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A good wedge can make a big difference to your game and some would argue that they’re one of the most important clubs, seeing as they can save you shots from both turf and sand and help get you closer to the pin from anywhere inside of 125 yards.

Sand bunkers are common on golf courses, and to get your ball out of a sand bunker, a sand wedge can do wonders.  It has the widest sole of any wedge, which provides the greatest amount of bounce, allowing the club head to glide through sand and avoid digging in.

We’ve been checking out some of the best selling sand wedges out on the market today, and we were quite impressed with what’s out there.  We’ve handpicked our Top 5 to show you, and our reviews on them are coming up shortly.  We’ve made a point of including sand wedges from both the more expensive and the more affordable ends of the spectrum.

After that we’ve also got a handy buying guide for you which runs through everything you need to know and everything you might want to think about before you decide which one to buy.

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Best Sand Wedge - Reviews

This wedge from Autopilot, is not just a sand wedge, but rather a sand wedge and lob wedge in one!

In addition to its extreme loft that can pop the ball high over any lip, this wedge also has an extra wide AutoGlide Sole with a rounded edge that will slide through the sand without any skips or dips.

As for other problems it can tackle, there’s this.  Having your swing center too far behind the ball at impact can cause your club to bottom out too far behind the ball, and will cause you to hit the ground first (a fat shot) or hit the top of the ball (a thin shot).  But thanks to this wedge’s back weighted mass this is soon made a thing of the past.  You can hit these great flop shots all without opening the blade or changing your stance, just set up square and swing!  You get superior forgiveness, even on miss-hits, and even the highest handicap golfers do much better with this beauty in their kit.

Although this wedge is so good that it feels like cheating, it’s actually been cleared for use in tournaments and competitions.  Good to know.

This sand and lob wedge comes backed by a full year’s manufacturer’s warranty, which is quite reassuring.

The Amazon page allows you to select from left or right handed and select the level of loft.  The manufacturer markets the 55, the 59, and the 65 degree lofts all as sand wedges, but strictly speaking only the 55º loft is a true sand wedge.


  • Sand and lob wedge
  • Superior forgiveness
  • Tournament legal
  • Full year’s warranty


  • This is such a forgiving club that it may make a lazy player of you and not help you improve on your swings

What we love about this wedge from Cleveland Golf is it’s hollow cavity design, which means that additional mass and weight is distributed to the wedge’s perimeter, which in turn means that you get much more forgiveness on impact.

This wedge is available in a wide range of varying degrees of loft from 46 degrees in 2 degree increments up to 60 degrees.  But that’s not the only way they vary, they also differ in the sole’s shape, also known as the sole’s grind.  The 46º to 52º loft wedges have a  V shaped sole, the 54º to 56º lofts have an S shaped sole, the finally the 58º and 60º lofts have a C shaped sole.  So it’s a diverse range that removes all the guess work in choosing the right sole shape, with most appropriate sand wedge being the 54º to 56º loft variety with it’s S shaped sole.

There’s also a special gel insert in the club head which acts to reduce vibration, so you get an amazing pure feel at the moment of impact.  And it better aligns the center of gravity with the impact location to boot.

The club’s face with it’s fourth generation Rotex technology is Cleveland’s most aggressive ever, featuring sharper Tour Zip grooves, and aggressive hotter laser face milling, which gives the ball more spin and at the same time also gives you ultimate control and consistency.

Unlike Cleveland's original CBX, the 54- and 56-degree models of the CBX 2, that’s the sand wedges, use an S-shaped sole which features more heel relief and a wider toe, and this is great for helping with those around-the-green shots where players can open the face somewhat.

There are also 2 types of shaft material you can choose from, you can go for steel if that’s what you’re used to, or go for graphite if you think something more lightweight would suit your shot better.

It’s also available for both right and left handed users.


  • Hollow cavity club head
  • Wide range of loft & grind
  • Gel insert for better feel
  • Aggressive milling
  • Steel or graphite shaft


  • Premium product at a premium price

Here’s another great wedge from Autopilot, and again, wonderfully it’s both a sand wedge and a lob wedge.

And much like the xE1, it also has an extra wide AutoGlide Sole that will slide through the sand without any skips or dips, and lift and lip the ball out from the bunker and right onto the green.  This clear, no friction glide is also helped by wedge’s beveled leading edge which reduces interaction with the ground to give nice, clean contact, time and again.  You won’t have to worry about any catching or snagging.

Regardless of the lie of the ground, you can line up your swing, aiming directly at your target, without the need to open your stance or the blade, and lob the ball right out of the bunker.  And fat shots are eliminated.

It really is a standout among specialty wedges, but you don’t have to take it from us.  It’s been independently tested by MtGolfSpy to prove that it beats a traditional wedge in terms of both getting the ball out of the bunker, and in terms of proximity to the pin.  You should really check out the figures on the Amazon page.

The shaft is stainless steel but you don’t really need a lightweight graphite shaft for this type of shot anyway.

Although this wedge is so good that it feels like cheating, it has actually been cleared for use in tournaments and competitions.  Good to know.

This sand and lob wedge comes backed by a full year’s manufacturer’s warranty, which is quite reassuring.

It’s available for both right and left handed golfers, and is also available in a range of different lofts, namely 55º, 59º and 65º.


  • Sand and lob wedge
  • Easier swing
  • Beats traditional wedges
  • Tournament legal
  • Full year’s warranty


  • As it’s not a typical sand wedge, it may take some getting used to

One thing we love about this sand wedge from Lazrus Golf, is the unbelievable price, coming in at under $40.  What a bargain - no wonder it’s a bestseller!  Popular worldwide too.

