The Greatest Golfers Of All Time – 2021 Edition

Introduction: The Great Game

1Introduction The Great Game

In every sport, there are people at the top of their game. Players at the pinnacle of their skill, who have truly mastered the game. 

If you have ever been interested in playing golf for yourself, it may have been because of these great players. Perhaps you watched Tiger Woods killing it on the golf course, or your grandfather watched a show-stealing game from Jack Nicklaus and later showed you the ropes.

For these players, credit is due. There are many fantastic golfers out there, but who are the greatest? That’s what we’re here to explore today. 

What Makes A Great Golfer?

2What Makes A Great Golfer

So what exactly distinguishes a good golfer from some of the greats? For that, we look at the stamp that these golfers have made on the history books. 

Championship Titles

1Championship TitlesIt goes without saying that someone who has truly fine-tuned their skill would manage to gain some pretty impressive championship titles for themselves.

As you may expect, some of the greatest golfers of all time have several major wins under their belts.

There are even some golfers that have one multiple Majors in one year – Bobby Jones won all four of them in just one calendar year! 

One of the greatest golfers of all time, Jack Nicklaus, won 18 majors. Winning such a great deal of tournament games is truly a testament to the skill of a golfer overall.

Not anyone can get there, and for that reason we consider golfers with many championship titles to be some of the greatest out there.

Great golfers also have many PGA or LPGA wins under their belt.

Fame & Recognition

2Fame & RecognitionThe greatest golfers of all time usually aren’t just the average Joe that you will find on any local golf course. They’re golfers that are well known for playing their sport, that have achieved great accolades and success in doing what they do. 

Becoming a highly-skilled, famous golfer is not an easy feat. There are many things that you need to do to become a PGA golf professional, and climbing your way up the ladder to be recognized as one of the greatest golfers of all time is no small task.

Becoming an expert golfer requires skill and dedication – some golfers can spend over 40 hours or more a week trying to be the best that they can be.

For that, many of the greatest golfers have been recognized for their craft.

Many have become household names as a result of their skill and expertise. Some of these golfers may have made their way into the World Golf Hall of Fame, or have been given the title of Athlete of the Year by prestigious sports magazines.

Which Country Has Produced The Best Golfers?

3Which Country Has Produced The Best Golfers

While there are great golfers in every country, there are some locations that boast more championship wins than others. Let’s talk about the number of majors won by country first. Here are some of the most noteworthy mentions:

  • United States – 130 Players & 273 Majors
  • Scotland – 31 players & 55 majors
  • England – 19 players & 35 majors
  • Australia – 11 Players & 17 Majors

From this list, we can see that the country that has produced the most major winners and champion players is the United States, shortly followed by Scotland

According to the Official World Golf Rankings, however, 83 American golfers are in the top 200 male golfers list. This is a huge feat, accounting for nearly half of the list. Following this, the United Kingdom boasts 25 of the best golfers, 15 of them are South African and 11 are Australian. 

While each country has its fair share of great golfers, it’s clear from these rankings that the country with the most players is the United States, and as a result, the country also has the most Major wins.

On The Ball: The 50 Greatest Golfers Of All Time

4On The Ball The 50 Greatest Golfers Of All Time

There are hundreds of great golfers out there, but who are the greatest? In no particular order, here are some of the most noteworthy golfers out there. 

 1.  Ben Hogan

Major Wins: 9

PGA Tour Victories: 64

Ben Hogan is truly one of the greatest golfers of all time. He has the fourth-highest number of major championship wins with 64 wins in total. Hogan managed to win all of the Grand Slam events and is one of only five players to do so. He even won three majors in one year.

While Hogan didn’t have an easy life, ‘The Hawk’ never once stopped in his quest to become one of the greatest golfers of his time. 

2. Gary Player

Major Wins: 9

Total PGA Tour Victories: 24

South African golfer Gary Player has a pretty impressive resume. His PGA tour victories span over two decades, starting at the young age of 23. He ties with Ben Hogan for the fourth most major wins in PGA Tour history. He made his way into the World Golf Hall of Fame back in 1974, and he was ranked the eighth greatest golfer of all time in 2000 by Golf Digest Magazine. 

3. Byron Nelson

Major Wins: 5

Total PGA Tour Victories: 52

While Byron Nelson’s golf career was impacted a lot by World War 2, he still had a highly successful career. Despite the pressure of the war, Nelson was a runner up in the 1944 PGA Championships and won in 1945.

