Best Women Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Mary Stuart or Mary I of Scotland reigned over the country for more than 25 years. Much to our surprise, she was considered the first known female golfer of history. Many historians also believe that Mary was the one who introduced the idea of having a caddy in the game. Interestingly, Marry used to play with her gown and leather boots on since dedicated golf apparel wasn’t developed yet.

However, things have drastically changed in the last couple of decades when it comes to golf clothing and shoes. Just up until the late 80s, golf shoes would come with stock designs that were manufactured via standardized technology. The main objective of golf shoes was to protect the players from slipping on the slippery greens. Also, there was no concept of a separate shoe range for female golfers.

Now, the market doesn’t just have separate catalogs of women’s golf shoes, but you can also find sub-categories and niche in them. Case in point: women golf shoes for wide feet. A major chunk of the population, including both men and women, has wide transverse foot arches, making it a headache for them to pick the right fit of a shoe. Female golfers especially suffer more because most of the sportswear makers don’t take women’s shoe size into consideration while designing footwear for wide feet.

Now, some brands have taken this shortcoming of the industry into account and introduced women’s golf shoes for wide feet. These shoes are designed by keeping in mind the exact requirements of a wider arch and its movement. These shoes make sure golfers with wider feet can play the game with the same ease and comfort as any other player.

If you are an aspiring female golfer who is looking to scale the barrier of wide feet with the right footwear, then read on. We are going to discuss some of the best women golf shoes for wide feet available in the market right now.

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Don’t want to go through the entire article and just want to know the best women golf shoes for wide feet? In that case, we would recommend you to stick with Adidas Women’s with Climacool Knit Cblack/D Golf Shoe. It is a great golf shoe in terms of both form and function. To begin with, Adidas has made its upper with top-quality materials while employing ingenious Circleknit technology. This knitting innovation makes for super breathability. And not just that, the knit also offers supreme stretch comfort.

If you are struggling to acquire better core and lateral stability due to a wide foot arch, then you must consider buying these Adidas shoes. This golf shoe is also good for golfers with wide feet due to its cloud foam insole, which offers ultralight cushioning comfort.

We also like this shoe for its outsole design. It is highly resistant to abrasion and the shenanigans of moisture. Moreover, it features a swinging plan traction surface that offers supreme grip on all sorts of greens without affecting the flexibility of the shoe.

The Velcro straps of the shoe are also quite something. Like regular Velcros, they don’t lose their adhesiveness even after years of use. Also, it offers better stability and saddle support than regular laces. Lastly, the price of these Adidas golf shoes is also reasonable, given its premium brand tag.

Best Women Golf Shoes for Wide Feet - Reviews

This women golf shoe by Adidas is comfort personified for players with wide feet. If you want to spend your time on the green in the most hassle-free manner, then this Climacool Golf Shoe is an option worth considering. The shoe upper is made of 100% textile along with the synthetic sole. The textile upper is woven in a special Circleknit pattern.

Adidas has particularly developed this knitting pattern for golf shoes after researching its functional benefits for a player. The knit has superior breathability with better stretch comfort. It has also been studied that the use of these shoes can help golfers to achieve better core and lateral stability. In short, this Adidas footwear is equally good with its golf-related performance.

The other impressive bit about this Circleknit shoe is the construction of its midsole. Adidas has kept the midsole-outsole platform wider than the normal for accommodating wider arches. Cloud foam is also used to make certain that people with wider feet remain comfortable in shoes even for long stretches of the game. It provides ultralight supreme cushioning to the feet from toe to heel.

Adidas has also designed the outsole of the shoes after taking golf requirements into account. The outsole is spikeless. Instead, it features swing plane traction that swings across the outsole. It enhances the grip of the shoes but without making its feel rigid. It remains flexible in the feet and during the movement. While offering all these functional benefits, the shoe also fares well on style. Its sleek shape, along with different color finishes, makes it a great choice for non-golfing use too.

While you are here, why not check out our best golf training aids guide.


  • State-of-the-art Velcro strap— better saddle support and stability
  • Available in three different colors
  • Perfect for other sports too


  • None

When it comes to quality sportswear, Adidas needs no introduction. The company has constantly been improving and refining its catalog for both men and women. This W Tech Response Golf Shoes by Adidas is the testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to quality. Adidas has designed this shoe for women golfers who have wide transverse arches.

