Best Golf Grips For Drivers

A good golf club grip can make your old clubs feel like they’re brand new again.  Having a good grip on your club is essential, not least for your drivers, which get a lot of use on the golf course.

We have examined some of the best golf club grips on the market and come up with a Top 5, which we will show you shortly. 

If you scroll a little further down, you’ll find that we’ve put together a buying guide for you which outlines what to look out for or consider when making a purchase.

Following that we have a section where we provide answers to your most frequently asked questions.

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Best Golf Grips For Drivers - Reviews

Golf Pride are a big name in golf grips, used by a staggering 80% of Tour players.

And this club is one of their bestsellers!  When we looked at how they designed and manufactured this grip we were particularly impressed.  It’s a corded grip with a difference.

It has a different upper hand set-up to the lower hand.  The upper hand material is a soft compound with Brushed Cotton Cord which gives it built-in stability.  The lower hand meanwhile contains a softer rubber compound to give an enhanced feel.  

Not only that but it has a 4.6% larger diameter in the lower hand area compared to your average golf grip.  This encourages lighter grip pressure, and with less tension in the hands, you get a more fluid swing, which increases swing power, so you get more distance in your shots. 

No more need to add layers of tape between the shaft and the grip! The MCC Plus4 effectively simulates 4 additional wraps of tape on the lower hand.

Plus, you get all of Golf Pride’s standard maximum surface texture, and all in any weather conditions, come rain or shine.

It’s available in a selection of colors and sizes.


  • Larger lower hand
  • Less tension in the hands for a more fluid swing
  • Corded
  • Maximum surface texture
  • All weather control


  • The different sizes have significantly different weights, so be careful you get the right one for you

Here’s another great best seller from Golf Pride.

As the name suggests the grip is formed with a wrapping design, but it also has a pebbled texture and plus sign patterns to provide maximum surface texture on the golf grip and therefore maximising your control of the club.

The material used is a hybrid of rubber and cord, but looks and feels like luxury leather, but it’s just as durable as a rubber grip.  It has enhanced tackiness for a secure grip, too.

We love how it also features a red raised ridge, to help with consistent hand placement.  This in turn leads to heightened clubface awareness throughout the swing to create a squarer clubface on impact.

It’s designed to be used in all weathers, thanks to its Brushed Cotton Cord which fuses moisture-wicking cotton fibers into a new soft rubber material which gives it greater stability.

It comes in a number of variations and the standard size comes in different diameters of core size.


  • Maximum surface texture
  • Feels like leather but as durable as rubber
  • Enhanced tackiness
  • Red raised edge for consistent hand placement and club approach
  • Suitable in all weathers


  • Some colors are only available in standard size

Golf Pride have done it again!

This baby is the standard upon which many club manufacturers base their grip designs.  It uses a state of the art rubber blend compound, with a non slip plus sign texture created within it. 

This design pulls moisture away from the grip’s surface to allow for consistent traction even in hands damp with sweat or rain.

What we love about it is how it provides moderate feedback on your swing, so you can adapt your swing accordingly and get better with every swing.

It’s available in a range of sizes, and the standard size is available in different core sizes, specifically 0.58 and 0.60 diameter.  If you get the thinner one you may be able to add a layer of tape in the lower hand if you believe that will help your shot.

We also love how this grip is also available in a ribbed design in the standard size.  This is really handy for hand alignment for better swing consistency.


  • Made from a rubber compound
  • Non slip texture
  • All weather control
  • Available in different sized core diameters
  • Available in ribbed for better hand alignment


  • Not available in junior sizes

This beauty is Golf Pride's Softest Performance Grip Ever!

The innovative wrap design gives you real comfort and control for optimum performance.  You get a soft high traction surface with a tacky feel for maximum comfort and control in every swing.

What we really love about it is how it features an 2.5” inner core stabilizer, especially designed to reduce torque, to give you more control of the club in your swing.

It has a larger lower hand diameter, which feels like having an extra 4 layers of tape at the bottom, so you get a less tapered design, and you can be assured of getting a nice, even, and lighter grip pressure.

It’s available in a selection of sizes from undersize, through to jumbo.

Customers rave about this golf grip.


  • Great brand
  • Inner core stabilizer to reduce torque
  • Very soft
  • Larger lower hand for a light, even grip
  • Available in different sizes


  • Not available in a ribbed version for hand alignment
  • Not available in junior

OK, so Winn is not as big a brand as Golf Pride but they do produce best sellers all the same. 

Winn is actually the first manufacturer to bring out premium polymer grips and their grips are built for better comfort and decidedly less hand fatigue.

The polymer compound of the grip provides real cushion and is completely slip resistant in all weather conditions, which is typical of Winn’s DriTac range. 

And it features a nice design, which is very pleasing to the eye.


  • Affordability
  • Made from a polymer compound
  • Soft, cushioned feel to reduce hand fatigue
  • Nice design
  • Can be used in any weather
  • Slip resistant


  • The link provided in this article only takes you to the standard size option, in one color, but Amazon also has other variations

Best Golf Grips For Drivers - Buyers Guide

It’s important to have a solid grip on your club when you take your swing, and one that returns the clubface to square.  And not least when you’re using your driver!

Type of grip

Golf grips for drivers come in 4 main types, and these are rubber, corded, and wrapped.

Rubber is the main type of golf grips, and includes silicon, elastomer and plastic.  A rubber grip offers a firm yet slightly sticky feel, which is a popular choice but doesn’t meet everyone’s preference.