If that wasn’t enough, he won three of the 10 majors from 1940 to 1945. While he only won 5 majors throughout his career, he likely would have won a lot more if many of the championships weren’t canceled during World War II.

A fantastic golfer through and through, Lord Byron Nelson most certainly is deserving of his spot on this list. 

4. Arnold Palmer

Major Wins: 7

Total PGA Tour Victories: 62

If we have anyone to thank for how popular golf is today, it’s Arnold Palmer. He was wildly popular in the 1950s and 1960s, his fans adopting the nickname ‘Arnie’s Army.’ In total, Palmer was the victor of 7 majors.

He won four Masters, two British Opens and a PGA title from 1958 to 1964. When he played the British Open in 1960 he won, the first American to do so since Ben Hogan back in 1953. 

5. Tom Watson

Major Wins: 8

Total PGA Tour Victories: 39

The legacy of Tom Watson is pretty immense. Coming out as the victor for 29 PGA Tour events, Tom Watson almost gives Jack Nicklaus a run for his money. Despite the fact Watson is an American golfer, most of his legacy was carved in Great Britain.

Throughout the course of 9 years, Watson even won the Open Championship five times and nearly took hold of the Claret Jug in this time. He even won an impressive amount of American major championships. 

6. Bobby Jones

Major Wins: 7

PGA Tour Victories: 9

Bobby Jones made a big mark on history during his relatively short golf career. In fact, Jones even co-founded the Masters during 1934, which was after he retired.

What’s particularly interesting is that he wasn’t able to compete in the PGA Championship, so instead, he competed in the U.S. Amateur and British Amateur tournaments.

At this point, they were considered majors. In addition to this, he won the British Open, British Amateur, U.s Open, and U.S Amateur in 1930. 

7. Sam Snead

Majors Wins: 7

PGA Tour Victories: 82

What’s particularly noteworthy about Sam Snead is the amount of PGA Tour Victories he has – he currently holds the record for the most official PGA Tour Titles, 82 of them in total.

He’s even won three Masters and the 1946 British Open. In 1965, he even became the oldest person to ever win a tournament at 52 years of age. Sam Snead is another player whose career was impacted by World War II. 

8. Phil Mickelson

Major Wins: 5

PGA Tour Victories: 44

Phil Mickelson’s career is certainly an impressive one. In total, he’s won 44 events on PGA Tour, and this includes an impressive 5 major championships.

This consists of three Masters titles, a PGA Championship and an Open Championship. His first major win was in the Masters in 2004 and he made his debut in the golfing world back in 1991. 

9. Walter Hagen

Major Wins: 11

PGA Tour Victories: 45

Walter Hagen is a pretty well-known name in golf during the beginning of the 20th century. In fact, throughout his career he’s won 11 major championships – no easy feat! He has the third-highest amount of majors behind Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. 

Hagen is known for winning four British Opens for America and won a total of 45 PGA tour wins throughout his career. Among these tour wins are five PGA Championship Titles, two U.S. Opens and four British Opens. 

10. Annika Sorenstam

Major Wins: 10

LPGA Tour Victories: 72

Annika Sorenstam is certainly one of the best female golfers of all time. She has 10 major wins and 72 LPGA Tour victories, which is already an impressive feat in itself.

She is also the only woman to shoot 59. Her first LPGA win was in 1995 as the U.S. Women’s Open and from 1995 to 2006 she won eight money titles in total. 

11. Sandra Haynie

Major Wins: 4

LPGA Tour Victories: 42

The Texan Sandra Haynie made a bit of a name for herself from the mid 1960s to the mid 1970s. During this time, her name was one of the biggest in women’s golf.

Haynie actually started playing golf at the age of 11, and hadn’t even turned 20 by the time that she won her very first event. Her first LPGA Championship win was in 1965.

It is only due to Haynie’s arthritis and other health problems that her win sheet isn’t much longer.

12. Walter Travis

Major Wins: 4

Career Wins: 45

Walter Travis was born in Australia, but he made his legacy in the United States in 1866. Travis was an Amateur, because there wasn’t a professional circuit at this point.

Nevertheless, he won his fair share of titles. Many consider him to be one of the greatest putters in golf history.

13. Greg Norman

Major Wins: 2

PGA Tour Victories: 20

Perhaps one of the most noteworthy things to mention about Greg Norman is that he spent an incredible 331 weeks as the world’s Number 1 player in the Official World Golf Rankings.