The shoe is primarily made of microfiber leather along with Adidas’s patented Climastorm material. The use of this faux leather gives the shoe high tensile and tear strength. Microfiber leather is also known for its good uniformity and dimensional stability. All these high-endurance characteristics of microfiber are topped with the exceptional hydrolysis protection of Climastorm.

Adidas has also designed the insole and outsole of the shoe by keeping in mind the needs of female golfers with wider feet. For instance, the insole of the shoe is made of cloud foam that offers ultralight cushioning comfort. This offsets the strain wider feet experience while walking on sloped greens. On the other hand, the outsole of the shoe features six hexagonal spikes along with Adidas’s patented Adiwear. This combination makes for better traction and long-lasting abrasion resistance.

The other feature that makes W Tech Response Golf Shoe perfect for wide feet is its design from the front. The manufacturer has kept it wider in the forefront to ensure good fit and breathability for wide feet golfers. Lastly, Adidas has kept the cleats on the outsole low-profile to further improve traction and durability of the shoes on tricky greens.


  • Exhibits excellent water-resistant properties
  • Features a well-thought-out spike/cleat combination
  • Wider front ensures a perfect fit for wide arches
  • Available in seven different styles and colors


  • A bit heavy on the pocket

Skechers is a premium American sportswear brand. In the last couple of years, the company has introduced some wonderful sports shoes. Women’s Max Golf Shoe is one of them. Golfers looking for top-quality spikeless shoes for wide feet should definitely consider this Skechers product. The shoe is made of premium-grade material along with a rubber sole.

The reason why this Sketchers golf shoe has made it our list is its internal construction. The manufacturer has carefully designed the cushioning and insole of the shoe to make it the ultimate best for women golfers with wide feet. For instance, the shoe features a dense yet lightweight midsole responsive cushioning. It offers great comfort to those who are resting on wider feet.

Moreover, the manufacturer has used its patented GOGA Max technology to design the insole of the shoe. This insole is a combination of many things. To begin with, it offers high-rebound cushioning to wider feet. This makes strolling in the fairway a breeze. Secondly, it wicks away sweat and prevents odors.

The shoe is optimally weather-resistant from both inside and outside. Skechers uses top-quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) outsole in the shoes instead of going with regular spikes. A top-quality TPU keeps the shoe lightweight and perverse to abrasion and splitting from the bottom. We also like the various textile-synthetics finishes available in the shoe. You can pick from textile mesh, soft woven, floral, and heathered finishes.  


  • Features patented Dri-Lex moisture management for interior
  • Ultra-lightweight construction ensures 100% comfort for wide feet
  • Agion insole protection for odor-free experience
  • Available in various stunning fiber-synthetic uppers
  • Great value for money


  • Might not be suitable for wet outfields

PUMA, the German athletic footwear giant, has also forayed into designing shoes for women golfers. Its Brea Fusion Sport Golf Shoe is perfect for all those female players that want optimal performance but don’t want to compromise on style either. The upper of the shoe is made of a waterproof combination of meshed fabric and TPU PWRFrame. Moreover, the use of FusionFoam in the midsole ensures comfortable cushioning.

This patented foam by Puma is a unique combination of ultra-responsive rubber and super-soft EVA. This well-thought-out construction provides optimal rebound and long-lasting cushioning. Besides making such a comfy midsole, Puma has made the entire insole in molded foam and used EVA material in it. This innovation makes the interior of shoes tremendously durable for female golfers struggling with wide feet.

PUMA Brea Fusion Golf Shoe has spikeless construction. However, it doesn’t affect the traction of shoes by any means. PUMA has used crystal carbon in the making of the outsole of the shoe. The material possesses excellent abrasion resistance, keeping the traction of the shoe intact even after extensive use. The traction of the outsole is further improved by carefully mapped hexagonal lugs.

More than 100 of these lugs are placed at the bottom in line with the organic traction requirement of the foot. So, even if you have wide arched feet, you will get the same uncompromised traction from this PUMA golf shoe. This ingenious spikeless construction also makes Brea Golf Shoe a versatile option. You can wear them on and off the field.


