Best Driving Irons

Ever wondered if there was an iron that could help you send the ball sailing down the fairway and help you achieve a lower score? There is, and it goes by the name of a driving iron. 

If you’re new to the game or need a refresh, driving irons are essentially long-irons, except they’re a lot easier to use and swing. Besides being a more forgiving choice, they’re also more accurate and better performing than hybrids and fairway woods, as well as being durable and long-lasting.  

If this kind of iron is what your golf bag’s been missing, it can be easy to get lost in the vast sea of options! To help you out, in this article, you’ll find five of the best driving irons available on the market right now, as well as a review of each one. 

On top of that, we’ve also included a buying guide that’ll clue you in on what factors you should keep in mind when selecting the right driving iron for you. Ready to achieve more pars out on the course? Let’s begin. 

In a hurry? Elevate your game with our top pick:

If you’re in a hurry, look no further than the TaylorMade GAPR LO Driving Iron. This innovative golf club has been optimized with a low and forward-positioned center of gravity that will ensure maximum distance and a powerful and precise trajectory. 

Here’s why it’s our top pick:

  • The optimized, performance-enhancing center of gravity positioning will help to achieve more distance and straighter trajectories, time and time again

  • The loft sleeve has been carefully designed to achieve perfect gapping and a better launch angle. 

  • Deliver ultimate workability, the Tour Proven profile, and mid-thin sole width ensures total versatility and better flight path control.

  • Its speed foam revolutionary iron technology has been optimized to allow for a faster, hotter face that will maintain an excellent feel and satisfying sound.

In a hurry?
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Best Driving Irons - Reviews

TaylorMade knows a thing or two about golf equipment! Each product they create is injected with their passion for golf and years of industry knowledge, and this is demonstrated with the GAPR LO Golf Club.

Speed Foam Iron Technology has been used to fill the 455 Stainless steel head which allows this club to have a thin and fast face. It delivers great distance and has that satisfying ‘click’ sound for a more enjoyable feel.

The face itself has been made of maraging steel to help add to the speed, while TaylorMade’s patented speed pocket will ensure a fast, powerful flight path. In other words, you’ll send the ball sailing down the fairway!

The GAPR LO has a Tour Proven profile that makes this driver extremely workable. The mid-thin sole width delivers total versatility and will inspire confidence at address, while the loft sleeve will allow you to create a high launch angle and precise, powerful ball trajectory. 


  • Optimized center of gravity increases distance and ensures a powerful trajectory
  • Revolutionary Speed Foam Technology will deliver a thinner, hotter face
  • Has an excellent feel and sound


  • Some golfers may prefer a larger face

If you’re on a budget and searching for a driving iron that isn’t going to break the bank, a great option is the Lazrus  Premium Golf Driving Iron!

Though Lazrus is deemed as being an underdog brand (especially in comparison to other names on the market) they do offer very similar quality at competitive, affordable price points, not to mention near perfect customer reviews. 

For this driving iron, in particular, Lazarus has created it with beginner to intermediate players in mind. It features a minimalistic design with an innovative cavity back that will deliver more forgiveness, better speed, and help to make even the worst mis-hits playable. 

Its stepped steel shaft and regular flex with custom Lazrus grips will help to inspire confidence at address and achieve precise trajectories, while deep grooves across the face will help to deliver fantastic spin, consistency, and control whether you’re playing from the fairway or the rough. 

If that wasn’t enough, Lazrus even offers a 100% risk-free purchase guarantee that states, if you purchase it and don’t like it, you can simply send it back and they will give you a complete refund. It’s a great choice for anyone just starting out, or for the intermediate player looking for a forgiving iron to practice their technique with.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Ideal for beginner-intermediate golfers
  • Very forgiving


  • Regular flex may not be suitable for plates with a high swing

Offering a sophisticated, stylish look and a game-elevating design, the Adams New Idea A1 Still Flex Driving Iron is a great choice for the experienced golfer looking to improve their game.

While forged driving irons are known for delivering excellent control and distance, they are known to be a little less forgiving on mishits and other kinds of golf faux-pas. This isn’t the case with this driving iron from Adams, it features a slight cavity back which will help to make all types of shots playable, while its stiff flex will complement the more experienced player with faster swing speeds and prevent any slicing. 

Offering an additional level of forgiveness, this driving iron also features a wide sole which lends it the feel of a hybrid (which is a type of club that merges the best features of two types of golf clubs into one). While out on the course, this wider sole allows for better turf interaction and more forgiveness on mishits, as well as offering more consistency on longer shots  - you’ll love reaching for it when you need to go big on distance.

As for looks? The Adams New IDEA A1 Driving Iron features a basic yet eye-catching matte silver top with an aesthetically pleasing chrome coated sole that will blend in nicely with your existing golf equipment and your outfit. 


  • Stylish design
  • Affordable
  • Wide sole ensures better turf interaction and more forgiveness''


  • The stiff flex may not be suitable for amateur golfers

On a budget? This great value for money driving iron has a hollow body design and is an ideal choice for those who want to improve their swing speed.

Ideal for use from the tee or on the fairway, the MP-18 MMC has a low center of gravity that will achieve a high launch, making it an ideal choice for golfers that struggle to achieve height off the tee. 

Multiple, advanced technologies include laser welding across the miraging HT 770 and the soft  X-30 stainless steel body combine together for an energetic and hot face. In addition, there’s plenty of face flex to allow for greater speed and distance, while the COG gives this driving iron optimized weight positioning for reliable performance.