He is remembered for some of his mistakes on the golf course, but it’s difficult to deny that Norman has tremendous skill. If only he’d been a little luckier, then he may have won more than 2 majors. 

14. Ernie Els

Major Wins: 4

PGA Tour Victories: 72

During the first 11 years of his golf career, Ernie Els made a huge splash in the golf world. During his early years, Els had 15 victories on the PGA Tour and 14 victories on the European Tour.

He’s well known for his swing tempo, and as a result you may be more likely to know him by his moniker: ‘The Big Easy.’ Throughout his later career, he’s been in some unlucky situations.

He’s even managed to get himself the title of the person with the most runner up finishes to Tiger Woods, finishing second 17 times in total. Other than these shortcomings, Els is well deserving of his place as one of the greatest golfers of all time.

15. Jim Barnes

Major wins: 4

PGA Tour Victories: 21 

Jim Barnes is a blast from the past – though his legacy is one that will continue to live on. You may know him better by his nickname – ‘Long Jim’ Barnes. Barnes started his professional career back in 1906 when he made his way to the United States from England, his homeland.

He was a real force to be reckoned with during his early years with 19 wins over his belt just from 1916 to 1926. Barnes also won the Western Open outside Chicago and the North and South Open at Pinehurst – 3 times and twice, respectively.

At the time, these were counted as majors, meaning if they were still counted today that Barnes would have an impressive 9 major wins to his name. Not too shabby! 

16. Nick Price

Major Wins: 3

PGA Tour Victories: 18

If you watched golf tournaments during the early 1990s, you may know of the name Nick Price. South African born Price is rather well known for his impressive iron game.

Price has won multiple major world tours and has won a total of 18 PGA Tour titles, including on the European Tour, the Sunshine Tour and the Japan Tour.

In 1993 and 1994 he even won PGA Tour Player of the Year. He began his professional career at the young age of 20 years old. 

17. Louise Suggs

Major Wins: 11

Tour Victories: 61

Louise Suggs made her way into golfing fame as one of the players that helped to found the Ladies PGA Tour. Suggs truly is a golf legend and is well known as being one of the best women golfers during the 1940s and 1950s.

She started golfing at age 10. Later in life, she got attention with her wins of two majors – the Titleholders and Western Open back in 1946. Her short game was truly something to celebrate.

18. Lee Trevino

Major Wins: 6

PGA Tour Victories: 29

Lee Trevino has at least one noteworthy accomplishment to his name – he prevented the legend Jack Nicklaus from winning a major championship on four occasions. Aside from this, his resume is pretty impressive.

Trevino taught himself to play, and as a result he managed to bag 29 PGA Tour wins and 6 majors. Unfortunately a couple of injuries got in the way of his career, one injury caused by being struck by lightning.

He was nicknamed Merry Mex for his upbeat attitude and constant talking. 

19. Seve Ballesteros

Major Wins: 5

Tour Victories: 82 tournaments worldwide

Seve Ballesteros made his way onto the golfing scene at only 19 years old, but he came onto the scene with a bang even then. Ballesteros made his own homemade 3 iron and practiced his game early on by hitting rocks with it at the beach of Pedrena, Spain.

He won five majors, two masters, and 65 other titles throughout the world. While Ballesteros is a fantastic golfer, he’s also made his legacy behind the scenes too. He essentially made the Ryder Cup into an event

20. Rory McIlroy

Major Wins: 4

PGA Tournament Victories: 18

Rory McIlroy is still pretty early in his career, but in that time he’s already carved a pretty impressive legacy already. So far, he’s already won 4 majors and 18 PGA tournament victories since his debut around 10 years ago.

He became a pro before he even reached 20, and has won PGA Tour Player of the Year both in 2012 and 2014. A prodigy from a young age, Rory McIlroy is certainly a name that deserves to be on this list. 

21. Betsy Rawls

Major Wins: 8

Tour Wins: 55

During the 1950s Betsy Rawls was a big name in golf. In fact, in the 1950s Betsy won 6 out of her 8 majors. There are few bigger names in women’s golf, other than Kathy Whitworth and Mickey Wright, just to name two.

In 1959 she was the LPGA leading money winner and was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1987.

22. Nancy Lopez

Major Wins: 3

LPGA Victories: 48

With 3 majors won and 48 total LPGA victories, Nancy Lopez has a resume to remember. Her best years were during the 1970s and 1980s, and she was certainly one of the most popular LPGA golfers out there.

