The Best Golf Balls for 15 Handicap

No matter what your skill level is, or how often you play golf, you must use the best possible golfing equipment that can match your playing style. The right golfing equipment can make a significant difference in your performance. One of the ways you can ensure that you improve your skill level in playing the game for better performances is through consistency.

When you invest in the golf club set, it will take you some time to understand the golf club, its weight, its flexibility. Eventually, you will get an excellent grasp of how the golf clubs feel and how you should handle them to bring your game up. A lot of golfers do not realize that the golf balls they use also need to be consistent. All golf balls may have the same shape and size, but different models have varying specifications that can impact how they react.

If you keep on changing golf balls from one game to the next, it can affect your performance, and you will not be able to experience the kind of consistency you need to improve your skill level as a golfer. Mid handicappers can be particularly complacent when it comes to the choice of golf balls they use. If you keep switching between models for every game or when you lose all the golf balls, you might never be able to improve your game.

You must have the same golf ball in every round. Golf balls can be quite expensive, and you need to know what you are paying for. The right golf ball for a high handicapper might not suit the playing style of a mid or low handicap golfer. If you are at odds when it comes to finding golf balls that will suit the mid handicapper game, we have you covered.

We have created this guide so that it becomes easier for you to find the best golf for 15 handicap players. These are all unique golf balls that bring their qualities into the game. Once you find the right golf ball for your playing style, you can stick to it and keep playing every round with that model.

You will see a drastic improvement in your scores and overall skill level with the combined consistency of your golf clubs and the same golf ball every round you play.

Before we get into the reviews of the best golf balls for 15 handicap players, we will take a look at the top pick so that you can get an idea of why we think it is the best product for the mid handicapper golfer. We understand that you might be short on time, and you do not want to read the whole article so you can take a look at our top pick and why it is there.

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Why Is It Our Top Pick?

Among the big names manufacturing golf balls, Callaway’s range of products is among our favorites. The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls present the ideal option for 15 handicap golfers. When we were testing all the golf balls for reviews, the Callaway Supersoft immediately stood out.

It has a very soft feel when you make an impact on the golf ball. It is one of the softest in the market and has a good feel that can suit mid to high handicap golfers. The golf ball offers you the ability to hit greater distances as a mid handicapper, and it has a controlled rate of spin that reduces its in-flight drag. The golf ball also has a fantastic flight.

If you are interested in this Golf ball, read on and get a more detailed review so you can make a more well-informed buying decision.

The Best Golf Balls for 15 Handicap - Reviews

The Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls are the perfect product to start the list of the best golf balls for 15 handicap golfers. We liked it right from the first impression this golf ball made on us as we took it out to the green for a swing. Golfers with a slower swing speed or those who prefer a softer feel will fall in love with the Callaway Supersoft golf ball.

The golf ball does come in traditional colors, but its range of bright colors makes for a high visibility golf ball. It can be bought in the classic white, orange, turquoise, and lime colors – all of them are excellent when it comes to helping you find the ball in challenging areas of the course. There is a lot more to the ball than its looks, which made this our favorite.

The golf ball has a 38 compression, making it one of the softest golf balls we have come across, and it lives up to its name when you take the swing. High swing speeds might make the ball feel a little mushy. Someone with a medium to slow swing speed, however, will find it incredibly comfortable. Its decent spin rate allows you to hit straighter drives that travel far longer.

The golf ball also offers you reasonable short-game control that is comparable to premium quality golf balls in the market. The surlyn material used to make its cover is to thank for that. The softer golf ball allows you to get decent spin control on your drives and even on full swing wedge shots when you are stuck in a tight spot. Its low price point makes it an affordable golf ball that you can replace without burning a hole in your pocket if you lose a few in the water.


  • Offers you great value for money
  • High-visibility golf balls
  • Soft and forgiving feel for mid-handicap golfers
  • Provides excellent distance for slow to medium swing speeds


  • High swing speed golfers may find the golf ball too soft when they make an impact

Bridgestone’s latest Tour B RX Golf Balls make it to the list of the best golf balls for 15 handicap golfers for several reasons. It is an update from the Tour B330 RX golf balls that were already popular among recreational golfers with medium swing speeds for two years. The Tour B RX is designed for a better experience than its famous predecessor offered.

The tour-level golf ball was designed keeping lower and mid-handicap golfers in mind. The golf ball is ideal for golfers looking to improve their tee to green performance without compromising on the soft and responsive feel of the ball. The B RX is capable of providing a greater distance with each shot compared to the predecessor, thanks to an improved core construction in the golf ball.

The golf ball also features a modified 338 dimple pattern on the outer layer that encourages a more stable flight during challenging wind conditions. Mid handicap golfers who are already playing at tour level and golfers who want to get there will enjoy the improvement in accuracy and control over the spin this golf ball offers. Its top-notch design uses the updated Gradational Core technology, which provides gradual compression for longer distance shots.

