Best Illegal Golf Drivers

An illegal golf driver is one that doesn't conform to the regulations outlined by the USGA standards, they do not fit the specifications required in regards to their size, shape, or weight. However, they are a favored choice amongst many golfers due to their ability to help you achieve a drive of a greater distance.

Despite being termed illegal golf drivers there are still a number of them available on the market. We have browsed the market selecting our top five picks of the best illegal golf drivers available, making them an ideal addition to fun or casual games. Below, you will also find a handy buyer's guide with all of our top tips for choosing the best product.

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Best Illegal Golf Drivers - Reviews

The Pinemeadow PGX Offset Fairway Woods driver includes the latest technology which makes it an ideal choice for recreational use. The Anti Slice technology results in an increased offset in the clubface and the leading edge to the face is offset which allows you to achieve straighter and higher shots as a result.

With a graphite constructed shaft and stainless steel clubhead, you are provided with the best combination of materials which not only creates a durable driver but is also likely to result in an improvement to your performance too.

Impressively, this driver is available in 7 different size options; 3 wood through to 15 wood and the inclusion of a headcover protects your driver from becoming damaged when it's being transported inside your golf bag.


  • Available in both right and left-handed orientation, this driver caters to the needs of different players.
  • Designed with anti slice technology makes this a popular choice for recreational players and professional standard players alike.
  • The addition of a head cover protects the clubhead from becoming damaged, helping to ensure that they last for a decent amount of time.
  • Durably constructed from graphite and stainless steel, these tough materials ensure that this driver is going to see you through many uses.
  • This driver provides you with greater control resulting in easier hits.


  • Unfortunately, this club is prone to becoming scratched after frequent contact with your golf ball.

Despite being an illegal golf driver with a non- conforming 520cc clubhead, the Intech Extra Long distance Behemoth driver offers a large sweet spot and superior forgiveness through its large design, which is particularly valuable when it comes to taking off-center shots. 

If you sometimes struggle with achieving swings and shots of good consistency, the ultra-large face area is likely to work particularly well in improving your shots and your confidence as a result.

With a low center of gravity and a sole weighting design, you can easily launch the ball into the air without a lot of effort involved in the process. It is highly likely that playing with this driver is going to result in shots with greater speed, more distance, and low spin.

Available in two different loft options, 10.5 degrees or 12 degrees and a senior or wide flex, this driver efficiently caters to the needs of different players.


  • The graphite construction creates a lightweight driver that has a soft feel.
  • The tacky surface allows you to maintain a secure grip on the driver as you take your shot.
  • The large sweet spot results in maximum forgiveness when taking off-center shots.
  • There are two loft and flex options available which allows you to select the best type for your needs.
  • The headcover stops your drivers from becoming damaged when it is not in use.


  • You may experience issues with the build quality of the driver as it is sometimes prone to breaking after a few uses.

The Pinemeadow PGX illegal golf driver has a 500cc clubface. With this being larger than what is permitted by USGA specifications, it is an ideal choice for beginner golfers and those who struggle with achieving speed and distance in their shots.

Courtesy of the oversized clubhead, this driver delivers a greater sweet spot resulting in improved contact and distance on each shot. You are more than likely to be able to achieve consistent shots using this driver. 

Impressively designed with a matte black finish, this driver is going to be a sleek addition to your set. It is also easy on the eye when approaching for your shot which is likely to result in greater accuracy when hitting the ball.

This driver has been constructed with a mid flex graphite shaft and a 10.5 degree loft with a standard grip that provides greater security when holding the driver.


  • If you are looking for a driver retailing within a relatively affordable price range, the Pinemeadow non-conforming driver does not disappoint.
  • There is a headcover included which protects the driver from obtaining any damage when it is not in use.
  • The matte black finish makes this an aesthetically pleasing driver.
  • The largely oversized club head of 500cc results in a bigger sweet spot.
  • It has been constructed with a mid flex graphite shaft for enhanced durability.


  • On occasions, the head is susceptible to denting after use.

With a 515cc clubface, this golf driver is one of the fastest and most forgiving drivers that are available on the market. Designed with a beta titanium 860CR face, you will experience greater distance right off the tee.

Featuring an offset hosel, this driver is likely to aid in curing your slice with an enhanced ball flight and distance achieved. This driver itself is actually recommended for senior players in particular with the qualities required for an improved game.

With a larger face flex and sweet spot, this driver possesses many distance-enhancing qualities that are likely to help with improving your confidence in your game without having to put a lot more effort into each shot that you take.


  • As a senior shaft driver, this is specifically designed for senior players with qualities to help improve their game.
  • This golf driver helps you to hit longer and straighter shots with each hit.
  • It is lightweight with a comfortable feel which makes it easy to use when taking your swing.
  • The titanium face effectively delivers greater speed.
  • The offset hosel helps to reduce slice.


  • This driver is only available in a matt black color which some may find difficult when it comes to aligning the ball.

The Sooolong Non-conforming illegal golf driver has a 750cc clubface which delivers greater power along with a larger sweet spot which provides extra distance right off the tee. 

Courtesy of the low center of gravity, you will achieve greater distance from the moment that you launch the ball making this an ideal choice for players of all levels. Just because you are obtaining greater distances, this doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice on accuracy. Impressively, this golf driver has incredible forgiveness too, even when it comes to mishits. 