Historically, golf grips were made by wrapping strips of leather around the shaft.  These days wrapped golf grips are still around, but now they use a more modern material.  The result is a soft surface texture which provides a lightly tacky touch.

Corded golf grips, as the name suggests, contain a cord material in the composition of the grip.  The purpose of this is to provide more traction in your hands when they are met with sweat, or wet weather.  There is a disadvantage with corded grips however, and it’s that some players find them to be more uncomfortable and abrasive than their uncorded counter parts.

Firm vs soft

Different levels of a grip’s firmness suit different players.  Firmer grips are favored by Tour players because they provide better torsion control, encourage a lighter grip pressure, and suit higher swing speeds.

Players with a less powerful swing speed tend to prefer softer grips.  They are easier and more comfortable to grip.

Ribbed vs rounded

You will find that all golf grips are either ribbed or rounded.  While round grips feature a symmetrical design, ribbed grips, in contrast have a small ridge running the length of the grip.  The purpose of this is to remind players where their hands and fingers should be on the grip.

Grip size

You need to select the right size grip for your hand - you’d be surprised how many golfers struggle using the wrong size.  The proper size grip will allow the fingers in your top hand to barely touch your palm.

Getting the right size grip is particularly important for golf driver grips, because if the grip is longer than the space taken up by your hands on the grip, you won’t get your desired shots. 

Although grip sizes can vary depending on the manufacturer, they tend to fall into the following five sizes:

  • Standard = 0.580 to 0.600 inches in diameter.
  • Undersize =1/64 inch smaller than standard.
  • Midsize = 1/16 inch larger than standard.
  • Jumbo/Oversize = 1/8 inch larger than standard.

You can also get junior grips, which come in various sizes and are both smaller and shorter than the standard size. 

Grip sizes can affect the chances of hitting a slice, draw or hook.  A larger grip will limit wrist movement, to limit a draw or hook, and a thinner grip will allow more wrist movement, limiting your chances of hitting a slice.

Some golfers, including Tour players, like to increase grip size by adding layers of tape between the shaft and the grip.  This is one way of setting a different level of thickness under each hand. Each wrap of tape will typically add 1/64 of an inch to the club grip diameter.


The weight of a grip can also influence your driver shots.  We would recommend a moderate weight of around 40 to 60 grams for a smooth swing.  The weight of a golf grip tends to increase with grip size, so that’s something to bear in mind too.  A weight that’s too high will slow down your swing speed leading to a shorter distance shot.

Other Features

You may also be interested in other features in your golf grip, such as water resistance (because in some areas rain is almost inevitable), or anti-slip properties, so you can be assured the driver won’t slide away as you swing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use the same golf grips on all of your clubs?

Aside from the putter, obviously, you certainly can go ahead and use the same grips on all of your clubs.  The reason most players do this is to get real consistency in their swings. Our Top 5 was put together with golf grips for drivers in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them on your irons.  Just make sure you don’t use them on your putters!

How long does a golf grip last?

Your clubs should last you for years, but the grips can get through a hell of a lot of wear and tear.  Don’t replace your clubs, when the golf grip loses it’s traction, replace the grip instead, clubs are expensive.  You can arrange for your club’s shop to install your new grips for you.

The life span of a golf grip can depend on a number of factors, such as how often you practice or play, how hard you grip the club, how well you maintain your grips, and how many practice swings you take.

A good golf grip should last at least 18 months.  But if you’re playing very often, say four or more times a week in moderate weather, then you should replace them sooner, say every twelve months rather than 18 months.  Most golf grip manufacturers suggest grips should be changed every 40 rounds.

How do I tell when it’s time to change a grip?

The guidelines as to how often you should replace your golf grips are not hard and fast rules.  You should replace them as soon as necessary, and you need to keep an eye out for certain signs.  Tell-tale signs include cracks in the material, shiny spots, smoother or harder areas on the grip, or wear around the areas where your fingers normally sit.

How can I prolong the life span of my grip?

Regular cleaning can really help to prolong the lifespan of your golf grips.  Most grips can be cleaned with a mild dish washing detergent. You can use a soft abrasive pad or brush for cleaning rubber or corded grips, while for non-buffer grips, you’d be better off using a washcloth instead.  Once scrubbed, rinse in warm water to remove any residue from the soap, and then leave to air dry (or towel dry if you’re in a rush).

Rubber and polymer golf grips can be susceptible to heat damage, so be careful not to accidentally leave your club somewhere it can be subject to unnecessary heat.

What grips do most tour players use?

Golf Pride is THE brand for golf grips.  80% of Tour players use Golf Pride grips for their game.  The most popular grip on Tour is the Golf Pride Tour Velvet, which is featured as our Number 3.

Golf Pride have been around for several decades and really know their stuff.  They use innovative design and bring out best sellers year on year and are really rated by players the world over.

Are bigger golf grips better?

Larger golf grips are great for beginners because they can help you get a better feel for the club.  Larger golf grips are also better at absorb the shock of impact or a mis-hit, which again means less stress for beginners.

How do I make my golf grips tacky?

One of our top tips for keeping your golf grips tack is to clean them regularly, as this ensures that no dirt or deposits are left in the tiny little pockets on the grip.

Often keeping them clean is not enough however, and when this is the case we would recommend sanding the grip down with a piece of sandpaper after cleaning.  You should use sandpaper with a medium grit. Rub the sandpaper across the grip in up and down motions with a light hand. Do NOT sand them with a heavy hand, since you may end up sanding the grips off rather than making them tacky!

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