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When you’re playing golf, ultimately your main goal is to make your handicap as low as possible. That’s not always a simple thing to do when you’re just starting out, or if you’ve had a few years away from the golf course and your game isn’t quite as good as it used to be.

Sometimes having the right equipment truly can make all the difference, so it’s definitely worth your time to think about getting a new putter designed for high handicappers. 

Of course, if you’ve never looked for a putter before you may not know what the best one for you will be. There are a lot of great options on the market, but we’re only interested in showing you the very best!

So, without further ado, here are the best putters for high handicappers on the market. We’ve also written a handy buyer’s guide to help you to narrow down your decision.

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Best Putters High Handicappers - Reviews

This popular putter will give you all that you need and more to help you well on your way to becoming a putting master. It’s also known as the White Hot Pro due to the white hot insert that comes with it. This insert is incredibly firm which means that when you are putting you will get a better roll. 

Not only this, but the putter provides you with a lot of consistency on every shot, something we’re sure a lot of high handicappers will appreciate. The sound it offers is also incredibly satisfying, and it feels great to play with in general. If you’re worried about forgiveness on mishits, you also don’t need to be as this putter oozes forgiveness and great response. This mainly comes down to the heel/ toe weighting. It’s also easy to align the putter due to the contrasting alignment aids. 

In addition to this, the putter has a full shaft offset. It’s an attractive looking club, featuring classical simple lines and it has a PVD finish. It’s immensely durable too, so you can be sure that you are spending your money on longevity here.

It should be noted that the putter can take a little bit of getting used to for some golfers that may not have used it before, but it’s otherwise a great option across the board that you are sure to enjoy playing with.


  • Durable
  • Forgiving
  • Attractive design


  • It takes a little bit of practice to get used to it

Are you looking for a great putter that isn’t going to cost a fortune? Well, look no further than the Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter. This putter has a lot to offer despite its lower price tag, and it’s absolutely perfect for someone with a mid to high handicap.

The putter has an attractive white finish that will look fantastic when you’re out on the golf course. The putter is made in a mallet style and it has great weight balance. This can help to get good rolls and optimal control.

In fact, if you’re on a faster green this is an especially good choice for you. It’s been designed in such a way that it’s much easier for high handicappers to use, with a comfortable construction that you are sure to enjoy playing with.

Coming from a well known brand name that is accomplished in the field of golf equipment, you truly can’t go wrong with this option. Of course, as with any other product it certainly has its pitfalls. Some people have found that the putter is slightly more heavy than they would wish, but this may not be an issue for you if you prefer to play with a heavier putter.


  • Affordable
  • Attractive design
  • Perfect for faster greens


  • It’s a little bit heavy

If you’re looking for an effective golf putter that has a classic design, then the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter may be just the thing that you’re looking for. This putter is armed with all of the best technology to help to make those handicap scores lower, with input from you, of course.

The putter delivers lots of accuracy and consistency across the board, ideal for when you want to be able to lower your handicap. The putter is made out of 304 stainless steel, and this helps to get a much softer feel when the ball is in contact with it. The putter isn’t going to break the bank either, so it’s ideal if you’re on more of a budget.

You can expect a lot more forgiveness with this putter as a result of the milling pattern on it too. Perhaps the main issue with this putter though is that the head shape isn’t exactly the most popular among all golfers. You may find that this is not a concern for you though, so it largely depends on what kind of thing you are looking for.


  • Nice feel
  • Classic design
  • Ideal for if you are on a budget


  • Not all golfers are fond of the head shape

If you have a little bit more of a budget to pay with and you are looking for the best performance as far as accuracy and consistency are concerned, then you may wish to invest in the TaylorMade Golf Spider Putters. These putters are pretty popular among a lot of professionals and beginner golfers, so there’s a lot of versatility here.

As you may imagine, it can take a little bit of time to get used to using this putter due to the design. With that being said though, there is certainly a lot to love about this putter. To begin with, it comes with groove technology with a 45 degree angle. This is what contributes to the fantastic consistency and control. It’s also incredibly forgiving.

What may also surprise you is knowing that the putter has some moveable weight options, so you can adjust the weight based on what you need. So long as you are able to get used to the way this putter operates, it’s certainly an option that is worth investing in.


  • Weighting adjustability
  • Forgiving
  • Lots of head styles available


  • Some people may find it difficult to adapt to this putter

There’s a lot to love about the Wilson Infinite West Loop. Indeed, this product features a gooseneck shaft that really stands out from the crowd, not to mention a long extended back. 

That’s not all there is to rave about when it comes to this putter. In fact, it’s a strong performer that certainly holds its weight up against some of the other clubs that we’ve mentioned on this list. It’s an incredibly affordable putter that is sure to do a great job of assisting you out on the golf course. It has a steel milled face, and it’s easy to align.

Furthermore, the putter has an attractive black finish - if you compared this putter to another that’s more expensive and more high end, you would have a difficult time knowing that it’s a lot cheaper. It’s also a great choice for players that hit it toward the toe.


  • Satisfying sound upon contact
  • Forgiving
  • Ideal for players that hit toward the toe


  • None!

