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Just how different can different brands of golf balls get? Surely a golf ball is a golf ball, right? Well, actually, there is quite a bit of difference between them. Take a look at Volvik’s latest creation: the world’s first-ever matte finish golf ball - the Vivid.

You may know of Volvik from those bright pink golf balls used by Bubba Watson. They’re by far the most fun - and easy to see thanks to their neon hues - but what’s all the fuss about? Let’s take a look…

About Volvik

Volvik was established in 1980, so they’ve got forty years of experience in golf innovation, specializing in golf balls. They also sponsor the LPGA Volvik Championship and are the golf ball of choice for the World Long Drive championships.

Volvik are famous for developing brightly colored golf balls that come in a range of designs; they also make a Marvel golf ball, and their balls can even be personalized for a unique touch. 

The Vivid - what’s the fuss about?


The Vivid golf ball comes in a choice of eight dazzling neon tones, including pink, orange, yellow and purple. The idea behind the bright colors rather than the classic white golf ball is that they are easier to spot in flight and on the ground. And, needless to say, they’re also a whole lot more interesting to play with rather than a traditional white golf ball.

The Vivid has an improved 322-dimple ionomer cover with added UV protection in the matte finish coating to promote longer-lasting color. This ball isn’t all about the color though, in fact, Volvik have developed a range of additional technologies to set this ball apart from its competitors. 

Matte finish

The Vivid golf ball claims to be the world’s first matte golf ball, and while you might wonder what the difference is between a matte and conventional golf ball, the idea behind this is that it minimizes the glare on the ball’s surface, which in turn promotes concentration and improves your accuracy when striking the ball.

The matte finish also offers a few other advantages: it seems to grip onto the green more than classic surlyn-covered balls, and the matte finish gives it a softer feel. It’s not quite soft enough to be a Tour-level ball, but the lower compression rate supposedly increases distance performance, making it ideal for beginners.

3-piece golf ball

The Vivid is a 3-piece golf ball meaning it contains a center core, an outer layer, and a soft matte cover.

3-piece balls are a great middle-ground ball, as they combine distance coverage with a high launch and lower spin drive, which is driven by Volvik’s unique Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core. 

Volvik Alignment System

The VAS - Volvik Alignment System - is a set of markings on the ball’s surface designed as a visual key off the tee and on the green.

This is a great bonus and makes the ball far easier to align when putting, overall boosting your accuracy. 


  • Easily spot your ball from afar, plus the bright colors promote concentration
  • 3-piece ball is a great middle-ground ball with high launch and lower spin drive to cover more distance
  • Volvik Alignment System makes the ball easy to line up when putting
  • Matte finish reduces glare and improves ball striking
  • Softer feel - lower compression covers more distance 


  • These do tend to scuff more easily

Buyers Guide

Other Considerations

Price/value for money

They’re definitely not the cheapest golf ball on the market, but taking into consideration the Volvik Alignment System and matte finish, these golf balls do seem to stand out from the crowd, and not just because of their color.

This is an ideal ball for beginners and intermediate golfers alike, and it also makes for a fantastic gift for a golf enthusiast. They’re also good value for money considering you’re getting a dozen balls for just over thirty dollars. 

Compression rating

With a compression rating of 80, this ball is ideal for golfing novices, juniors, and women players. The low compression rate allows those with a slower swing speed to achieve more distance and shorten the course.

Low handicap golfers or advanced players are likely to need a compression rating of 90 or above which requires the ball to be harder for increased control. 


This ball performs relatively well in cold weather and cuts through wind easily.

A lower compression rate means the ball comes off the club easier than those with higher rates of compression, as these can be made to feel even harder with the cold weather. 

Swing speed

Which golf ball you should use also depends on your swing speed. Players with a slower swing speed should use a lower compressed ball, as this will spring off the club more easily.

In contrast, players who have a higher swing speed - such as professional golfers - will require a higher compression rate as they can hit the ball further and need maximum control over their swing for accuracy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Volvik golf balls illegal? 

There seems to be some confusion around Volvik golf balls and whether or not they're legal. All of the Volvik balls, aside from the Magma, meet USGA standards for tournament play, so you don’t need to worry about the Vivid.

Whether or not golf balls are legal depends largely on their size and weight, as it's thought that smaller, harder balls are propelled further than conventional ones. For example, the Polara Ultimate Straight golf ball is the longest illegal golf ball as it's supposed to be 75% self-correcting!

Are soft or hard golf balls best?

These types of questions are always a matter of personal preference, however it’s thought that golf balls that are softer and have low-compression help beginners and high handicap players cover more distance with their slower swing speed.

On the other hand, high-compression balls are harder and are used by more advanced players or professionals, as they usually have a faster swing speed and therefore can handle a harder ball as they won’t compromise on distance despite gaining more control.

Which Volvik golf ball is best?

Again, this is subjective. However, the Volvik Vivid is highly rated by reviewers for their bright colors and matte finish, which makes this ball super easy to not only focus on but to find in the distance.

With a compression rate of 80, this ball is ideal for swing speeds of 75-95 mph and mid-high handicappers, and, considering the average male golfer's swing speed is about 85 mph, the Vivid is perfect for most golfers. 

What are the easiest golf balls to see?

While this differs between players - and again depends on personal preference - Vivid golf balls are widely renowned as being the easiest to see thanks to their bright colors and matte finish, which reduces glare as the ball is flying through the air, making it easier to track.

Volvik offer a range of colors, but many golfers mention green, pink, and yellow as the easiest colors to spot from afar. 

Final verdict

The Volvik Vivid is a unique golf ball and is unbeaten when it comes to colored golf balls. The choice of colors offered by Volvik are eye-catching, fun, and, well, vivid! 

These balls are easy to track as they fly through the air and, as a result, even easier to find on the green. You won’t have other players picking up your ball which is a bonus, but at the same time, you won’t be able to get away with ‘accidentally’ mistaking theirs for yours either…

The matte finish is a great touch as this minimizes the glare which boosts concentration and the Volvik Alignment System makes the Vivid super easy to align when putting. The ball performs well in most types of weather thanks to its lower compression rate, which also makes it ideal for novice players as it’s a little more forgiving.

It’s also good for those with lower swing speeds, making it perfect for female players too. Volvik’s unique Nano Bi High Energy Resilient Core propels the ball through the air allowing you to cover the distance with a lower spin drive and high launch. 

Volvik is a reliable and highly-rated golf brand with almost 40 years of experience when it comes to golf development. While there are cheaper options on the market, these fail to match Volvik when it comes to quality and color vividity.

While at first we thought colored, matte golf balls were just a gimmick, we realized that actually, there are a whole host of benefits that come with trading in your traditional golf balls for a set of these bad boys.

Overall, there are very few bad things to say about the Vivid; not only will these golf balls spark conversation on the course, they may well improve your game too, and if nothing else, they'll certainly add a splash of color to your routine. 

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