  • TGW moisture rating— 2-year waterproof warranty
  • Rounder shape provides more inner volume— perfect for wide feet
  • Toggle lace ensures a hassle-free fitting
  • Available in rose white, gray, and black upper finishes


  • May not be suitable for those who excessively sweat

PUMA Ignite is considered a premium footwear sub-brand. The likes of Usain Bolt use these shoes because of their comfortable feel and low profile. PUMA has also designed an impressive golf shoe for female golfers under this reputable flagship. The best thing about this shoe is that it is perfect for all sorts of arches, including the wider ones.

The shoe upper is made of textile mesh and leather. So, it offers durable use even with the roughest of uses. The shoe features Ignite foam in the insole. The use of this patented foam makes the shoes comfortable to wear. The ignite foam features compression-molded EVA sock liner in the middle, making the entire sole more responsive.

This responsive cushioning ensures golfers who have wide feet don’t get their lower limbs strained even after long sessions on the fairway.  We also like this shoe for its well-thought-out outsole. Here too, PUMA sticks with patented technology to ensure uncompromised traction and grip for golfers. This spikeless construction is so good that it offers better traction than regular spikes.

The outsole features a combination of lugs in different shapes. There are 24 strategically placed chevron-shaped lugs along with 39 hexagonal ones on PUMA Ignite Women Golf Shoe. The manufacturer hasn’t used these different lug shapes just to make the shoe visually interesting. The chevron lugs provide adaptive grip, i.e., increase traction where needed. On the other hand, hexagonal lugs offer multi-direction traction. In short, the PUMA Ignite Women Golf shoes offer the same better traction on all sorts of fields.


  • FusionFoam midsole offers required support to wide feet
  • Comes with 1-year waterproof warranty
  • Full-grain leather upper— long-lasting quality
  • Four-way stretch and breathable mesh for better performance
  • Available in more than one color


  • Some may find it a bit pricey

Skechers have put many technologies in use while designing this women’s golf shoe. It has tried to make the most of all its patented technologies and developments to design a perfect pair of golf shoes for female golfers. Players struggling to find footwear for wide feet will also find these Skechers shoes a godsend.

Let’s start with the insole of the shoe. The manufacturer has employed its GOGA Max technology in designing it. GOGA Max entails the injection-molded manufacturing of the footbed of the shoe. This innovation makes sure the shape and feel of the insole remain cushiony, responsive, and capable of accommodating high, quick rebounds. Skechers then doubles up the responsiveness of the insole cushioning by using its patented 5 GEN foam.

It is worth noting that Skechers hasn’t just put all the effort into designing the insole of the shoe. The outsole is also designed with equal research and planning. The manufacturer has developed its own patented GOGA Matrix technology for the construction of the outsole of its sports footwear.  This Golf Birdie Shoes also feature a GOGA Matrix outsole. It makes sure the shoe can offer optimal traction with maximum cushioning and comfort.

A lightweight shoe becomes comfortable to wear by design. Skechers has taken care of this aspect in designing this women’s golf shoe and used TPU in making the shoe base. This polyurethane plastic is not just lightweight. It is also quite good against abrasion. Moreover, it is equally good with its endurance against both water and oily substances.


  • Complete mesh upper design— improved breathability
  • Shoe lining made of soft fabric
  • Spikeless TPU grip— ultra-lightweight and durable
  • Available in 16 different styles and colors


  • A bit heavy on the pocket

ECCO is a Danish company making top-of-the-line footwear for more than five decades. The company has now introduced a range of shoes for golfers too. From that range, we like this Hybrid Knit Golf Shoes. The shoe is perfect for female golfers with wide feet. They can wear the shoe on and off the fairway— thanks to its impressive design that perfectly combines form and function.

The upper of the shoe is made of top-quality textile knitted in different patterns and designs. To make this textile upper different and better from the rest, the manufacturer has used its patented HYDROMAX technology. The “hydromaxing” of the upper improves its water, weather, and sweat-resistant qualities. Whether it is hot or overcast out there, you can wear these ECCO golf shoes without worrying about it getting damaged.

We also like this golf shoe because it lets players with wide feet to feel more comfortable on the fairway. For instance, ECCO has used a comfortable, removable leather insole. If you feel that your wide feet will fit better with little more space, you can remove that insole.

Lastly and most importantly, the manufacturer has used its patented ECCO Dynamic Traction System on the outsole of the shoe. It is a hybrid outsole design that features more than 800 traction angles. This redundancy has been employed for a good reason. It makes sure you get an excellent uncompromised grip in all sorts of playing conditions.