This golf driver is available in three different size options so you can select the best one to cater to your needs. Impressively, there is also a headcover included with your purchase which provides a convenient way of securing and protecting the heads of your driver when they aren't in use for a reduced chance of any damage occurring.


  • Banned by the USGA for its large face this driver works to deliver superior distance right off the tea.
  • There are three different size options available which allow you to select the best driver for your needs.
  • This driver is suitable for players of all skill levels allowing all players to achieve greater distance in their shots.
  • Its lightweight feel makes it much easier to swing.
  • The included headcover protects your driver from becoming damaged when it is not in use helping them to last longer without deteriorating.


  • Retailing at a slightly higher price, this may not be the best option for individuals who are on a budget.

Best Illegal Golf Drivers - Buyers Guide

If you are looking for an illegal golf driver, there are several factors that we would recommend you considering to ensure that you select the best product for your playing needs. Different golfers may feel that particular drivers have a beneficial impact on their game more than others, therefore it is important to select the driver that has a good feel that is going to enable you to play with greater distance.

We have listed some of these criteria below, adhering to each of these factors in the process of making your selection is likely to result in the purchase of a driver that effectively caters to your needs. 

The Clubhead

The Clubhead is one of the features that makes a golf driver illegal due to it being larger than the specifications that are allowed and permitted by USGA. This is because a larger clubhead tends to deliver shots of a greater distance hence why they are advised for players struggling with their swing and shots in particular.

The Accuracy 

When starting the game off the tee, a large amount of accuracy is required to achieve the best shots. You will find some drivers that have an offset hosel and this aims to reduce the slice helping players to achieve straighter and more accurate shots as a result. It is likely that playing regularly using this driver, you are going to become more familiar with the feel and ability needed to achieve shots of the best accuracy.

The Shaft

Some manufacturers will offer a wider variety of shafts than others, with different options surrounding the length and the flex. However, there will be other manufacturers that offer rather restricted shaft options and these may not effectively cater to your needs. The shaft of the club gives you the control that is needed to hit the ball effectively. A popular material used in the construction of a shaft tends to be graphite or stainless steel as this creates a strong and robust driver that is going to cater to your needs.

The Quality

The quality of the clubs is another element that is likely to differ between the brands. You may develop a particular preference for a certain brand regarding the quality of the clubs and drivers that they create. Some brands have developed great reputations for the favorable, good quality drivers that they produce. It is important to select the driver that is made from the best quality as it is likely that it will last considerably longer than a driver made using cheaper materials that are of poorer quality. Some drivers are going to deteriorate at a faster rate than others with the risk of denting or becoming easily scratched. 

The Durability

When making your purchase, regardless of the amount that you spend on your driver you would expect it to last for a significant amount of time before deteriorating in quality. This is particularly important if you are likely to be using your driver regularly. A sturdily constructed driver is likely to be able to withstand the force of powerful hits without breaking or scratching. Many drivers will come with headcovers included which can be put onto the driver, covering them in between uses and protecting them from any damage that may be obtained when they are inside your golf bags. It is important to note that these headcovers may not be included with every driver and some may need to be purchased separately. Therefore it is important to double check this before making your purchase. 

The Price

The prices of golf drivers can vary depending on the brand. Some will appear to be significantly more expensive than others. However, if you do have a particular budget in mind, you will be pleased to know that there are a range of options available to cater to this. There are many drivers available that retail within affordable price ranges and still deliver good performance with a good quality build. If you are on a budget there is a driver available to suit this. We have included a range in our guide above, each retailing at varying prices, to highlight the available options. 

The Feel of the Driver

Drivers are available in different weights although you will typically find that the majority have a lightweight feel. For some, this may be the preferred style as a lightweight driver tends to make it easier when it comes to taking your swing. A lightweight driver generally tends to generate more speed with increased height in the ball flight. 

The Design

While this may not seem like an important factor of consideration amongst many players the design of the club head, in particular, can actually be rather influential in how well you play your game. While some designs can have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, others can be a little overwhelming and distracting. 

The Hand Orientation

Some golf drivers are available in left and right-handed orientation which makes them a practical choice for both types of players. However, you may also find that some brands only offer their drivers in one of these particular orientations. It is important to pay attention to this specification of your driver to ensure that you select the right one for your needs. Purchasing a driver in the incorrect hand orientation is going to provide increased difficulties when it comes to achieving your best shots. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a golf driver illegal?

An illegal golf driver, otherwise referred to as a non-conforming driver is a driver that has a larger clubface. This refers to a clubface with a greater value of 239, which becomes 257 outside the impact area, according to The Rules of Golf. The increased volume in the clubhead then leads to longer drives with greater bounce.  

When can an illegal golf driver be used?

Some golfers may choose to use an illegal golf driver when practicing or playing a casual/ fun game of golf. However, they are not allowed to be used during tournament games. 

Is it worth purchasing an illegal golf driver?

If you regularly find yourself playing in tournament games then an illegal golf driver is unlikely to be a valuable purchase to you as they are not allowed to be used in this type of game. However, if you are someone who enjoys partaking in casual and fun games then yes, you may find an illegal driver to be a worthy purchase. They are particularly useful for players who are looking to improve their swing and the distance that they achieve in each shot, ultimately helping to improve your confidence towards the game as a result. 

What is the USGA?

USGA refers to the United States Golf Association and they oversee many of the rules within golf. 

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