She even won the LPGA Tour Player of the Year for 4 years. She has an impressive number of LPGA Tour Victory Wins that cement her name in the history books for women’s golf. 

23. Vijay Singh

Major Wins:3

PGA Tour Victories: 34

Vijay Singh was a big name during the later 90s right into the 2000s. Throughout his career, he’s won 34 PGA Tour titles and 3 majors. He won the PGA Tour Player of the Year in 2004.

What’s even more impressive is that the majority of his success has happened after the age of 40. As of the date of writing this article, he plays on the Champions Tour.

24. Raymond Floyd

Major Wins: 4

PGA Tour Victories: 22

Raymond Floyd made his first PGA Tour win in 1963 at the St. Petersburg Open. His career spanned three decades following this point, with his first major win occurring in 1969 at the PGA Championship.

Overall, he’s had 65 worldwide victories in golf tournaments. He is widely considered by golf enthusiasts as one of the best chippers ever seen.

He’s even written his own instructional book, titled ‘ The Elements of Scording: A Master’s Guide to the Art of Scoring Your Best When You’re Not Playing Your Best.’ 

25. Amy Alcott

Major Wins: 5

LPGA Titles: 29

Amy Alcott debuted into the golfing world as just a teen during the 1970s. Following her debut, Alcott enjoyed an illustrious career, consisting of 29 tour victories and 5 major championship wins.

She’s known for establishing the Champion’s Leap at the ANA Inspiration. Aside from this, she also won LPGA Rookie of the Year in 1975 and the Vare Trophy in 1980. 

26. Jimmy Demaret

Major Wins: 3

PGA Tour Victories: 31

One of the most interesting things about Jimmy Demaret is that he was something of an expert when it came to golfing in the wind. This certainly came in his favor, as he won 31 PGA Tour titles throughout his 20-year golf career.

Not only that but he was the first person to get Masters titles over three different years. He was even Ben Hogan’s playing partner. One bit of interesting trivia – he guest-starred on an episode of I Love Lucy!

27. Cary Middlecoff

Major Wins: 3

PGA Tour Victories: 39

From pulling teeth to pulling off tee shots, Cary Middlecoff had a rather unconventional path to golfing fame. You heard us right – he was a dentist until the age of 26, at which point he decided it was time to hit the green.

Middlecoff ranks 10th for all time PGA Tour Wins, holding 39 titles in total. In 1955 he even won a Masters, finishing at 9 under. One year later he ended up winning the U.S. Open title. Not bad for someone who started as a dentist. 

28. Billy Casper

Major Wins: 3

PGA Tour Victories: 51

There are very few better putters in history than Billy Casper. Casper’s short game was pretty impeccable, and it shows in his wins. He won 51 PGA Tour titles, and 3 majors in total.

He also holds the record for the most points scored in the Ryder Cup. He won the Vardon Trophy five times in total, something that only Tiger Woods has beat.

29. Patty Berg

Major Wins: 15

LPGA Tour Victories: 63

Patty Berg is another big name in women’s golf, partially because she’s one of the founding members of the LPGA Tour. Her resume is also quite spectacular, as she boasts 15 major wins – the most ever for a female golfer.

The Associated Press also awarded her Female Athlete of the Year in 1938, 1943 and 1955. She was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1974. 

30. Gene Sarazen

Major Wins: 7

PGA Tour Victories: 38

Gene Sarazen is mainly remembered for taking one single, spectacular shot. His career is much more impressive than just one, historical shot, however.

Sarazen bagged his first professional title at just 19 years of age, and continued his career for more than four decades.

He even won a modern Career Grand Slam. Sarazen is also well known for another thing – he is often credited for the creation of the Sand Wedge back in early 1930. A game changing piece of golf equipment, to say the very least. 

31. Donna Caponi Byrnes

Major Wins:  4

LPGA Tour Victories: 24

Donna Caponi Byrnes had a pretty successful career, winning four LPGA Major championships and 24 LPGA titles. In addition to this, she also won 28 other titles worldwide.

After she finished her career on the green, she then became a television commentator. Her biggest successes came from 1969-70, then again in 1980-81. 

32. Bobby Locke

Major Wins: 4 

PGA Tour Victories: 11

During his career, Bobby Locke won four different British Open events. He is most known for his career through the 1950s-60s. He is known as one of the greatest putters out there.

He likely would have won many more titles if his career was not interrupted by World War II and he hadn’t gotten into a dispute with the PGA which resulted in him getting banned for two years.

