Best Wedges for Mid Handicappers

As a mid handicapper, once you get beneath the 20-handicap mark, you should be looking for ways to improve your short game. Wedges are unquestionably the most versatile clubs for a player. They are used for full swings, to pitch and to get out of the sand.

As a mid handicapper, you need to select the right wedge. Many golfers dedicate all their attention to finding the perfect golf wedge without taking into consideration important factors like the different grind options available. Players need to understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and that’s the reason there are various grind options.

The wide variety of wedges available in the market can make finding the one that is right for you hard. We can help you in your search for the best wedges for mid handicappers. We have compiled a list of golf wedges with their pros and cons to help you decide on the wedge you want to use. You can also refer to our buyer’s guide for help when purchasing a golf wedge.

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Don’t have the time to read the whole thing? Let’s just take a quick look at our top pick for the best wedges for mid handicappers so that you can get an idea of the ideal product we found in this category. After rigorous testing and comparisons of reviews of golfers who already own these golf wedges, we found the Pinemeadow Wedge an ideal tool to have in your golf bag as a mid handicap golfer.

The Pinemeadow Wedge is the product of a company that specializes in making high quality golfing equipment at affordable rates. While it may not be a household name for many professional golfers, Pinemeadow’s golfing wedge is a class apart in a lot of respects as a tool that mid-handicap golfers will enjoy.

The quality we love most about this product is the number of choices of configurations that help you adjust it to your style of playing. From a 52-degree loft angle to increments of four reaching to 68-degree loft angle, it’s truly versatile and has a large surface area to make sure you get a good impact every time. The fact that it comes in a reasonable price range also adds to how attractive this is.

If you want to learn more reasons why we think this is our top pick for the best wedges for mid handicappers, read on for a detailed review.

Best Wedges for Mid Handicappers - Reviews

Our Top Pick

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It might surprise a lot of golfers to learn that our top pick for the best wedges for mid handicappers comes from a brand not many people know about. While Pinemeadow might not be a big name in the world of golfing, it has been around for more than three decades, producing excellent golfing equipment at affordable prices like the Pinemeadow Wedge.

This wedge offers you plenty in terms of features. Our favorite thing about it is the ability to choose different configurations for the loft angle. Starting from 52-degrees, it increases in increments of four to a remarkable 68-degree loft angle. This is a quality unique to the Pinemeadow Wedge that you cannot find in any other product on the market. A larger face area in this wedge lets players who are still ironing out their technique perform better by getting a surer impact every time.

The cost of this wedge was a significant factor that made us include it in the list of the best wedges for mid handicappers – not because it was affordable, but because it offers fantastic value for your money. The price of the wedge and the quality of construction you get with it are surprising. It is one of the most excellent quality wedges we have seen in the market made by a relatively unknown manufacturer.

Easy to use, effective in getting you out of all the tight spots when you are stuck in the sand, and highly durable, this versatile wedge can give you an edge over your competition on the golf course. The unique 68-degree loft angle is incomparable for other products on the market.

Make sure you also check out our guide to the best wedges for average golfer.


  • Lightweight shaft with a mid to low kick point for greater convenience
  • Available in both left hand and right-hand configurations
  • Easy to use wedge due to larger surface area
  • Offers great value for money


  • The face can wear out a little quickly

The second entry on the list comes from a relatively well-known golfing equipment manufacturer, Tour Golf. The Tour Edge Men's TGS Triple Grind Sole Wedge is also an ideal wedge for mid handicappers, which helps make life simpler for them on the golf course. There are several reasons to like this wedge from a better level of control to enhanced ability to get the spin on the golf ball.              

One of its defining qualities is the deep grooves on the face of the wedge that works with the outer layer of the golf ball to generate a decent amount of spin. The CNC milled grooves conform to all the USGA regulations. Even though it may feel like this wedge offers you an unfair advantage for spin control, it entirely complies with all the rules.

The classic tour design-inspired stainless steel finish on this wedge instantly makes you think of the greatest premium quality wedges in the market. Available in seven different loft configurations from 42-degree to 60-degrees in increments of two, you also have three different bounce angles to choose from.

The Tour Edge TGS Wedge is an incredible value wedge, and it is easily one of the most versatile golfing equipment in the market right now. The Triple Sole Grind removes the bounce from the heel and the toe of the wedge, making it capable of gliding over the green with minimal effort so you can easily judge your distance better.


  • CNC milled grooves allow you to increase the spin from every shot on the golf ball
  • The traditional design takes inspiration from the best premium quality wedges
  • Designed to help you get better control by gliding over the sand and green


  • Gives you less feel of the golf ball compared to regular wedges in the market

While there are always newer models coming out in the market for all types of golfing equipment, sometimes the classics are better than the rest. The third entry on the list of the best wedges for mid handicappers is the Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedge. A wedge that has truly stood the test of time, it has been used by hundreds of PGA Tour Players over the years, and it still is a wonderful model to consider.

