Best Golf Irons for Amateur

Starting to play golf for the first time is simultaneously an exciting and challenging prospect. The game of golf is all about precision and accuracy, and generating these outcomes based on your limited experience can be quite a hassle. The first visit to the fairway will undoubtedly be extremely frustrating and infuriating for you, which is why you have to remain patient and plan your game accordingly. 

Golf is a game of precision, practice, experience, and top-quality equipment. You can have the best accuracy on the course, but if your equipment doesn't parallel that of the others, you will never be able to make your game stand out.

Using your own irons, and those specifically meant to be used by beginners can have a positive impact on your style. The practice is what makes a golfer perfect, and we believe that this practice can be directed towards the right goals through the perfect amateur golf irons. Amateurs need to develop their grip on their very own golf iron, which is meant to be used by players of their experience group.

With your limited knowledge of golf irons and the game itself right now, we understand that you cannot head to the market and buy a golf iron straightaway. Knowing this, we have talked to some experts of the game to identify a list of some of the best golf irons for amateurs. These golf irons offer a perfect opportunity for you to kick start your golf career and to make sure that you are on track to success.

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Don’t want to go through the entire length of product reviews and just want to know the single best golf iron for amateurs? If that’s the case, then we would recommend you to invest in Callaway Golf 2018 Men's Rogue Individual Iron.  It seems like Callaway has designed this club by keeping in mind the requirement of novice golfers.

The iron features propriety 360 Face Cup Technology that entails the addition of a shallow and flexible rim to the parameters of the clubhead. This innovation enables the clubhead to offer greater ball speed and distance no matter where you hit it. The manufacturer has also kept the sweet spot of the club prominent by using tungsten within the head.

Callaway has also used the urethane microsphere to dampen the vibration of the thin blade of the iron. Besides preventing the excess vibration and unwanted sound, this urethane filling also improves the flex of the clubface and lowers its coefficient of restitution (COR). The lower COR means optimal energy conservation during club-ball contact, resulting in better ball speed.

Some may find this iron a bit expensive. However, the price is worth it, given the way it helps golfers to play better.

Best Golf Irons for Amateur - Reviews

For amateur golfers, making the ball travel long distances without messing up its trajectory is a continuous struggle. Callaway has taken this beginners’ struggle into account and introduced a golf iron that offers better speed and distance but without making you play erratically. Callaway has used 360 Face Cup Technology to achieve that feat.

This patented technology entails the attachment of a flexible and shallow rim to the entire border of the clubface. This 360-degree rim flexes and releases at the time of the club’s impact with the ball, resulting in increased ball speed. Callaway claims that you can get to travel the ball 3 mph faster with this Rogue Iron in comparison to other irons of a similar loft and lie angle and offset. Callaway has topped up this innovation with another innovative feature, i.e., Variable Face Thickness (VFT).

The VFT actually governs the flexibility of the entire clubface that comes into play when you hit the ball off the center of the head. VFT makes sure slight misses won’t cost you a lot of distance on the fairway.  Callaway has also positioned the center of gravity of the clubface with extraordinary precision. This precision has been achieved by using tungsten in the clubhead.

The higher density of the tungsten has allowed the manufacturer to outline the center of gravity (CG) of the head in a well-detailed manner. This detailing with respect to CG and the sweet spot of the club comes in really useful for amateur golfers who are usually clueless about such intricacies.


  • Urethane microsphere ensures lesser vibration and better feel
  • MIM’d Internal standing wave— improved launch and spin
  • A multi-material construction— delivers required speed and distance
  • Available in three different shaft materials and flexes


  • Not for those looking for more spin

Many amateur golfers find themselves in a tight spot where they are able to swing the iron in the right manner but still couldn't get the ball to the intended height and flight. This usually happens when you can't provide the required launch angle to the ball. Callaway Steelhead XR Iron is designed to get around this problem. The manufacturer has designed this iron to make sure it remains highly forgiving when it comes to launch.

Callaway has improved the launch forgiveness of this iron by using two innovations. First, it has used a hollow bore-thru hosel to strategically redistribute the weight in the club to keep the CG at the lower part of the club. Secondly, Shock Eliminator Technology has been used to keep the CG in the same position. The well-thought-out weight distribution and CG adjustment make sure amateur golfers gets to play with more forgiveness and can launch the ball to the intended height.