The softer urethane cover of the golf ball rings true to more traditional golf balls and adds the durability you need in a high-performance golf ball. This golf ball strikes the perfect balance between performance and strength for the preference of many golfers. That is why it is one of the most popular products on our list.


  • Seamless cover for more significant reduction of in-flight drag
  • Gradational Core technology improves its trajectory
  • Enhanced aerodynamics enable longer-distance shots
  • SlipRes cover formulation provides additional feel and control on the golf ball


  • Some customers reported that the balls are susceptible to scuffing on mishits

Mid handicap players with a more aggressive approach to the game might enjoy playing with the Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls that make the third entry on the list of the best golf ball for 15 handicap golfers. This 4-piece golf ball model has a lower flight trajectory that suits a different approach to the game.

The complex 4-piece construction of these golf balls is quite durable due to the dual casting method of construction used by Vice Golf. The manufacturer designed this golf ball to have a lower spin rate and a lower launch to optimize its trajectory for straighter drives. The design and performance suit the skill level of mid to lower handicap players who are more skillful and have a higher swing speed.

The performance of the golf ball model is tweaked to produce the best results for distance, provided you have a high swing speed. The golf ball also allows you to get higher accuracy with a sticky response to the green owing to its reduced bounce. The golf ball's inherently low spin rate also makes the golf ball more comfortable to control. Faster players with at least medium swing speeds can prove to benefit the most from this golf ball to bring down their scores. The golf ball is not for everybody, especially not for high handicap players with slower swing speeds.

The manufacturer also needed to tackle the aspect of long-term playability in this golf ball model due to its requirement for faster swing speeds to get the ideal performance out of it. This golf ball has a place on the list because it can be a perfect pick for golfers who have a suitable playing style. It might be useless for golfers who are yet to improve their technique and swing speed.


  • Complex 4-layer construction enhances the performance
  • Built for use with higher swing speeds
  • Added durability thanks to the dual casting construction
  • Lower launch trajectory with a reduced spin rate for hitting greater distances


  • Not the best in terms of getting a soft feel
  • Not suitable for players with a slow swing speed

A product of Team Golf, these regulation-sized golf balls come from a manufacturer that is the largest supplier of NHL, NFL, MLB, and licensed collegiate accessories for golfers. The brand is associated with producing top-notch golfing equipment for fans of various teams across different sports, and its Team Golf MLB Regulation Sized Golf Balls are an ideal product for Major League Baseball fans.

These golf balls have a multi-color finish with the logos of your favorite MLB teams beautifully printed on them. Perhaps one of the primary reasons for the golf ball's popularity is its status as an accessory for sports fans who love to play golf as well. These officially licensed golf balls allow you to choose from a selection of over 900 teams across various sports so you can proudly display your passion for the game when you are out on the golf course.

Of course, there is more to the golf ball than allowing you to become a mascot of your favorite baseball team. Primarily touted as a novelty item by many top-notch golfers, these offer you a decent performance as golf balls for the 15 handicap golfer. It provides you the same capabilities as most other golf balls available in the market with the added benefit of representing your favorite team.

We understand that this golf ball is a great model when it comes to giving it as a gift to avid golfers who are also fans of teams across different sports. Still, it does not take away from the fact that they are a high-performance piece of golfing equipment made to make the most of the game for a recreational player with a 15 handicap.


  • Beautifully manufactured golf balls with multiple design options
  • Ideal as a gift for avid and recreational golfers with medium handicap game


  • Can quickly become scuffed over time

We have already mentioned one iteration of the Bridgestone golf ball. If you like the Tour B RX, we are sure you will love the Tour B XS even more. There are subtle differences between the two golf balls, which make them suitable for different styles of play when it comes to golf. The Bridgestone Tour B XS works better when you want to get better control and distance while playing on the course.

The Tour B XS is golfing gear designed to help you get much greater consistency in your game, making it ideal for 15 handicap golfers. While it does not allow you to get record-breaking distances with every shot, the level of control you get makes up for it by helping you massively improve your skill with the golf ball. The golf ball includes some of Bridgestone’s best proprietary technologies as well.

The Gradational Compression Core technology used in this golf ball, like its previously mentioned iteration, allows you to get a higher speed on launch with the golf ball. The higher initial speed you get with this golf ball can give you the chance to play your game at the highest level. It s performance seems adaptive to the style of play. The higher your skill level gets, the better this golf ball appears to respond.

A SlipRes coating on the as the outer layer made of urethane on the ball improves the spin control you have. A dual dimple design improves the golf ball’s aerodynamics, allowing it to achieve a straighter trajectory and better directional control even in rough wind conditions. The urethane layer also enhances the golf ball's overall durability and long-term playability.