33. Se Ri Pak

Major Wins: 5

LPGA Tour Victories: 25

Korean golfer Se Ri Pak has managed to rake in five major championships throughout her career, in addition to 25 LPGA tournaments. Not only that but she’s had 31 victories worldwide too.

In Korea, Pak even participated in a men’s event and finished 5th.

34. Pat Bradley

Major Wins: 6

LPGA Tour Victories:  31

Pat Bradley has a pretty impressive history, being one of only 5 players in history that have won six majors. In addition to this, she was also the victor of 31 LPGA titles and 36 professional tournaments across the globe.

35. Nick Faldo

Major Wins: 6

PGA Tour Victories: 9

Nick Faldo is a pretty big name in English golf, especially from the late 1970s to the mid 1990s. In total he won 6 major tournaments, including three British Opens and three Masters.

He’s also won 30 European Tour tournaments. He’s so good at his sport that he was even bestowed with an MBE in 2009, making him Sir Nick Faldo.

36. Harry Vardon

Major Wins: 7

Harry Vardon was a skilled golfer, to say the very least. During his career, he won 7 majors, 6 British Opens and a US Open from 1896 to 1914. Nobody’s quite sure of his other victories.

With that being said, during his time he won 70 exhibition matches in 1900, and the Vardon grip is even named after him. In addition to this, the scoring trophy for the PGA of America is also named after him.

37. Juli Inkster

Major Wins: 7

PGA Tour Victories: 31

Juli Inkster is a prime example to women everywhere that motherhood does not need to stop you from having a successful career as an athlete.

Inkster won her tournaments both before and after becoming a mother, and won 7 majors in total. She also has 31 LPGA victories to her name in addition to 39 other professional titles.

38. Karrie Webb

Major Wins: 7

PGA Tour Victories: 36

Australian golfer Karrie Webb currently holds the title of the youngest LPGA player to win all five of the recent LPGA Majors.

In total, she’s won 7 majors and 36 LPGA titles, that’s not to mention the additional 50 victories she’s won worldwide. She’s also competed with Annika Sorenstam in her career.

39. Babe Zaharias

Major Wins: 10

LPGA Tour Victories: 41

Babe Zaharias was playing golf before there was technically an LPGA. Despite her early death during the 1950s, she still had a great deal of success as a golfer.

She started as an Olympic athlete but she made a name for herself in golf. In total, she won 10 majors and 41 LPGA events. She also helped found the LPGA in 1950.

40. Lorena Ochoa

Major Wins: 2

LPGA Tour Victories: 27

Lorena Ochoa broke onto the golf scene in 2006 and generated birdies like no tomorrow.

Her career was pretty short, lasting only around 4 years, but in that time she had managed to win three money titles, four Player of the Year awards and four scoring titles.

41. Patty Sheehan

Major Wins: 6

LPGA Tour Victories: 42

Throughout the 1980s, Patty Sheehan took the golf world by storm. In 1981, she won her very first LPGA title and she only improved from there. Throughout her career, she won 6 majors and 42 LPGA Tour titles.

42. Hale Irwin

Major Wins: 3

PGA Tour Victories: 20

Hale Irwin is number 1 when it comes to career victories on the Champions Tour. In fact when it comes to the Champions Tour, there are very few golfers that can compare.

Throughout his career, he won 3 major tournaments and 20 PGA Tour titles.

43. Old Tom Morris

Major Wins: 4

Old Tom Morris was a gold legend during the 19th century. In fact, he won numerous British Opens during his time, and he’s the oldest ever winner of The Open Championship at the age of 46.

In 1868 he ended up losing the championship to his son.

44. Tommy Armour

Major Wins: 3

Known as Silver Scot, Tommy Armour won three modern majors – including the Western Open (a major at the time.) He also boasted 25 US professional victories.

45. James Braid

Major Wins: 5

Professional Wins: 19

During 1901-1910, James Braid won an impressive five British Opens. His entire list of tournament victories isn’t fully known, but he did win a minimum of 8 additional events in Europe.

46. Joanne Carner

LPGA Tour Victories: 43

Joanne Carner made a name for herself early on by winning five US Women’s Amateurs, though at this point she was known as JoAnne Gunderson.

When she became professional, she won an additional two US opens and 43 LGPA Titles.

47. Peter Thomson

Major Wins: 3

PGA Tour Victories: 6

Australian golfer Peter Thomson has won five different British Opens throughout his career. He’s played very few times in the United States, though he has won 6 PGA Tour titles.