  • Upper features perfect combination of conditioned textile and leather
  • Available in vibrant colors and knit patterns— easy on the eyes
  • Can be worn off the golf course too— low-profile universal design
  • Impressive weather-resistant properties


  • Quite expensive

We are concluding our list with Adidas Adipower Boost BOA Shoe. The shoe looks simple, but it encompasses a range of construction features and materials. All of them are carefully chosen to make sure women golfers with wide feet can play the game without making any compromise. When the majority of golf shoes feature textile uppers, Adidas has used rich microfiber leather on the exterior of Adipower.

A top-quality microfiber leather upper is good for many reasons. To begin with, it is durable than many textile options you will find on the market. Moreover, it offers feet the required protection outdoors. Lastly, microfiber leather uppers can be processed to acquire better finishing. Below the well-thought-out construction of microfiber leather upper, you will find newer and better ¾ boost midsole foam.   

This foam makes this Adidas shoe a perfect fit for golfers with wide feet. It covers the mid-foot and heel to ensure seamless rebound and responsiveness while providing good cushioning. The heel of the shoe is also worth mentioning. It is an S-shaped ergonomic design that keeps the fit secure and low-profile.

We also like the TPU outsole of this golf shoe. It features six hexagonal cleats that that are strategically placed by keeping in mind the pressure points of the feet. This is the reason why the outsole doesn’t just offer better traction and grip, but it also makes sure the foot doesn’t tire out during the game. The use of TPU also keeps the shoe lightweight, and that also adds up to its comfort quotient.


  • Features PU sock liner— supreme cushioning support and comfort
  • Ski boot-like mechanical wire laces on the front and back
  • Boost midsole foam offers better support to wide feet
  • Available in four different color combinations


  • A bit expensive

Best Women Golf Shoes for Wide Feet - Buyers Guide

We have carefully curated the above list to present to you the best of the best women golf shoes for wide feet. Every shoe in the list is supremely durable and offers optimal traction to wider transverse arches on all sorts of playing greens. Nonetheless, one should also know how to pick the right golf shoe fit for wide feet while skimming through the isle of a footwear outlet or browsing through the catalog of any online store.

We are going to share a quick buyer’s guide here so that you can pick the best women golf shoes for wide feet, even if you don’t want to buy from the above list. But before we get into that discussion, it is imperative to highlight the importance of golf shoes for wide feet for gaming and performance reasons.

Importance of Right Golf Shoes for Wide Feet

Golf is a sport that doesn’t involve extensive running like, say, football or baseball. This is the reason why many budding golfers think that their bag is the single most important accessory on the fairway. There is no doubt the set of your irons, wedges, and putters are central to your game. However, what you are wearing on your feet is also really critical to how you play.

For instance, you have to walk around five miles while playing an 18-hole round. Walking such long distances in shoes that are poor fit is just a recipe for waking up with sore arches the next day. Wearing unsuitable shoes and walking in them becomes a double whammy when you have wide feet.

We also know that a golf course is not a plain grass field. From sticky roughs to sloped greens, you have to get into your golfing stance on all sorts of tricky surfaces. This is where the outsole of a golf shoe plays its part. A golf shoe with good outsole makes sure your wide feet can get the required traction and grip regardless of the design of the surface you are standing on.

Keep in mind that you can’t acquire the core and lateral stability, which is essential for making proper golf swings, without using the right golfing shoes that offer optimal grip on fairways.


Fitting is the first and foremost thing you need to assess for buying golf shoes for wide feet. This is the reason why we have put up this article in the first place because women golfers with wide arches struggle to find the right fit for their feet. Never get swayed away by the attractive designs or brand names while buying golf shoes. You need to make 100% sure that a shoe perfectly fits on your feet regardless of its material quality and brand tag.

For golfers with wide feet, the standard shoe size alone is not the perfect way to find the right fit. You have to make some checks on the real shoe sample. So, if you are buying the shoe online, make sure it comes with a flexible hassle-free return policy.

These are some things you need to determine if a shoe is perfect for your wide feet for long stretches of golfing sessions.