The Shock Eliminator Technology also dampens the vibration that the club experiences at the time of the contact. Players with lower handicaps don’t mind these vibrations because they are not able to disturb their game. However, the same vibrations can become a big spoiler for those who are just starting out on the fairway.

This Callaway iron also features 360 Face Cup Technology. This means the club doesn’t just help the rookie golfers with the launch but also lets them play for longer distances. A golf iron that features 360 flexible rims on the clubhead always ensure long ball distances. Using a golf iron that offers better launch and ball distance can prove to be a great confidence booster for amateurs.


  • Available in four different shaft flexes
  • Ensures better forgiveness, launch, and speed at the same time
  • Reinforced clubhead parameter neutralizes the effects of  off-center hits
  • Available in six configurations


  • Only suitable for lesser spin

Golfing experts are in agreement that a golf iron with a larger sweet spot always offers better assistance to those who have just started playing the game. In that sense, the Mazel 7 Iron Golf is ideal for all the amateur golfers. The manufacturer has forged the head of the iron with stainless steel and expanded the sweet spot to provide improved accuracy even if the shot is not that good.

Mazel has also added more forgiveness to the iron by fiddling with the head’s center of gravity and moment of inertia (MOI). In Mazel 7 Iron, the center of the gravity has been moved to the lower half of the clubhead that consequently increases the MOI of the club.

This high MOI makes sure the iron head doesn’t twist too much at the time of impact. This means even a mishit will result in a straighter ball trajectory. It is common for amateur golfers to play every other shot off-center. For all those, this Mazel Iron is a godsend. If your hits are frequently moving towards the heel or toe of the clubhead, try using this Golf iron. Its high MOI and larger sweet spot will definitely help you in improving your distance shots.

Amateur golfers often find the head of the club heavier than its actual weight during a swing. This heaviness can actually mess up the execution of the shot. Mazel has also worked on that aspect to make sure a rookie golfer can play without getting bogged down by the swing weight. It has also kept the shaft length of the iron long (under USGA limit) that takes the edge off the swing weight.


  • Premium rubber grip— better shock absorption and anti-slip
  • 12 different shaft materials are available
  • Lower COG ensures straighter and longer ball flights
  • Available in three shaft flexes


  • Not good for later stages of the game (mid and low handicap)

This is yet another Callaway Iron entry on our list. Like the other two Callaway irons we have discussed here, this one too is really generous with its forgiveness. This is the first forged iron model where Callaway has used its state-of-the-art 360 Face Cup Technology. The edges of the iron head are lined with a flexible rim that allows golfers to get higher ball speeds consistently. So, instead of relying on hitting the sweet spot, you can play good shots from anywhere on the clubhead.

Callaway has also improved this golf iron for amateurs by working on each and every minute detail. For instance, the offset of the Iron is kept greater so that freshers can hit the ball while getting more forgiveness. The center of gravity is also kept a bit lower to make sure you can get the intended flight with your swing.

Forged golf irons usually get the flak for their rough feel. Amateur golfers notice this at a higher degree. Callaway makes sure that golfers can't complain about the feel of the club after using Apex CF16 Iron. From picking the 1025 mild carbon steel to adopt extremely clear-cut quadruple net forging along with micro-milling, the manufacturer hasn't left any stone unturned to keep the feel of this forged iron incredibly soft.


  • State-of-the-art multi-piece construction
  • Every feature improves the forgiveness of the club
  • Available in various shaft material and flexes


  • Greater offset might cause hooks

The weight of a golf club is also one of the recurring concerns among beginners. A bulky golf club, be it a driver or iron, can affect every bit of the game, especially of those who are still in the learning phase. Cobra Golf has designed this iron set by keeping in mind this issue. Cobra F-Max One Golf Iron features the patented Ultralight Technology.

The lighter shaft, light clubhead, light swing weight— all of them collectively help you in getting the required speed and distance even from a moderate swing speed. In order to make the iron more forgiving, the manufacturer has kept the design of the head low-profile, resulting in dragging the center of gravity down and to the back. This modification results in an improved launch.

