Best Putters Of All Time

Commonly referred to as one of the most important pieces of golfing equipment in your collection, the putter is the easiest way to roll the ball into the hole!

Therefore, finding the right one for you is very important. With so many options and styles to choose from, we have put together this handy guide to tell you the best putters that will take your game to the next level.

When picking a putter, you’ll have to make a choice between a blade, mid-mallet or a mallet design. Blade style putters tend to suit ‘feel’ players with a stronger arc to their putting stroke, moving up into mallets that suit golfers who require extra alignment assistance and/or have much less rotation in their putting stroke.

This, however, is not a hard and fast rule – much of your final decision should be based on what suits your eye and feels good in your hands. Only that way will you gain the confidence you need to hole the putts you want to.

Remember other variations of putter design like counter balanced versions, which feature a heavier head and grip to increase overall stability and promote a smoother tempo - but don’t worry - we’re going to be covering everything you need to know before making a purchase in this article.

Without further ado, prepare to meet your new golf putter!

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Best Putters Of All Time - Reviews

It is no secret, TaylorMade is renowned for golfing gear and has been leaders in this market for many years - and the SpiderX certainly lives up this expectation!

Why? Well, for starters the design of the SpiderX has been based on research that indicates that golfers strike 66% of putts towards the toe of the putter (with more than 10000 puts being tested within 12 feet of the hole) This lead engineers to change the mass profile of the putter while introducing True Path technology to improve the alignment of the ball and the putter face to result in more strikes in the center of the putter, time and time again.

Its head has been granted extra stabilization by moving 36% more weight onto the outside perimeters and in turn, creating a 37mm deeper center of gravity allowing the MOI level to be much more stable, meaning more shots made! 

Not only that, there is a really impressive carbon fiber insert in the central area of the sole of the SpiderX, which allows for the opportunity to move the weight saved to the outer perimeters, reducing the SpiderX size by 5% for more usability.

The SpiderX has a composite core that weighs in at 15g, while a seamless additional dedicated weight design features aluminium and steel weights that provide a little flexibility in optimizing your weight preferences to suit you, your style of play or the game circumstances you find yourself in.

It also features an optically engineered vision system, which has been engineered specifically to improve distance, allow for a more clarified vision and enhanced visual perception through color sensitivity.

The design of the Spider X features a more streamlined design than any putter design that has ever come before it. It has a much more stable head shape which provides more weight on the outside of the frame, with a deeper center of gravity three times deeper than a traditional blade putter (37mm).


  • True path alignment feature
  • Stylish design
  • Affordable


  • Not everyone will find the colors aesthetically pleasing

Going big on quality and little on price, the Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter is another budget  putter worthy of your consideration. Featuring a polymer injected insert and vertical seam grip that helps with feel and response, with an easy alignment design that works to improve both your accuracy and consistency.

It boasts clever horizontal lines across the face of the putter which provides greater accuracy and precision due to it acting as a point of reference and guideline and, as opposed to a bulky grip that is taking more and more precedence in putter designs, the harmonized putter is the opposite with an ergonomic, slim grip that allows for improved tension throughout the stroke.

It has a flared rear on its sole which creates a balanced head that is more evenly weighted to help you put more balls, while high handicappers will appreciate the double bend shaft. One thing’s for sure: this putter is very well designed and will no doubt improve your game significantly at a fraction of the cost. It has got our seal of approval!


  • Very affordable price point
  • Cool black and red design
  • Improves overall accuracy and consistency


  • Insert feels soft

Next up in our list is the Ray Cook Silver Putter. This incredible putter is reasonably priced with a premium quality that will improve your game significantly. It is packed full of the latest technology that will be able to help you stay in alignment during strokes, whilst also being very aesthetically pleasing. 

It features a non-glare design which is great for those sunnier days, while the guidelines etched across the face will help you to hit more accurate shots, time and time again.

Its head is a little heavier than other models which will help you to keep stable during each stroke, while its soft medium-sized paddle grip will help you to remain as comfortable as possible.


  • Non glare so you can use this putter in all lighting circumstances
  • Excellent grip
  • Stylish design that will certainly make you feel and look the part


  • Some may find it to be too heavy for their liking

A favorite in the golfing world for a reason, we’re sure you have already heard of the Odyssey White Hot Pro Putter! Featuring one of the face inserts out there, with this putter you will enjoy a precise feel and touch out on the greens. 

It has a sleek satin finish with a weighted rounded heel toe, as well as a crank-neck hosel which has earned its approval by some of the world’s very best players. 

Our verdict? This putter is a true must have! The White Hot insert is laser milled for consistent performance, improved sound off the face and a super fast roll. Contrasting alignment markings on the putter’s topline improve alignment at setup and promote stroke consistency - game after game.


  • Sleek finish
  • Comfortable grip
  • Fast roll


  • Higher price point

Getting a well-balanced mallet putter in your bag doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg and the Pinemeadow certainly demonstrates this.

Whether you’re golfing on a budget or you simply want to experiment with a mallet without breaking the bank, the Pinemeadow Golf PGX Putter won’t disappoint! At 380 grams, this is one of the heavier putters on the green providing players of all levels stability and helping them avoid balls hopping and going off track. 