Its 20-gram Tungsten Toe Weighting has been carefully positioned in the core which allows for low and forward stability and powerful COG, while its head is compact and will inspire confidence at address. It has a slim sole that is well designed with an optimized camber that will ensure this driver is easy to swing. 

Not only that, but the MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Irons have a finish in Satin Nickel Chrome which adds a sleek and sophisticated character. It’s also durable and offers minimal glare, which means that, even if the sun is shining, this driver won’t reflect the sun’s rays straight into your eyes!


  • The Tungsten Toe Weighting ensures optimal forgiveness and a higher launch angle
  • Hot and fast face
  • Low COG (center of gravity)


  • Some golfers might find the head to be too small

As an alternative, why not consider a hybrid driving iron? The Tour Edge Men’s HL3 Iron-Wood is well-known for its thinly forged face and ability to consistently deliver high and fast trajectories. 

Blending the best parts of an iron and a wood into one, this hybrid driving iron features an increased head volume for added forgiveness and a steel forged face that is thinner than competing irons to deliver a springy, ‘trampoline’ effect and increase distance. 

Easy to hit, this club is made of a hyper steel body and has been built using Varying Thickness Technology which provides more contact points on the face for better distance on all types of shots. Tour Edge has also added a heavy sole that will position more weight below the ball for shots with a better launch angle and faster trajectory.

Ideal for anyone that struggles with accurate swings, the thin forged steel insert, and hollow body will allow for forgiveness on mis-hits and consistently help you to achieve more speed and distance. The back of the club has also been made larger, which will help to fill you with confidence while stood at address or teeing up. 


  • A hollow body for more forgiveness
  • The weighted sole ensures a higher trajectory
  • The thinner, forged steel face increases speed


  • Some players do not like the ‘feel’ of this driving iron

Best Driving Irons - Buyers Guide

The driving iron you select is sure to become a recurring fixture in your golf bag! At the very least, it should provide you with consistency, steady trajectory, and the reliability you need to get you out of tricky areas of the course and off to a flying start on the tee.

With that being said, let’s explore some important factors to keep in mind before making a purchase below:

The distance

The best driving irons should have an energetic face (otherwise referred to as a ‘hot’ face) that’s going to be able to give the ball a good height off of the tee and a powerful and precise flight trajectory.

Luckily, locating a driving iron with good distance capabilities isn’t a hard task, as this is one of the most common characteristics of this kind of club. This is why they’re so great for use in windy conditions! 

How forgiving it is

When selecting a driving iron, another important factor to keep in mind is how forgiving it is. Though a 3-wood is often considered to hit the ball the farthest, it is not necessarily the most forgiving type of wood, so it’s easier to mis-hit and cause the ball to end up in a bunker or into the woods!

Driving irons can achieve just about the same distance as a 3-wood, except their clubface is bigger, which allows manufacturers to manipulate the center of gravity and create larger sweet spots. The best way to check how forgiving a driving iron will be is to refer to customer reviews, as this will give you a more realistic idea of how it will perform.

How easy it is to hit

What separates a driving iron from a standard long iron is that they’re often a lot easier to hit! Besides being more lightweight, driving irons often have a larger sweet spot, which makes them an ideal selection for beginners and experts, alike.

While other irons and woods can look intimidating to a golfer, driving irons are much easier to use, which inspires confidence.  

Its workability 

Another important feature you should consider is the driving irons ‘workability’, which essentially means how easy it will be to play in different situations and areas of the course.

The best driving irons should give you the feel of a fairway wood except with more control and speed and, armed with a quality one, you should be able to feel confident using it at address, and equally as confident using it to maneuver around a hole filled with natural hazards.

We also recommend keeping an eye out for how forgiving the driving iron you’re considering purchasing is. The best driving irons will allow you to take your shots with the added confidence of knowing that even the slightly off-center hits will still carry well and remain on track so that they’re still playable. Besides, golf is a hard game! You don’t get extra marks for passing up more forgiving clubs, even the pros use them.  

The shaft

Another feature you’ll want to consider is the length of the shaft, as well as flex options. Generally, there’s a huge range of shaft lengths and flex options available in driving irons, and you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right options for you and your skill level.

While a shorter length shaft will offer you a bit more control, a longer shaft will give you the option to go big on distance and achieve more speed. As for the flex, this will very much depend on your swing speed. If you’re an experienced golfer and have a fast swing speed, you’ll want to go for less flex.

However, if you gave a slower swing, you’ll want to go for an increased amount of flex. As an example, if you’re a beginner, you’ll probably benefit the most from a shorter shaft and a regular flex. If you’re more experienced or have a powerful swing, a stiff flex and a longer shaft will probably benefit you the most. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualities should I look for in a driving iron?

If you’ve decided to incorporate a driving iron into your golf bag, there are some factors that you should keep in mind. Regardless of your skillset, you should always feel confident holding a driving iron while stood at address!

The best driving irons will be able to hit your ball more consistently down the fairway, be more forgiving on mis-hits, and deliver maximum speed.

You’ll want to make sure that your driving iron consists of an extra-large sweet spot and other forgiving, performance-enhancing features that’ll help to reduce the chances of a slice and ensure that even the worst of mis-hits are still playable. 

When should I use a driving iron?

Choosing when to swap out your driver for a driving iron can be a difficult task to carry out. When you use a driving iron, you’re going to be sacrificing the distance that a traditional driver would deliver but increasing the overall control and consistency.

Therefore, the best time to use a driving iron is when accuracy is most important. In addition, nowadays, more and more driving irons are being made to deliver the same amount of distance and speed as a driver, so more golfers are finding that they can use them in a variety of ways, which is why they’re so popular. 

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