The clubhead of this Cobra Iron also features a deeper undercut. This change has not been made just to make the iron look stylish. The underlying reason behind adding the deeper undercut is to harness greater flex for increased ball speeds. This flexing actually helps in improving the trajectory and flight of shots that are actually off-center hits.

Besides function, this Cobra Golf Iron also fares well on the form front. The manufacturer has used premium nickel chrome plating on the clubhead to improve its aesthetical profile. This top-quality chromium plating also makes sure you can use the iron for long in its pristine sparkling condition.


  • One of lightest irons on the block
  • Ideal for those who are struggling with their swing speed
  • Ideal for those who are struggling with their swing speed


  • Some beginners golfers may find it less forgiving than the other irons

Best Golf Irons for Amateur - Buyers Guide

Precision, height, and distance are everything when you first start playing golf. You obviously won’t get the desired results from the word go, but it is a pleasure having a golf iron that can help your cause, rather than proving to be a hindrance. While we have mentioned some of the best irons in the market above, you would still want to narrow your options down to the one you can actually buy.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Golf Irons for Amateurs


This is something that most beginner level golf players overlook and then later end up regretting. The shaft material is necessary for a good performance and can turn out to be the missing element within your performance. You need to make sure that you step up to the challenge and don’t let the opportunity slide by here. The material type, flex, and length of your shaft can end up impacting your game as a professional golfer.

When it comes to shaft materials, beginners usually have two options to choose from. These options include either graphite or steel. Graphite is the ideal material to go for if you feel that you wouldn’t be able to generate too much power on your swing. Graphite is lightweight and can help you swing freely without any issue. Steel, on the other hand, weighs more and is a lot about generating power in your swing. You have to free your arms in the right manner and should make sure that you leave no stone unturned as part of the process. We recommend you to test out your clubs before you buy them so that you are sure about which club to use and where to use it.

The length of the shaft is also an important factor that you should consider. The length should be ideal for your height and should leverage the force you generate through your shoulders to give you the perfect push forward. Clubs with the right length can help you bring your A-game forward.

Maximum distance and trajectory can ideally be achieved through a lightweight shaft. The lighter your shaft, the better your chances are of connecting well with your club. You can achieve a lot more distance on the ball through a lighter shaft, as it helps increase the speed of your swing.


The clubhead is another important factor that you should consider as part of your purchase process. The size of your clubhead plays an important role in determining how hard or how easy it is for you to strike the golf ball. A bigger face for your clubhead makes it easier for you to strike the ball from the sweet spot.

Center of Gravity

Clubs that have their center of gravity in the right place can greatly improve the performance of the player playing with them. This will eventually help you out immensely to improve your game and to get the best out of the effort. But what’s the right place for the center of gravity, especially one is buying a club for amateur golfers?

There is a general consensus among golf experts that the irons having the center of gravity in the lower portion of their clubheads come in really helpful for beginners. When the center of gravity is positioned below the midline of the head, it assists you in launching the ball in the right trajectory.


The cost of the iron blade you are looking to buy is another factor that you should consider before your purchase. It is necessary that you take into account the price, as you wouldn’t want to break your bank so early into your career. Additionally, you can start with affordable iron sets, while moving on to the more premium sets as you progress in your career. If you’re just playing golf as a hobby, your pocket should dictate the price range and the products you can afford. If you can buy an expensive iron blade, then go for it.

Irons in the set

A typical or standard set of irons has 7 irons and a perfect pitching wedge inside the package. The irons are numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The pitching wedge can come in handy for multiple purposes on the grass. Some of these irons are a bit easier to hit with, while others are harder. Golfers with high handicaps tend to change their 3 and 4 irons for high lofted fairway woods.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is important to point out that golf is a game of accuracy, precision, and power. If you want to start your journey as a golf player in the right way, you should make sure that you have the right equipment with you. There are multiple irons present in the market, which is why we have made your task as a buyer a lot easier. Go through our list of the best golf irons for amateurs and further narrow your choices through the buying guide we have mentioned. Buy the best iron for your game and swing away on the golf course.

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