There are several reasons why we love the Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedge. The precision-milled grooves have always been reliable when it comes to producing a decent spin on the golf ball in a variety of conditions. It is also a leader in innovation for wedges used by golfers. The teardrop style head is popular among many wedges in the market, and it all began with the classic Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedge.

The simplicity of the golf wedge is what makes it so useful for mid handicappers. The straightforward design of the sole allows you the ease of use through a variety of conditions from heavy rough to sand, and even fairway lies. The USGA compliant grooves give you better trajectory control and greater spin capability. Whether you're using it to take a full swing from the fairway or for a short wedge shot, you will get maximum spin and fantastic control.

It is hard to find anything wrong with the Cleveland 588 Tour Action Wedge. Since it was introduced, it has been a game-changer and continues to be a favorite among golfers to this day.


  • A classic and popular design by Cleveland Golf
  • A versatile wedge that you can use in several lie conditions
  • Amazing value for money
  • Greater spin control


  • Lacks the grind settings that most new wedges in the market have

Ray Cook may not be the biggest name when it comes to golfing equipment, but its Blue Goose line of golf clubs makes for ideal golfing equipment for tour-level golfers. The Blue Goose wedge by Ray Cook offers you a fantastic looking addition to your arsenal of golf clubs, but there is a lot more to this wedge than its looks.           

One of the reasons why we felt we should include this on the list of the best wedges for mid handicappers is its high bounce rating. A higher bounce rating is ideal for mid handicappers stuck on soft green terrain and are looking to get a better distance out of their shot and move closer to the hole. The tour-proven design of the golf club has a distinct cobalt-blue head that instantly grabs your attention.

A soft and rubberized grip that makes it more comfortable to handle helps reduce the force of impact on your hands when you strike the golf ball at full speed. The graphite shaft makes for a lighter weight golfing wedge that is incredibly sturdy. The club provides aggressive traction to generate more spin on the ball thanks to the long face grooves. You can count on this to get you out of tight spots anywhere on the golf course.

While a lot of players might feel that this is too light a product for their liking, the specific and straightforward design of the wedge makes it a favorite for many golfers who can get used to handling its lighter weight.


  • Long face grooves enable you to get a more exceptional grip and faster spin on the ball
  • Versatile wedge suitable for varying conditions on the golf course
  • Non-glare color allows you to align the shot better


  • A very lightweight wedge that takes a lot of getting used to

The last wedge that we have on the list of the best wedges for mid handicappers is not the very least. The Orlimar Spin Tech Wedge does what its name suggests. Quickly increasing in popularity for golfers with a mid handicap game, the wedge is designed to help golfers out of tight spots on the golf course, and it comes with an affordable price tag as well.

The careful construction of the Orlimar Spin Tech Wedge involved a dual milling process. This process makes the face of the head on the wedge quite rough to promote a better grip on the golf ball. As you strike the ball, the face of the golfing wedge allows you to get a greater level of backspin. You can get better control over where the ball lands when it gets out of the tight spot and make sure that it stays there with the backspin stopping it from rolling.

The quality of the grip was a surprise, made with custom velvet. The regal feature is quickly making it a favorite because of the enhanced comfort you can feel due to the velvet. The shaft of the Orlimar Spin Tech Wedge is made using customized stainless steel that balances flexibility and rigidity to give you an optimal experience of using the wedge.

Surprisingly, this is a cost-effective product that uses high-quality construction. The dual mill process allows for superior control over the spin of the golf ball. The customized grip and precision milling make it incredibly affordable for a premium quality wedge.


  • Considered to be almost top-tier golfer quality
  • Center of gravity is higher, giving you better control over the swing speed
  • Has three different loft angles at 52-, 56-, and 60-degrees
  • Superior grip on the ball for backspin


  • May show signs of wear and tear after a while

Best Wedges for Mid Handicappers - Buyers Guide


The forgiveness of the wedge is one of the most important factors to consider when you are buying one. Wedges designed for beginners are made to minimize mistakes that you might make on your swing, thus allowing you to improve the technique without affecting your score. Manufacturers achieve this by manipulating the club’s face design, which makes the wedge more forgiving.

High and mid handicappers should use wedges that offer maximum forgiveness. It takes time to develop the skills required to make solid contact each time you hit the ball. Wedges that offer more forgiveness are more comfortable to use, and you would be able to make accurate shots with them when you are getting started. Once you have improved your skills and reduced your handicap, you can start looking for wedges that don’t offer too much forgiveness.


Bounce is the angle of the wedge's edge. It can range from 0° to 14°. If you have a mid handicap, you should go with a wedge whose bounce angle is 7 to 10 degrees. This would help you make better swings in various conditions. Bounce can affect how you make contact with the surface while taking the shot. If the bounce is low, you may end up digging your club into the turf. On the other hand, with a higher bounce, you will be less likely to hit sand or dirt while taking the shot.

