveness.

The graphite shaft is lightweight to keep the focus on the head, which can be protected by the included headcover. 

This driver has been designed to offer high and long ball flights which is exactly what every golfer is itching to find. The forged alloy titanium matrix construction not only makes this a highly durable driver but also combines with the graphite shaft to ensure that golfers always get more forgiveness so that even the off-center shots are precise.

King Par have ensured maximum COR with this driver, ensuring the energy transferred from the club to the ball as much as it possibly can be. This gives the yielder consistently high and long ball flights.

All of these features makes the King Par TEC Plus a great contender for the best driver of all time, especially for inexperienced golfers.  


  • Made of strong materials so the driver is sturdy and less likely to break considering the nice price point.
  • Large and easy to locate the sweet spot.
  • Consistently long and high ball flights due to all of the high tech features included.


  • A few reviewers state that their wrist hurt after using the driver.
  • It’s possible for the driver to slice whilst swinging.

Best Golf Drivers Of All Time - Buyers Guide

There are many differentiating factors to consider before buying your new driver. It’s common to think that the most professional looking or most expensive club is going to be the best, but the stylish look of a driver can quickly be diminished if it doesn’t perform well.

This means you’ve got a big decision on your hands to save yourself from the embarrassment on the tee shot, which is why we’ve put together this buyers guide to assist you in this endeavour. 

Club Materials

Nowadays golf clubs come in all different shapes, sizes and materials, which can greatly impact the quality of the club and how well it performs. With new innovative technologies drivers are able to be much more complex and full of all these different features, which’ll improve your game massively.

Furthermore, a lot more research and studies are being conducted and put into the newest models of clubs, meaning that the innovation and developments will only keep growing. 

However, whilst this indicates that the newest model will be the best driver on the market, there are different types of driver to cater to different players needs. Some are better fitted for beginners while there are others which are best played by the most experienced players. 

The cost is heavily influenced by the materials used to make the club - steel clubs are more on the cheaper side and titanium heads are way down the other. However, a dearer head doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better fit. Steel heads are usually larger than wooden drivers because of malleability of metal sheets. As the metal material can be thinned out without sacrificing durability, it allows the head to get to maximum size.

This gives a larger sweet spot and more forgiveness to make for a more desirable club. This is a big factor to consider when buying a driver as it depends on your level of experience - steel would be more forgiving for a beginner, whereas wood might prove more of a challenge for a pro. 


The shaft is also an essential part of a good driver. A few things to consider when picking out your next club are the material, length and flex. There are multiple materials on the market to consider depending your price range, including: titanium, carbon fiber, graphite and steel.

Graphite and carbon fiber are the most lightweight options which are often used for premium  quality golf clubs as they are often easier to swing than other materials. However this can bring the price point up considerably, so think about your budget beforehand. 

Whilst the length of the club is dependant on the individual golfer, most standard lengths are around 45 inches to fit the average player. Although you can get this fitted or cut to better suit you, consider getting a driver that is already your desired length to avoid paying these extra costs.

Flex refers to how the shaft is able to bend during a swing. While most clubs appear to stay straight throughout, there is actually a slight bend that occurs to allow the golfer to make use of the stored potential energy to encourage their swing.

Flex ratings are set from extra stiff, stiff, regular, senior and ladies. Getting a shaft that doesn’t suit your skill level could impact your shot accuracy, ball trajectory and shot distance. If your shaft is too stiff, the ball might find a lower and shorter path, whereas if it’s too flexed it might fly too high and make your shots feel less solid on impact.

Most beginners start with a less stiff rating whilst more experienced players opt for regular to stiff flex options. 


When choosing your new driver, the loft is a vital factor to consider. Luckily most modern drivers offer adjustable loft configurations which allow you to fit the club to your specific playing styles and techniques. However, if the club you’re eyeing doesn’t include this it could be an important aspect that some tend to overlook.

Lower lofted drivers usually give better distance for tee shots, however this is not true for every one. It has been discovered that most golfers can benefit from higher lofted drivers as well, especially if your swing is faster than 100mph. Lower lofted drivers, however, are a better fit for those with a swing of below 90mph to increase backspin. 


In simple terms, a driver with better forgiveness gives the player a better chance to win. While a large sweet spot is typically the main factor to consider when determining how forgiving a golf club is, other things such as perimeter weighting and center of gravity also impact how accurate your shot is.

Not all golfers look for forgiveness when buying clubs, however beginners should factor it in as an unforgiving driver will prove much more difficult on the course. More experienced golfers can focus their attention on more complex features of high end clubs once they are able to work with less forgiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines the best driver of all time?

Ultimately, this is all down to the individual golfer and their skill level and playing practices and techniques. The best driver of all time for a beginner is going to have a larger sweet spot for more forgiveness, made of steel or a more inexpensive material, and an adjustable loft so that they can find their ultimate golfing style.

Once you’ve found this and your footing on the green, the best driver for you will likely change to a more high end driver made of more lightweight and expensive material, and you can focus on other features of the driver than just the large sweet spot.

The shaft will need to be tailored to the golfer and made out of durable materials to ensure the driver has the desired flex and center of gravity, as well as making sure it doesn’t snap. Refer to our buyers guide to help you choose your new best driver of all time. 

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