  • Highly durable golf balls
  • SlipRes technology enables you to get greater control over the spin of the ball
  • Improved aerodynamics on the golf ball helps you gain greater distance
  • Performance improves with improving skill level


  • Customers have reported the outer cover coming off after wedge shots in some instances

Callaway is a golfing equipment manufacturer with some renown, producing amazing golf balls one after the other. Its range of golf balls is diverse to suit the needs of golfers with every playing style and handicap level. One of the products that caught our attention when we were in the search for golf balls for 15 handicap players was the Callaway 2018 Strate Smash Golf Balls.

As the name suggests, these golf balls were designed keeping the requirement of getting the most distance you can out of each swing of the golf club in mind. These golf balls are highly durable and made to serve the purpose of golfers who want to break personal records when it comes to the distances they can get with a full swing of their drivers. The construction of the golf ball model is akin to the more straightforward golf balls with only two layers. The simplicity and high durability of this ball makes it fantastic for players who have a fast swing speed.

The 2-piece construction features a molded surlyn core that is designed to give you an explosive impact on the golf ball. Provided you have a fast enough swing speed. This golf ball can travel farther than most others that we have reviewed on the list. Of course, that comes with the setback of not having the same level of control on the ball.

A lot of golfers think about them as water balls that you can hit and lose in the water but not miss. Those who have adapted to playing with these golf balls will find that they happen to offer great value for money due to their low price point. The golf ball might not be able to provide as many advantages as some of the premium quality Callaway golf balls, but it helps you bring up the game as a 15 handicap golfer.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Enables you to get an explosive distance off the tee
  • Alignment aid on the cover helps you align your shots properly
  • Extra durable golf ball


  • Does not offer as many advantages as other golf balls reviewed in the guide

TaylorMade golf balls live up to what the brand's name suggests. Their lineup of golf balls is extensive, and it caters to the needs of golfers of every skill level. For up and coming golfers who are trying to improve their game from the 15 handicap to lower, the TaylorMade Project (a) Golf Balls are an ideal choice.

There are many reasons why we felt we should include this golf ball in the list of the best golf ball for 15 handicap player. This model allows you to create nearly two times as much spin compared to standard golf balls so you can achieve ideal control and spin design compensation. The performance is not based on the distance you can shoot the ball, but how well you can use the spin to control your accuracy.

The ball is capable of producing faster speeds on the spin, allowing newer players to improve their game considerably. Improved control over the spin rate helps you get better speed and accuracy out on the green as well as off the tee. The golf ball works for most clubs and offers you the chance to get a better understanding of how to get more accuracy.

You might not see yourself using this golf ball as your understanding of the game improves, and you start to focus on long-distance shots. Still, it will allow relatively newer players to transition to better performances.


  • Tour level material used for construction
  • Cast urethane cover is both soft and durable
  • Enhanced spin control due to 3-layer construction


  • Not suitable for the needs of an advanced player

The Best Golf Balls for 15 Handicap - Buyers Guide

As manufacturers continue to improve the technology they use to make their products, the variety in the different types of golf balls has increased drastically. As you can see by reading the reviews of different golf ball models above, how the golf balls are made creates a significant impact on how the golf balls can perform.

Different golfers at the 15 handicap level might have varying styles of play. We understand that despite the narrowed down number of golf balls and comprehensive reviews, it can get challenging to choose the product that is suited for your game.

Here are some of the most critical factors you should consider when you are looking for the best golf ball for 15 handicap golfers so you can make a well-educated purchase decision.


There are varying types of construction used when making golf balls. Golf balls can exist in either of primarily four types of construction:

  • 1-piece construction
  • 2-piece construction
  • 3-piece construction
  • 4-piece construction

A 1-piece golf ball is the most basic and the least expensive golf ball to produce. It is designed primarily for use in driving ranges and for beginners, but it never sees the light of day on an actual golf course.

A 2-piece golf ball is a more advanced version of the ball that is made using two layers. There is a high energy core that is covered by a sturdy blended cover that gives the ball more distance on the shot. These are harder balls that provide a firmer feel and more excellent range but not a lot of control. 2-piece golf balls also have greater durability compared to golf balls with more complex construction.

A 3-piece golf ball comes in as a softer golf ball that gives you more control over the flight of the ball, but with a noticeable reduction in the maximum distance, you can get out of it. The additional layers of the ball allow greater spin separation, leading to better control on the spin of the ball. If you can understand the advantage that the spin separation can give you in your game, a 3-piece might be ideal for your golfing style.

Each additional layer in the golf ball has its purpose in how it impacts the performance. With the 4-piece golf ball, you get all the layers working in tandem to give you a long-distance golf ball that also has a very forgiving feel when the club makes an impact with the ball. The inner core of the ball is a solid rubber core that is designed to offer explosive distance, especially if you hit it with a driver. The layer above it is responsible for transferring the energy from the strike to the middle core of the ball.