Your longest toe and the end of the shoe should have half an inch between them. At the time of wearing a shoe, you may think this space is unneeded. However, you will realize its importance when you have to spend many hours standing and walking several miles in the same shoes.

Similarly, there should be some space between your foot and the top of the shoe where you tie laces or strap the Velcro. Here too, half an inch would suffice. A golf shoe without such space will slightly twist your transverse arch. You may not feel this warping right away, but it will soon make the feel of the shoe uncomfortable.

Maintaining a Tricky Balance of Space 

While making it certain that there is some space at the top and front of the shoe, you also need to take care of the excess movement of the feet on the insole. If your feet are sliding inside the shoes even for minute distance, the pair may not prove to be the right fit for the fairway.   

Neither Tight nor Lose

The other way to determine if a certain shoe is the right fit for your wide feet is to simulate your golf swing in the shoes. While making the swing, you need to constantly focus on your feet and need to pick the feel of the shoes. If you think they are too tight or loose, it would be good to drop that pair for some better-fitted option.

Also, try the golf footwear with the socks you are planning to wear on the fairway. This way, you will be able to get the perfect fitting. Lastly, if your feet are of different sizes, you can either order a customized fit or pick an option that perfectly fits the larger foot.



Interestingly, you won’t find a laundry list of materials in golf shoes even across different makes and brands. The majority of golf shoes have the uppers made of breathable fabric knit along with leather (faux one too). Experts think this is by far the best material combination for golf shoe uppers. Golf shoes with this finish are breathable, stretchable, water-resistant, and abrasion-proof.  In short, you can use them on all sorts of fairways and in all seasons.

Polymer uppers are also used to keep golf shoes lightweight and affordable. However, they are not suitable for wet and cold weather. Moreover, their breathability is also not on par with the textile-leather combo.  


The outsole and the rest of the bottom of a golf shoe are usually made of synthetic materials. This includes top-grade rubber and polymer options. Just make sure the material is rated as abrasion-proof. Such a labeling guarantees that the shoe will not splice up from the bottom, which is quite common in golf shoes featuring synthetic soles and lying in the lower price range.


Lacing is another thing that you need to consider to buy the best women’s golf shoe for wide feet. You will essentially find these three lacing systems on the market right now.

  • Traditional laces are still the most pervasive option you will find in the golfing shoes. They are perfect as a shoe fastening system, given that you are buying from a reputable maker.
  • As spikeless stylish golf shoes are becoming more common, you will now also find Velcro straps in many pairs. If you are buying from a top-of-the-line footwear manufacturer (the likes of PUMA, Adidas, etc.), then there is no need to worry about the adhesion of the Velcro. However, you should be skeptical about the Velcro strapping in cheap unbranded options.
  • Golf shoes are now also coming with wire laces. These laces are pretty similar to the mechanical lacing system you will find in ski boots. These laces are used to ensure consistent fitting and stability throughout the several-hour session of golf. Like regular laces, they don’t get loosened with walk and movement. Shoes with such inventive lacing are usually expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spiked or Spikeless, Which Golf Shoes Are Better?

There is no absolute method to term spiked or spikeless shoes better over each other. Both of them are better in their way. In some cases, spiked shoes are better than spikeless ones. For instance, if you are playing in overcast conditions or on a wet outfield or a hilly course, then there is no match for the grip and traction of a spiked pair of golf shoes. On the other hand, spikeless shoes are great because they are lightweight and more flexible.

The majority of spikeless golf shoes come with versatile finishing where you can wear them on and off the field. In short, keep your playing conditions and extended use in mind while deciding on the outsole of a golf shoe.

Will Golf Shoes Stretch?

Yes, like any footwear, golf shoes also stretch out. However, this is not the reason to buy them in one size smaller because this stretching is nominal and doesn’t ruin the fitting of the shoe.

How to Take Care of Golf Shoes?

The majority of golf shoes feature waterproof material. Therefore, cleaning them is quite easy. Just dust or damp mop them after every session. If you are playing on wet greens, then mop up the upper to get rid of all the baked-on dirt. Pure leather golf shoes develop scuffs over time that can be dealt with good leather polish.

By playing in the golf shoes that accommodate wide feet, you can get rid of the standing and walking discomfort and can better focus on the core game. We hope that this detailed discussion, including reviews, a buying guide, and FAQs, will help you in buying the best women golf shoes for wide feet.

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