Best Putters High Handicappers - Buyers Guide

So you’ve seen the best putters for high handicappers, but what exactly makes a putter great?

Not every one of these options is going to be the best pick for you, so it’s important to make sure that you give careful consideration to the product that you buy.

In order to do that, it’s important to understand the main things that you need to look for in a putter for a high handicapper.

Head Design

Of course, the design of the entire putter is important in determining how it performs, but above all else it’s important to make sure that you have a putter with a head that is going to work best for your play style. There are a lot of putters out there that have strangely shaped heads and these may not fit every person.

When it comes to putter heads, there are a few main styles, including blade heads, mallet heads, perimeter weighted heads and mid mallets.

If you are looking for a low key, traditional putter then a blade is what you need to be looking for. Mallets, on the other hand, have a larger head which will generally help to give you more accuracy and forgiveness.

The way that you put can differ depending on the design of the putter’s head so you will need to consider what your putting style is and buy a putter based on that. If you want a putter with more forgiveness when you aren’t striking the ball right in the center, then you will be best choosing a putter that has a high moment of inertia.

The Shaft

The shaft is another key aspect to consider when you are looking for a putter for a high handicap. The length of the shaft in particular is important to think about. Not everyone is the same height, so naturally the length of the shaft you are going to need will differ based on that.

Using a putter of the wrong length can be a little problematic, impacting on the golfer’s performance. You will find that most putters tend to be around 35 inches but you can sometimes find ones that are 33 or 34 inches if you are shorter.

You will also find that long/chest putters or belly putters tend to be longer than the normal 35 to 33 inch shafts. They have also becoming increasingly popular among professional golfers. They are also ideal for people that struggle with painful backs, and they can help you to find more control too. The general length of a belly putter is roughly 41 to 45 inches while chest putters are usually around 45 to 50 inches.

If you are a high handicapper it is also worth considering the design of the shaft. Offset shafts are usually better for high handicappers as it helps to keep your hands beyond the ball, and you can have more accuracy and control in your shots.

The other thing to consider when it comes to the shaft is the weight. The length and the weight work together so you need to make sure that both of them work well in tandem. You can’t just expect miracles from shortening the length on the shaft because if the weight of the shaft isn’t right for you it simply isn’t going to work well for you.

Inserts and Faces

Technology has changed a lot through the years, and it certainly has changed the way that we play golf. A lot of manufacturers will provide you with a bunch of different inserts that do different things.

You should pay attention to these inserts in addition to the groove style. Ideally, you want a putter with a good feel and action, something that will work with your style of putting. This is going to come largely down to personal preference so think about what you need before you buy.

You may wish to test out a couple of putters in advance to see what kind of thing you like. 


Not every putter is the same, and one area where one putter can differ from another is in the grip. Your putter’s grip can have a big impact on your overall performance when you try to take a shot. As a result of this, it is important to get one that will work with your putting style.

A lot of grips will give you the ability to taper lower down, but a lot of golfers find that they are more comfortable with a shaft with a thicker grip. Larger grips are more comfortable for some people.

The other option is a counterbalances grip. These grips will give you more weights below the hands and this can help you to avoid hinging the wrists when you are putting.


The price of putters can wildly vary depending on a number of different factors. It’s important that you think about your budget when you are making your decision. It’s worth considering a couple of well priced options that are high quality.

Of course, while it is certainly possible to get a great putter by spending barely any money, you should make sure that you get something that’s going to match what you need rather than just buying the cheapest option there is.


Putting may seem like an easy task, after all it’s a smaller shot right? Surely the ball should hit the sweet spot every single time? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Even some of the best putting actions can still create mis hits. It’s vital that you’re precise when you play golf, so it’s important that your putter has great precision.

Having a putter that has poor forgiveness means that any mis hits could end in disaster for your handicap. Thus, if you have a high handicap, you should certainly look for a putter with a lot of forgiveness. This means that you’re more likely to make the putt, and when situations are difficult you will feel more confident when you are putting as there is more room for error.


When it comes to feel, there is no universal right answer for every golfer. It’s a very subjective thing that is difficult to define.

A range of different characteristics can change the feel of your hits, including different metals and inserts in the putter. In fact, the ball you choose can also determine how your shots feel. 

Another thing to consider is the sound - there’s nothing quite like a satisfying sound to make that shot ever the sweeter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is getting a new putter going to make a big difference to my handicap if I am a high handicapper?

To put it bluntly, yes. It’s always important to make sure that you have the right equipment for your golf game, just as you would with any other sport.

With that being said, the outcome of your game is only partially down to the equipment you use. It’s also important to make sure that you have your own game in order. Practice makes perfect, and that’s the main thing that’s going to influence your game. 

How do I improve my putting if I’m a high handicapper?

When you are putting, you need to consider line and speed. Both of these things combine together to make a great putt, having one without the other simply won’t work.

You should try to spend some time working on your speed. There are a lot of exercises you can do to achieve this. With practice, the line will get better.

You should try to practice your technique on all different parts of the green so you have experience in areas that are more hilly, for example, and from different directions.

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