The layer above it is an extra layer that provides additional help in increasing the distance that the ball travels while producing mid iron spin and feel around the green. The outer layer of the ball contains the dimples and provides the feel of the ball.


Golf balls can have three different spin levels:

  • Low spin
  • Mid spin
  • High spin

Lower spinning golf balls tend to fly straighter through the air, but they might not be able to generate a lot of lift. The lack of spin also increases the amount of roll the ball has when it makes an impact on the green. They are more suitable for the needs of players who cannot get a lot of distance on the ground with the ball and struggle to make a cleaner impact with the ball off the tee.

Mid spin golf balls have a relatively higher rotation speed when they make an impact. They can get you a better feel of the ball and do not compromise a lot on the distance. Suitable for the needs of most golfers, the mid spin golf balls offer varying feel based on brand and construction. Most golf balls in the market have a mid-spin

High spin golf balls are made to increase the rotation of the ball in the air. As it is struck, the golf ball launches in the air with a degree of high backspin. This backspin generates lift and makes for a longer carry with the shot. The backspin also decreases the ball roll on the green when it lands, improving control and accuracy.


When you strike a golf ball, there is a measure of deflection it goes through due to the force of impact. The compression is measured on a scale of 0 to 200. 200 compression means the golf ball does not deflect at all while 0 compression means there is a significant compression on the ball. Golf balls that do not compress feel harder when you strike them compared to high compression golf balls.

Most golf balls in the market range between 50 to 100 compression to strike a balance between the hardness and softness of the golf ball. Golf balls with lower compression tend to give golfers greater distances on their shots compared to higher compression golf balls. Higher compression golf balls might not offer a lot in terms of range, but they allow you to get greater control at faster swing speeds.

Why Is It Important to Find the Right Golf Ball?

The right golf ball will ensure that you get different performance with each golf club. For example, when hit with a driver, the ball should launch high and must have a low spin. When struck with wedges, on the other hand, the ball should launch lower and spin more. If you are playing the same ball tee-to-green, you will end up getting repeatable performance with each golf club in your bag. This is why it is essential to have the right golf ball to up your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most common questions that may help you get more information when making the purchase decision for the best golf ball for 15 handicap golfers:

Q: What do the dimples on a golf ball do?

The dimple pattern on the ball helps the ball to fly through the air and hold closer to the target. Unlike a smooth golf ball that flies straight, a dimpled ball offers longer carry distances as it climbs into the sky and breaks the air around the ball to provide better performance. It is also important to note that not every golf ball has the same dimple pattern. These patterns differ and offer players performance advantages. 

Q: What is the diameter of a golf ball?

According to the rules of golf, the golf ball should not be less than 1.68 inches in diameter and must always be spherical. The fact that golf balls need to have these particular dimensions is also the reason why many beginner-level golfers assume that all golf balls must be the same because they have the same size.

Q: How much does a golf ball weigh?

According to the United States Golf Association, the golf ball's mass cannot be more than 45.93 grams or 1.62 ounces. The USGA has clear regulations regarding the weight of the ball to ensure that the golf balls are not made artificially heavier by the players to get a playing advantage.

Q: How many dimples are on the golf ball?

Generally, the number of dimples on the golf ball ranges between 300 and 500. The majority of golf balls have dimples of uniform size. The typical dimple pattern - that you'd see in a majority of the golf balls - include somewhere between 350 and 450 dimples. The number of dimples on the golf ball enables you to capitalize on the spin and use the aerodynamics for a better flight with each shot. The dimples can vary in depth and numbers across different models and have a significant impact on the performance of the golf ball.  

Q: What is the golf ball marking tool?

A golf ball marking tool helps the player to mark their balls with a unique identity, which can help them recognize their golf balls on the course. To do so, there is a great marking tool called putting alignment. The tool will help you make markings on your golf ball so that you can line it with the hole or any other target easily and make the perfect stroke. Another advantage of marking the ball is to find the sweet spot - which is the spot that creates shots with more accuracy. Every player has a sweet spot. You can use the marking tool to mark the sweet spot so that you know which place to hit to score better.

Final Thoughts

Picking out the right golf ball is an essential task that you can undertake to improve your game. When you have the right golf ball in your arsenal, you can garner your skill and develop it due to the consistency of conditions. The more you change your golfing gear, the more often you will find yourself at odds trying to adjust your technique to suit the requirements of the different golf balls.

We are confident that from the comprehensive reviews of the best golf balls for 15 handicap golfers, the buying guide, and the frequently asked questions, you have all the information you need to make the best purchase decision for the golf ball that will help you take your game to the next level.

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