But that’s not all there is to love about it.  With it’s extremely thick sole on the club head, you’re not going to end up taking duff shots where very little contact is made between the club face and golf ball.  This is great news for those with high handicaps who could use some forgiveness in their clubs.

It has a 58º loft, which is nice and high for a sand wedge, making it almost a lob edge - great for getting the ball out of those pesky sand bunkers.  (It’s called a rescue sand wedge for a reason.)

The sand wedge club face is not just milled but micro milled.  This means you get high spin rates with pin-point accuracy - just what you need when you’re nearing the hole.  All with the utmost control too, giving you real consistency shot after shot.

It’s a great choice of sand wedge for both men and women, and it’s shaft length comes in the standard 35.5 inches, which is one of the more common shaft lengths.  And with a very nice level of flex to boot.

It comes with a money back guarantee if for some reason you’re unhappy with it, making it 100% risk free.  Not something you see often with golf clubs.  Especially budget ones like these.


  • Bargain price
  • Very thick sole
  • High 58º loft
  • Micro milled face


  • Only designed for right handed golfers

Here’s another best selling sand wedge, this time from brand Orlimar, and comes with it’s own unique reasons for making the best seller lists, which we’ll get to shortly.

It’s a very smart looking club and is all in steel, including both the shaft and the club head with it’s precision cast steel, and very sleek mirror finish.  The shaft comes with Orlimar’s own custom velvet grip, which we can’t praise highly enough.

But it’s stand out feature has to be the dual milled club face.  What this does is create an additional degree of roughness and friction on the club’s face, which more traditional sand wedges just can’t compete with.  The effect is that you get exceptional backspin on the ball.

The weight in the club face is distributed in such a way that there’s a higher center of gravity, so rather than hitting flyers, you get a much more predictable and repeatable shot.

It’s available in 3 different degrees of loft, including 52, 56 and 60 degrees of loft.  (More on loft in the FAQ section of our buying guide later.)

It may not be the cheapest of the budget sand wedges we’ve shown you, but at under $50 it's still a great bargain.


  • Affordable option
  • Dual milled club face
  • Exceptional backspin
  • Higher center of gravity


  • The offset hosel doesn’t go down well with some golfers

Best Sand Wedge - Buyers Guide

You know what, I think we’ll kick this section by looking at your most frequently asked questions, and get some of the basics out of the way before we carry on.

Best Sand Wedge FAQ's

What degree of loft should I look for in a sand wedge?

The more loft a sand wedge has the better, since it makes hitting high, floating shots from the sand much easier to accomplish.  Sand wedges typically have lofts of between 54 and 56 degrees, but you can also get some that go up to 58 degrees loft.

What bounce should a sand wedge have?

Sand wedges typically have about 10 degrees of bounce, but you can get ones with up to 14 degrees of bounce.

What is the best grind for a sand wedge?

For the uninitiated, the grind of a sand wedge is the shape of the club head’s sole.  Different types of wedges generally feature different grinds.  And they can really vary, so if you’ve got the budget, you could get a whole range and be prepared for every type of shot and ground condition.

An M grind is the most universal of the bunch.  It’s suitable for a variety of different turf conditions, and tends to be favored by more skilled and experienced golfers.  

An L grind really comes into its own when there’s firm turf conditions, and is well suited to golfers with sweeper swing styles.  

A D grind meanwhile offers a higher bounce, and a wider sole for better forgiveness.  It tends to be used more in bunkers and in softer turf conditions.

Likewise a K grind also offers plenty of high bounce and forgiveness, but is better for golfers who struggle with too much turf interaction.

An S grind is best for neutral turf conditions.  It also offers great forgiveness, and is good for players who tend to rip up turf when they swing.

Buying Guide

OK, so know that we’ve covered some of your more pressing questions, here are a few other things you might want to think about before settling on a particular sand wedge.

What makes for a good sand wedge?

You know what, we’re going to level with you.  There’s little in the way of a straightforward answer to this question, other than it should provide a nice high loft, of about, say 58 degrees.

Other than that, and if you’ve read the product reviews above you will know, there is a heck of a lot of variety in the technology that goes into the club heads of sand wedges, and one manufacturer will hail one feature as being the best for sand wedges, while another may hail a completely different feature as being far more significant.

To be perfectly honest what kind of sand wedge you need depends on your ability to take those kinds of shots.  You could either go for maximum forgiveness or alternatively worry less about that and concentrate instead on improving your technique.

Our best advice for you on this is, if you are in any doubt, simply go with a brand that you already know and trust.

Value for Money

Wedges (and golf clubs in general for that matter) can vary quite considerably in price.  You may have noticed that many golf professionals often play with the bigger name brands which tend to also be the most expensive ones.  And this suggests that these are superior clubs.  If you’re very serious about your golf, and you have the budget, there’s no harm in falling suit.

However in our Top 5 Picks we’ve made a point of including sand wedges from both the more expensive and the more affordable ends of the spectrum.  And if you’re looking for something that’s super wallet friendly, then we can recommend our Number 4 Pick, the LAZRUS Premium Sand Wedge.

If budget is a stronger concern for you however, there are several ways that you can save money on your various golf clubs, such as buying them as a set.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that you buy a whole new set of standard clubs, but you can buy a set of wedges.  These generally come in a pack of 3, including a gap, a sand, and a lob wedge.  Very often this pack of 3 can be bought for the price of a single sand wedge.

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