Not only that, you’ll love the putter’s aerodynamic white shape which looks really modern,while its center align dots offer excellent guidelines to help you correctly line up a shot with precision and accuracy.


  • Heavy design to offer greater stability
  • Alignment guideline design
  • Affordable


  • Some may find this to be too basic

Best Putters Of All Time - Buyers Guide

Here are some criteria to keep in mind before purchasing a putter:


When it comes to the value of the putter, you should compare and contrast its performance against the cost. 

Regardless of how expensive a putter is, what amazing features it offers or how much of a bestseller it may be, the fact is: all players respond individually to putters. Some may love the weight and control of a mallet putter, while an amateur player may prefer the satisfying feel of a blade putter. Either way,  value very much depends on how you respond to the putter, so why not test a few?


Let’s face it: out of all the different criteria worth considering, appearance is definitely not one of the most important when it comes to your performance. However, it should go without saying that a nice, stylish putter will help you to feel the part and make you more confident on the greens - especially when you’re up against some competition!  

If a putter is not visually pleasing to your eyes then who knows, you may find it to be distracting or jarring, leading to you potentially losing faith in it when it comes down to playing. In our opinion, the better the appearance, the more belief you’ll have when you need to land that important putt.

Roll Quality

Roll quality is one of the most important to consider when picking a putter! When it comes to putting your ball, the roll quality of a putter is going to determine whether the ball is able to move along the target line with precision and speed, or whether it is going to skid, bounce or go in the wrong direction. 

If you pick a putter with a low quality roll. you will surely find that the ball will hop and skid, while putters with a high quality will allow for a much more smoother hit, with greater speed and accuracy. 


The feel of a putter is that you should consider. It’s no secret, golf is just as much a mental game as it is physical, so it is important that you have confidence and faith in the ability of your putter, and a putter that feels good in your hands will no doubt instill mounds of faith. When paired with the knowledge that you have a high quality putter in your hands that will lower your scores, you’ll find that you have a much more consistent and successful game.


We all understand that every shot we hit will not be perfect. Just like an iron shot or drive that finds the face of the club more towards the toe and loses accuracy and distance, anything hit away from the center of the clubface of the putter can also cause you to lose speed and your target line.

But all putters are not built the same when it comes to forgiveness. When looking at this specific criteria, we want to put the putter through a test that sees how the club responds when the putts are not hit with the center of the club.

Head Shape

Putter heads usually come in one of two options: a blade-style or mallet-style. A blade is perfect for the golfer looking for more control with their putting stroke, while allets are more balanced, heavier and ideal for those looking to power through each of their swings.

Length of Shaft

Finding the perfect length of a putter shaft is also very important  for maintaining a consistent shot. If you buy one that is too long or too short, you will find that it will create problems in your game. 

Putter Grip

The right grip is vital! Finding the right putting grip is generally about finding the grip that fits your hands. If your hands are on the larger side, you’ll benefit the best from a larger grip, while those with smaller hands should seek out thinner putting grips for stability and less chance of twisting.


The location of the hosel is also worth considering for the player looking to improve their putting game. Most blade putters have the hosel located to the inside of the club, closer to the golfer’s body. Some mallets, on the other hand, feature the hosel in the center of the club head to improve contract and location of the contact. When it comes to picking the right one for you, some trial and error may be needed.

Materials Used

Carbon steel is usually the best material for a putter! Coupled with face inserts that are milled and created from more soft materials, the head of a high-quality putter will be balanced while preventing any mis-shots of the ball.

Now you know about the criteria to keep an eye out for, it might be worth learning more about the differences in balance of a putter:

Mid-slant putters are a go-to for golfers as they tend to have full-shaft offset and a balance of around 45 degrees which works to encourage less rotation for more clean and direct shots. 

Next up comes face-balanced putters. These putters point upwards if the shaft is balanced on one finger, which is because its centre of gravity is directly positioned below the axis of the shaft, allowing for the golf club head to remain in a square position while straightening the putting shot.  

Last comes toe-down putters. These are also very popular as they have the ability to power through the swing without missing the hole. Fun fact: if you were to lay a toe-down putter on horizontal, the toe would point to the ground, which is why they are named that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a mallet or a blade putter?

That all depends on you! Golfers looking to improve their putting typically find themselves choosing between either a blade or a mallet putter - with both offering their own individual benefits.

Funnily enough, there are many similarities despite the differences in shape. The face of both putters are short with the majority of mallet putters featuring a hosel that is located on the inside of the club just like how blade putters do. 

The differences between the two clubs start with the difference in the shape of the heads!  Generally, mallet putters will have heads that are square (this is their traditional shape) while newer mallet putters can sometimes take on an interesting and sleek flared look. On the other hand, the shape of a blade putter generally only ever tends to be long and slim.

With a larger club head, mallet putters have more weight to utilize when establishing the balance of the putting stroke, making them really ideal for amateur golfers, while a blade putter is known for its ability to quickly and accurately achieve a natural topsin to get the ball into the hole more quickly. When trying to decide which putter will suit you best, you should take into consideration your style of play, your ability and what it is you intend to get out of your putter. If all else fails, you can always pop into your local golf shop and compare and contrast the two styles yourself! 

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