Ideal Bounce and Sole Grinds

The bounce on the wedge is the angle and design at the sole of the wedge that comes in contact with the ground surface. The mid bounce between 7-10 degrees is the ideal bounce with the versatility to handle various surface conditions and swing styles.

Sole grinds are added to optimize a wedge for certain turf shots and conditions. Sole grinds are the advanced features of a wedge, so it is recommended to take advice from an expert to find out the best sole grind to suit your playing style.

Loft Gapping

For mid handicappers, the ideal gap between the loft gapping should be 4 degrees. Players that perform well might be suited to higher gaps, but 4 degrees is a safe option for all kinds of players.

Center of Gravity

Center of Gravity (COG) increases the power and accuracy of shots. The center of gravity refers to the points on the golf club interacting with each other. The center of gravity is essential on irons and wedges. On irons, you want a low back and center of gravity for hitting the golf ball further. Short irons have a higher center of gravity. On wedges, the center of gravity gets higher when the loft increases. You should get a golf wedge that offers a higher center of gravity.

This allows you to strike the golf ball more often with the face of the wedge. You may be able to change the position of the center gravity on hybrids and fairway woods. The more you practice using different golf clubs featuring the center of gravity, the more you will have an idea of how to hit the golf ball using it.


Price is a crucial factor to consider when it comes to buying a wedge. You should consider purchasing a reasonably priced wedge that suits all your needs rather than splurging on an expensive one that doesn’t have the features to suit your requirements as a mid handicapper. Especially if you intend to improve your game, you would eventually have to switch to a less forgiving wedge once you have adjusted your skills and lowered your handicap. Therefore, we recommend you invest in a premium one after you believe yours have enhanced your skills.


The last thing to consider when picking a wedge for mid handicappers is versatility. There are plenty of wedges set available in the market that include sand wedge, lop wedge, and gap wedge. If you want different types of wedges in a single package, then these offer great value for money, and you should go for them.


Q. What types of golf wedges are there?

In golf, there are various types of golf wedges. You must know the difference between the different kinds of wedges available in the market to suit your needs. If you already have other wedges and only want only one of them, you can buy a single wedge from a renowned manufacturer.

Pitching Wedge

It is the most common type of wedge with a loft angle typically around 44° to 48°, and it is usually included in iron sets. The bounce angle of this wedge is generally around 2 degrees to 5 degrees. Pitching wedges are mostly used for long chip shots, including longer shots into the green. Pitching wedges have lower loft angles to suit longer hitting irons. When choosing a pitching wedge, you should ensure that the loft angle isn’t too different from that of your irons.

Lob Wedge

Lob wedge has the highest loft angle, around 60 degrees to 64 degrees. The bounce angle on this type of wedge is the lowest. It is as little as 0 degrees to enhance precision. These features produce more spin and flight trajectory, which makes the lob wedge perfect for flop shots, chip shots, and bunker shots.

Sand Wedge

The sand wedge is designed for shots on bunkers. It has a high bounce and high loft angle. The sole of the sand wedge is also heavier and broader than other types of wedges. The loft angle of sand wedges is typically around 54° to 58° degrees while their bounce angle ranges between 9° and 17°. The sand wedge is mostly used for bunker shots and chip shots.

Gap Wedge

Gap wedge fills the gap between the sand wedge and pitching wedge. This is also known as an attack wedge or a utility wedge. The loft angle of the gap wedge is lower than that of sand wedge but higher than that of the pitching wedge. It is generally around 50° to 53°.

Similarly, the bounce angle of the gap wedge is about 5° to 10°. Some specialty gap wedges have a bounce angle of 12°. Gap wedges are mostly used for making a fuller shot at reducing the distance gap. Typically, they aren’t used for longer chips.

Q. What are the Grinds on the wedge?

The wedge grind is the removal or manipulation of the material from the sole of the club, which helps to improve the contact with the turf. They allow more stability and high-performance with creativity around the green. It lets you play with ball spin, flight, and other factors. There are many different types of grinds available to suit the playing style of different players like the S grind, which is an excellent choice for a player with a steeper attack angle playing on softer conditions.

On the other hand, the M grind, which is one of the most popular grinds among the players playing on firmer conditions.

Q. How many wedges should you carry?

Ideally, you should carry a total of 14 different clubs in your golf bag, but it depends on your skill level and a few other factors. However, most players would take a pitching wedge with them. Gap wedges are also becoming increasingly important, and if you are a mid-handicapper, then you should take sand wedge with you too as it would help you with those bunker shots. You can drop the Lob wedge as t isn’t that important.


We have discussed some of the best wedges for mid handicappers. If you are looking forward to improving your game by investing in a forgiving wedge, then pick a product from our list. We have discussed some factors that you should consider when shopping for a wedge for mid handicappers. This should make it easier for you to find a product that suits your needs and your budget. Not only that, but we have also answered some common questions that you might have about golf wedges. We hope that our guide provided you with all the help you needed to choose the best one.

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