In total, he has won 81 professional titles, and 11 of them were on the Champions Tour.

48. Betsy King

Major Wins: 5

LGPA Tour Victories: 34

Betsy King made a big name for herself in women’s golf. She won 7 majors and 34 LPGA titles, a testament to her skill. She even had 37 other worldwide tournament wins.

49. Willie Anderson

Professional Wins: 9

Willie Anderson played during the early 1900s and won four U.S Opens – 1901, 1903, 1904 and 1905. In 1902 he even became the first player to break 300 for 72 holes in the U.S.

50. Young Tom Morris

Major Wins: 4

The son of Old Tom Morris, Young Tom Morris was a skilled golfer in his own right. He won the British Open three consecutive times during 1868, 1869, and 1870. He even beat his own father during his very first British Open. 

The Hall Of Fame: A Bonus Section

5The Hall Of Fame A Bonus Section

Best Female Golfers Of All Time

3Best Female Golfers Of All TimeKathy Whitworth

Major Wins: 6

LPGA Tour Victories: 98

When many people think of women’s golf, the name Kathy Whitworth often springs to mind. Indeed, Whitworth is the biggest winner out there when it comes to the LPGA.

She was an especially huge name during the 1960s and 70s, but in reality, her career lasted from the 1950s to the 1980s. In total, Whitworth won 88 LPGA Tour tournaments throughout her career, and 6 major championships.

In addition to this, she was the leading LPGA money winner on 8 occasions, and she won the LPGA Player of the Year on 7 occasions. 

Whitworth is known for her driving and putting skills – she excelled at both. She was even the very first American captain for the Solheim Cup during 1990.

Mickey Wright

Major Wins: 13

LPGA Tour Wins: 90

With 90 LPGA Tour Wins and 13 Major wins under her belt, Mickey Wright was not a golfer to be reckoned with during her career. She is widely considered to be the greatest LPGA Tour player.

Wright was the LPGA Tour Money leader on 4 separate occasions from 1961-1964. In addition to this, she was named the Greatest Female Golfer of the 20th Century by the Associated Press.

She even achieved the Career Grand Slam by the time she hit 27 years of age.

Wright is also well known for her swing, with other golfers such as Ben Hogan even praising it. Even though she stopped touring at 34 years of age, Mickey Wright still remains one of the greatest female golfers in history.

Best Male Golfer Of All Time

When it comes to male golfers, there are two names that are considered to be the best golfers of all time: Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

4Best Male Golfer Of All TimeTiger Woods

Major Wins: 15

PGA Tour Victories: 82

Since Jack Nicklaus, there have been few golfers able to come close to winning the title of the best male golfer of all time. Tiger Woods, however, surpassed everyone’s expectations.

In 2000, Tiger Woods became the youngest career grand slam winner at only 25 years of age.

Earlier on in 1997, Woods also became the youngest Masters champion at only 21 years of age.

In total Tiger Woods has won 82 PGA Tour titles, in addition to 15 major wins. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that Tiger Woods was probably hitting birdies before he left the cradle. 

Tiger Woods has also won 10 Player of the Year Awards, and has the lowest scoring average ever. In fact, if not for Sam Snead, Woods would have the most PGA Tour wins of all time.

While Woods has had his fair share of scandal in his life, it’s hard to deny that he’s had one of the most impressive careers in golfing history.

Jack Nicklaus

Major Wins: 18

PGA Tour Victories: 73

Jack Nicklaus is widely regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, with many people regarding him as the greatest player ever. His nickname is The Golden Bear, a name given to him by Australian sportswriter Don Lawrence.

Out of every golfer to ever hit the professional stage, Jack Nicklaus has won the most majors – a whopping 18 majors in total. He’s only closely followed by Tiger Woods who’s won 15 majors throughout his career.

During the 1970s Nicklaus was given the title of Athlete of the Decade by Sports Illustrated, and has been the PGA Tour money leader for 8 years.

By the age of 26, Jack Nicklaus had already completed the career grand slam. During his career, he also created his own equipment company and he has designed many hundreds of golf courses.

Throughout his career, he also won 6 Masters titles. His skill was truly second to none and his name is now permanently etched in the history books as one of the greatest golfers of all time.


While there are many golfers out there that have made an impression on us through the years, these are by far some of the greatest golfers of all time.

By watching the greatest golfers, we can hope to learn from them to improve our own games. One thing is for sure: when it comes to golfing skills, these players are truly at the peak of their game. 


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